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On Fallen Land, Elder Destiny was commanding a large number of ancestor souls, holy spirits and local people to build fence walls, dig trenches, and do all kinds of groundwork surrounding the greatest volcano that was located right in the center of Fallen Land.

Mountain-huge piles of rare minerals were transported to this place by enormous birds while numerous towering mountains were hollowed and turned into stoves. Raging fires burned the mountains glowing red while liquid metal boiled like tide water. Occasionally, a couple of mineral pieces would explode, sending streams of metal liquid up to hundreds of meter high, then fall back down along with thunderous booms.

Countless ancestor souls and holy spirits had been working especially hard under Elder Destiny’s directions. Elder Destiny’s face was badly darkened, as if he had just witnessed someone killing his ancestors. Facing Elder Destiny, who was nearly driven crazy, all ancestor souls and holy spirits had made their greatest efforts. They were born and raised in this world, and now, this Pan Xi world was in grave danger, a danger that might even perish all living creatures in this world. Therefore, they couldn’t afford to be lazy at all.

Once the power of a local person was consumed up, he or she would immediately leave Fallen Land and return to the outside world to absorb natural powers and replenish his or her body. Once this local person gained the power back, he or she would come back to Fallen Land as quickly as possible and continue the work.

With the help of these local people, who mastered the manipulating skills of all kinds of natural powers, tasks such as splitting mountains and smelting metals had become like daily chores. According to the blueprints provided by Ji Hao, a great city was already roughly shaped within merely three to five days.

The city was surrounded by three layers of fence walls; the outer fence wall was a thousand and five-hundred meters tall, the middle wall was two-thousand and five-hundred meters tall, while the inner wall was five-thousand meters tall. These three fence walls were around three-hundred meters parted from each other. Each wall was hundreds of meters thick, containing numerous hidden defensive and killing magic formations.

After the city walls had been built up, thousands of gold-kind and earth-kind people had been working crazily hard on metal-smelting. They poured tons of metal liquid on the fence wall, then cast their special magics, forcibly infiltrating the metal liquid into the walls. Under the effect of the powerful magics, the shapes of the fence walls didn’t change, but the total volume of the metal liquid that infiltrated into the fence walls became ten-thousand times larger than the fence walls’ actual volumes. In other words, the metal liquid was forcibly compressed by over ten-thousand times, so one could easily imagine how great the density of the metal and toughness was.

However, those gold-kind and earth-kind people weren’t willing to stop yet. They were still trying their bests to inlay as many secret treasures in the city walls, even burning their spirit blood and continuing to pour metal liquid on the walls, infiltrating it inside. As a layer of metal liquid was poured on the walls, these local people added a layer of strengthening spell symbols on each wall, then another layer of metal liquid was poured down, followed by a series of toughening spell symbols on each wall…

This process was repeated countless times, and countless layers of spell symbols were added to the wall. The last three layers on each fence wall became extremely heavy, and the purely dark fence walls had now been constantly releasing a terrifyingly strong sense of gravity because of their own tremendous weight. Even ordinary holy spirits would be disabled from flying within the area of a hundred miles around the city walls.

Afterward, earth-kind people began setting up gravity-raising spell symbols based on the city walls. Countless spell symbols were carved on city walls and the ground. As more spell symbols were added, the gravitational field around the entire city was raised at a scary rate, such that even the air was twisted, forming a dark shield that enveloped the whole city.

Even if the million non-humankind elites marched directly in together, in such a strong gravity field, they could only fight equally against Ji Hao, his friends, and these local people only with their own powers. After all, in this Fallen Land, they would have no natural powers for them to manipulate!

The natural environment in Fallen Land was extremely poor; the natural powers barely existed in this place. Therefore, this was a perfect place for starting a bloody fight, and the fairest battlefield in Pan Xi world.

Ji Hao stood near the volcano vent where he found Pan Xi divine mirror, silently looking at the city that was gradually building up. He was thinking about how he could make the defense of this city stronger, how he could enable this city to swallow more lives, and how he could make those non-humankind beings shed more blood and leave more dead bodies in this place.

A gust of gale hovered over from a long distance away. After the gale had dissipated, a golden dragon and a colorful phoenix flew out, carrying Ao Li, Feng Qinxin, and their servants and guards.

"Fully activate!" Ji Hao said in a low voice while stomping his right foot heavily against the ground.

Buzz! The light around the three heavy city walls twisted weirdly while the strong gravitational field spread out like surging tide water. Within the blink of an eye, the area thousand miles in radius in surrounding was brought under control by a great gravity.

The golden dragon and enormous colorful phoenix couldn’t react timely. As a consequence, both of them roared out while thudding heavily against the ground, unable to move for a long while.

"You bastard! Earl Yao, we came to help!" Ao Li angrily stood up from the golden dragon’s head and yelled at Ji Hao, who was standing near the volcano vent.

"Try this gravitational field for me, see if you can still fly." Ji Hao laughed while giving Ao Li a hand motion.

Feng Qinxin and Ao Li paused simultaneously. They raised their heads, looked at the twisted air, and couldn’t help but click their tongues in shock. Snorting coldly, Ao Li had a watery cloud rise from under his feet, carrying his body slowly up into the air. He then flew towards Ji Hao especially slowly, as if he was an over a hundred years old man who was taking a leisurely walk and had a leg bitten by a dog.

Ji Hao was nearly a thousand miles away from Ao Li and Feng Qinxin. Based on Ao Li’s current speed, it might require him half a year to reach Ji Hao. Seeing this, Ji Hao instantly loosened his tightened moves. Ao Li was quite a powerful one, but still, he could only fly so slowly. This proved that the basic gravitational field of this city was indeed effective. Even if those non-humankind beings could do better than Ao Li, they couldn’t possibly go too far. This gravitational field could definitely weaken the strengths of those non-humankind beings to an extreme level.

"Off!" said Ji Hao while stomping on the ground again. Instantly, the terrifyingly great gravity was dispelled, after which, Ao Li and the others angrily flew up to Ji Hao.

"Earl Yao, we came to help you." Ao Li had his head held high while proudly shaking his upper body, showing off his muscular body to Ji Hao and said, "We will help you with all of our powers. My people and me, this time, we brought our great defensive magic formation, ‘ten-thousand dragon ocean-destroying formation’, and we’re preparing to set it up in here."

Feng Qinxin smiled and said with a faint smile, "I have brought the ‘phoenix sky flaming magic formation’ as well, and I am also preparing to set it up in here. I can’t say exactly how powerful it is, but as long as the core treasure stays unharmed, a thousand Divine Magi won’t be able to break this great magic formation."

Ao Li raised his head and yelled loudly out again, "Such a crappy place with so little natural powers, nearly zero. But don’t worry, our ocean-destroying magic formation can be activated by consuming magic crystals or other natural-power-containing minerals. Therefore, in this crappy place, our ocean-destroying magic formation can still easily kill Divine Magi.

Feng Qinxin smiled. Clearly, her phoenix sky-flaming magic formation had no such worries either.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. Ao Li and Feng Qinxin just rushed over to help, weren’t they too warm-hearted?

But nothing was wrong about that. Since they are willing to help, just let them help!

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