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The purely black, enormous metal palace had a foundation of thirty miles squared. Groups of muscular Jia Clan warriors were standing around the palace, wearing black heavy armors and metal masks which were decorated with portraits of devils, viciously looking down at the world which had been through tremendous changes.

Following heavy footsteps, a non-humankind warrior with a blood-red pair of eyes, wearing a heavy armor and a helmet with a pair of cattle horn, slowly walked out of the metal palace. He was surrounded by hundreds of non-humankind warriors, who had all been releasing strong power vibrations.

Standing on the edge of the foundation of the palace, this warrior with cattle horns looked down at the beautiful natural scene of Pan Xi world, then slowly reached his left hand out and gently clenched his fingers towards the ground.

Crack! A thousand-mile long hand print suddenly appeared on the ground. The flame-red hand print sank into the ground for nearly five thousand meters deep. Within the hand print, all plants were turned into ashes, living creatures were crushed, mountains and hills were all flattened, all burned into lava flowing in the hand print.

"Power!" Satisfyingly, this non-humankind warrior nodded and continued, "I have suffered for so many years, but it was all indeed worth it for this power… this supreme power! Hehe, among a whole hundred thousand of us, only I managed to live. Therefore, only I am qualified to inherit the name of ‘Chi You’."

"Don’t talk too much, Chi You!" A group of Yu Clan people walked out of the palace. A young man, who seemed to be the leader of this group, narrowed his eyes and said. Inside the erect eye on this man’s forehead, a thick, dark stream of light had been sparkling quickly, releasing a strong sense of destruction that would make anyone despair.

"Although you have inherited the name of Chi You, you are still much weaker than the first generation of Chi You." This handsome-looking Yu Clan young man said straightforwardly to Chi You. "The first generation of Chi You was a truly powerful being. He had defeated the human emperor, Xuan Yuan, tens of times in a row. Before you kill the present human emperor, Emperor Shun, you are unqualified to say that you are the real Chi You!"

Chi You snorted loudly and glared at this young man. With a restrained deep voice, he said, "Lord Yemo Sha, you are the highest commander this time. I, Chi You, will listen to your orders and fight under your will."

The other warriors surrounding Chi You, who also had cattle horns on their helmets, lowered their heads together and did not dare to look at Yemo Sha.

Among the twelve emperors of the non-humankind, the only female was the emperor of Dark Sun, called Yemo Loye, and in the power system of the entire Yu Clan, the Dark Sun was the most powerful branch. Among all Dark Sun families, Yemo Family possessed the noblest bloodline and the longest history.

Yemo Sha was Yemo Loye’s cousin, very close to her in terms of bloodline. Among all Yu Clan nobles, he was definitely a top-class one. Facing such a powerful man, Chi You and his warriors could only obey absolutely and be extremely polite.

A group of Jia Clan warriors walked over, seeming to be quite relaxed. The leader of this group of warriors bowed to Yemo Sha, then laughed out loud. His voice was much louder than Chi You’s voice as he said, "Lord Yemo Sha, what should we do now? What tasks do you have, just give them to us."

Pausing for a second, this Jia Clan warrior threw an unpleasant glance at Chi You and his hundreds of warriors and said, "The mission this time is actually simple, these disgusting people didn’t need to come at all. These slave-like things, what can they do?"

Yemo Sha coldly glanced at Chi You and responded in a bland tone, "Just in case, Chi Jia, just in case. If we encounter some extreme situations, with them, we can have more solutions. Where is Chi Zhe? We have already arrived, why haven’t I seen him?"

The group of Yu Clan and Jia Clan leaders looked at each other and shook their heads, not knowing what to say.

Chi Jia snorted querulously and said blandly, "Chi Zhe, he is such a humiliation to his elders. Fortunately, he is not from my clan. Otherwise…I would definitely break his spines for ten thousand times by myself."

While snorting, Chi Jia took out an exquisite jade trumpet shell, put it near his mouth and yelled at it, telling Chi Zhe to hurriedly come meet the others, and then crumbed the shell.

Proudly, he looked at Yemo She, grinned and said, "Probably because of his old habit, that guy, he can truly be greedy for all pretty females …Hehe, there must be many pretty local girls in this world, so…"

He swung his hand down while speaking. Followed by his move, an enormous hand condensed from airstreams swooshed down towards a piece of woods. Soon, a green-kind girl was carried up by that giant hand into the sky. The girl was tall and slim and had a pretty face and faint-green, long hair. The exotic look of her made Yemo Sha, Chi Jia and other non-humankind beings pop their eyes out and gasp in praise.

"Alright, I can understand why Chi Zhe couldn’t come timely," said Yemo She while smilingly looking at the green-kind world, who was now screaming in despair. "Good, very good, what a lovely little flower. Hm…master?"

A Xiu Clan elderly man stood behind Yemo Sha had his erect eye opened abruptly, released a dim stream of light and swiftly scanned across the girl’s body. While smiling, this Xiu Clan elderly man closed his erect eye and said blandly, "Her body structure is slightly different, but her bloodline is ninety percent similar to yours. Therefore, you can do what you want without worry."

The group of Yu Clan and Jia Clan leader laughed instantly out. Yemo Sha laughed and said, "Alright, as local residents of this world, beautiful girls like this will become popular goods in slave markets. Those ba*tards just love new things. Everyone, be careful when you make your moves. Capture these beautiful girls alive, as many as possible."

Chi Jia added coldly, "Also, get some handsome and strong young men back to produce young generations. We need some males as well if we want to make this a long-term business."

These non-humankind leaders laughed louder and louder, and even that Xiu Clan elderly man had laughed his tears out. With a short conversation, they had already decided the miserable fate of those local girls, and the fate of all local people.

Shrill howls came from the woods down below, following which, thousands of different sized birds carried tens of thousands of local warrior up to the air towards this enormous metal palace. A green-kind middle-aged man stood on the back of a bird and roared ravingly in a hoarse voice, "Outer space monster, let go of my daughter!"

Yemo Sha chuckled and said scornfully, "What did this barbarian say? Sorry, I haven’t learned their lowly language yet!" After finishing his sentence, he burst into another series of laughter.

The Xiu Clan elderly man slowly waved his hand. A black jade talisman blasted out on his palm, released shocking black waves and quickly swept across the sky.

The tens of thousands of local people paused immediately, and next, a series of popping noise was started. Along with that, their bodies exploded one after another, turning into black ashes that dissipated in the air along the wind.

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