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A pair of black flood dragons roared over while swaying their heads and tails, letting out a watery mist. These two flood dragons were still hundreds of miles away from the floating mountain, but a fierce stream of cold power had already reached over that froze rocks on the floating mountain and almost covered the entire mountain top with a thin layer of frost.

A middle-aged man with a darkened look and black beard, wearing a long black robe, trod on the back of the two flood-dragons which had been flying side by side, with his hands held behind his body while flying over towards the floating mountain.

Seeing this middle-aged man coming, a big half of those human leaders staying on top of the floating mountain stood up, politely or solemnly cupped their hands and bowed towards him.

Another shrill howl came from the portal, which was a boa-like creature with a pair of deer- like antlers, flying out from the portal while letting out splashing water streams from its jaws. This enormous creature was over ten-miles long, and its dark-skin was covered thickly in silver-colored, frost-like patterns, which was quite beautiful.

This time, neither these human leaders nor those non-humankind leaders moved. This middle-aged man had his eyes sparkled with a bright light. Next, a thick layer of frost quickly emerged on the body of that enormous creature, after which, the frost cracked and the body of the enormous creature was frozen and cracked into pieces as well while a few white spirit Dans that were releasing a strong cold power drifted out.

The pair of black flood dragons roared out in excitement, then widely opened their mouth and sucked the few spirit Dans over, swallowing them straight up. Instantly, the cold power released from the pair of black flood dragon was boosted straight up, and as a result, these two flood dragons now moved much nimbler than before.

"Good stuff, truly good stuff!" The pair of black flood dragons carried the middle-aged man to the floating mountain. The middle-aged man then slowly walked down from the flood dragon backs, blandly looked at the group of human leaders, then slightly bowed, after which, he saluted particularly to Candle Dragon Gui and said, "Old Candle Dragon, haven’t you died yet?"

Candle Dragon Gui had his eyes narrowed. That pair of eyes of his was now completely lusterless. With a trembling and weak voice that made him sound like a person who could die anytime, Candle Dragon Gui murmured, "I am waiting for you to die together, are you interested? We can be companions. Gong Gong. If you are tired of leaving, I, as an old man, am willing to die together with you."

Gong Gong, the Water God laughed embarrassedly, then turned away from Candle Dragon Gui. Instead, he looked at Dishi Cha, who was standing on the edge of the cloud land which was quite far away.

"Sun and moon blood pill? Do you really have something like this? Is that also effective to Pan Gu world creatures? Or, is that also effective to the God-kind in our world?" Gong Gong seriously inquired about the sun and moon blood pill.

"This blood pill concocted by our Blood Moon people secretly is surely effective on all living creatures. Not only that, it’s even more effective on weak barbarians like you." said Dishi Cha while looking at Gong Gong coldly, "To us, a sun and moon magic pill can only raise the chance of breaking into the state of sun and moon by thirty percent. But to you, this number might raise to fifty percent. For anyone who took this pill, there will be fifty percent chance for him or her to directly break into the state of sun and moon."

Pausing for a second, Dishi Cha continued in a slightly teasing tone, "However, it also depends on your own luck. If the one who had taken this pill was not powerful enough to withstand the power released from this sun and moon blood pill, his or her body might explode, and surely, this person would die."

Gong Gong had his eyes fixed on that sun and moon blood pill while a water-stream-like black spell symbols glowing brightly with a blue light between his eyebrows, releasing waves of strong soul powers towards the sun and moon blood pill. The soul power streams released from Gong Gong coiled around the blood pill and took quite a few circles around it.

"Do you want it?" Dishi Cha asked Gong Gong while giving a weird grin.

"Of course I want it." Responded Gong Gong with a hoarse voice, "With this secret pill, I can have one more Supreme-Magus-level powerful being of my kind, who doesn’t want it? It’s just that I dare to destroy the entire Gold Crow Clan while the others dare not, or simply don’t want to."

Candle Dragon Gui took a complicated glance at Gong Gong, then said, "Gong Gong, Gold Crow Clan is in the Southern Wasteland."

Gong Gong threw a sideway glance at Candle Dragon Gui and said, "Did I ask you to worry about that? Old Candle Dragon, not to mention the fact that Gold Crow Clan is located in the Southern Wasteland, even if it’s right on Zhu Rong Mountain, I will still eliminate that clan when I say so."

Candle Dragon Gui showed no change on his face, only chuckled in a deep voice.

Dishi Cha clapped his hands slightly. The blood pill held in his hand had disappeared while he looked at Gong Gong, smiled and said, "Good, in your world, both the Water God and the Fire God are helping the alliance of human clans. But today, I found that the Water God can indeed suppress the Fire God. Good, just good."

Gong Gong gave a weird laugh, then his body abruptly flashed, only leaving a thin layer of ice crystals in the air. In the next moment, Gong Gong reappeared directly in front of Dishi Cha, swiftly reached his hands out towards Dishi Cha while growling harshly, "but for making a bet with me, you have to be qualified! If I can simply take the pill from you, why should I bet with you? Do you even deserve that?"

Gong Gong’s palm turned a dark-blue color, like blue crystals. Through his transparent skin, one could see the rolling waves inside his hands. Five faint white beams of light were left in the air while his five fingers sliced through the air. Those white beams of light were the traces of the air which was frozen by the terrifyingly great cold power released from his fingers, then shattered into countless tiny white bits.

All three eyes of Dishi Cha dazzled with a blood-red light as he took a long and deep breath. Next, countless extremely thin beams of blood-red light zipped out from his pores, wove together and suddenly shrunk, condensing into a transparent, blood-red long sword that accurately shielded him against Gong Gong’s palm.

Clang! Gong Gong’s five fingers fiercely clashed against the blood-red long sword.

Five white spots appeared on the transparent blood-red sword, with a strong cold power spreading out from them. Streams of cold power spurted out from the five white spots, coiling around the long sword like a spider net. Meanwhile, a strange stream of power was released from the sword as well, transforming into a blood-red mist and clashing against the white cold power, continuously letting out silvery noises. The blood-red mist and white cold power devoured each other and soon both disappeared.

Before Gong Gong took his palm back, Dishi Cha already gave a vicious grin while glaring at Gong Gong with the erect eye on his forehead.

The water-stream-like spell symbols between Gong Gong’s eyebrows sparkled quickly while Gong Gong and Dishi Cha glanced at each other. A transparent shocking wave burst suddenly out, spreading towards all directions, pushing the group of powerful non-humankind beings that stood around Dishi Cha away for over a hundred miles, like drifting leaves in the wind. The white cloud land under Dishi Cha’s feet was broken as well, showing a few hundred-miles long cracks.

Following a long and resonant roar, Gong Gong trod on a watery cloud and flew backward. His body flashed across the air for a few times before he moved back to the top of the floating mountain.

After that, he looked at Dishi Cha and growled loudly, "Good, you are indeed qualified enough to bet with me, so let’s make this bet!"

Gong Gong proudly looked at the sky and continued coldly, "One of my sons, Gong Gong Wuyou, is in the small world as well. Those stupid things of your kind can never, ever kill my son. If you can truly kill every last one sent into the small world by the humankind within three months, I will admit defeat and eliminate Earl Yao’s clan myself, then come fight against you until the winner is determined between you and me."

Dishi Cha smiled coldly, then his body flashed across the air as he returned to the palace, along with a strong, bone-piercing coldness.

A stream of blood ejected out from Dishi Cha’s mouth once he dashed into the palace, and the blood was then immediately frozen into a black piece of ice.

"Gong Gong…even he showed up."

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