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The destructiveness of the Chaos sword light stunned Elder Destiny and the others. Subconsciously, Ao Li, Feng Qinxin, and Jin Tu all rubbed their necks, then stepped away from Ji Hao. Feng Qinxin even looked at Ji Hao from head to toe while wondering from where he got that Chaos sword box. Based on the relationship between the phoenix-kind and humankind, Feng Qinxin could swear she never knew that the humankind had been hiding such a terrifyingly powerful, killing weapon.

The humankind surely had great treasures as well. After all, the humankind, phoenix-kind and dragon kind shared the same origin. The original bloodline was separated, creating three different kinds, and the humankind had existed since the creation of the world. Ancestors of the humankind were indeed weak, but back in prehistorical eras, the ancestors of humankind had gained countless great treasures even by collecting garbage.

Feng Qinxin clearly knew about those great treasures that the humankind had been hiding, and for a couple of times, the phoenix-kind even borrowed some secret treasures from them. Nevertheless, Feng Qinxin had never heard about this Chaos sword box.

Where on earth did Ji Hao get this fierce, cruel sword box that was created purely for killing? Phoenixes never landed in a place without treasures, which meant, the phoenix-kind beings were naturally sensitive to treasures. A phoenix could sense the existence of a treasure even from a great distance away,.

However, just now when the Chaos sword box was opened, Feng Qinxin and her warriors didn’t feel even a little bit of excitement, opposite to when other great treasures appeared, in which case phoenixes would rush over at once. Once the Chaos sword box was opened, Feng Qinxin and her warriors only wanted to turn around and flee away, the further, the better.

"Earl Yao and Minister Si Wen Ming are close friends. It’s reasonable for him to have some treasures to protect himself. But obviously, this jade box doesn’t belong to Minister Si Wen Ming. It’s not his style." murmured Feng Qinxin while staring at Ji Hao with a pair of narrowed eyes, "That means Earl Yao has other powerful friends? Hehe, in the future, our phoenix-kind must get close to Earl Yao."

Within the blink of an eye, Feng Qinxin decided that she had to make Ji Hao a friend of the phoenix-kind. Only based on the terrifyingly great power released by the Chaos sword box, Feng Qingxin was sure that some extremely powerful beings had been supporting Ji Hao. Even the proud phoenix-kind would love to be friends with those extra powerful beings.

Ao Li and Jin Tu were both careless people, they didn’t think as much as Feng Qinxin did. Ao Li frankly expressed how much he liked the Chaos sword box by staring straight at the box held in Ji Hao’s hand for quite a while without concealing a little bit. He then reached his hand out, straightened all five fingers and said to Ji Hao grinningly, "Can I trade for this treasure with five great treasures of our dragon-kind?"

Ji Hao laughed embarrassedly while cold sweat flowed down from his forehead in streams. Just now, he injected all his powers into the Chaos sword box, including the power transformed from all forty-nine Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi, his spirit star power, and physical strength, even ninety-nine percent of his spirit blood. With all those powers and spirit blood, he finally activated the sword box and generated a three-inch long stream of sword light.

When the sword light appeared, Ji Hao realized that it was the lowest-grade sword light produced by the sword box, with the lowest-level lethality. However, that was the best he could do with his current power.

After he had killed Chi Zhe and his warriors, Ji Hao’s body was drained. He felt every single cell of his was now completely empty and had been crazily crying because of the ‘hunger’. Since ninety-nine percent of Ji Hao’s spirit blood was drained, Ji Hao couldn’t help but think, ‘This Chaos sword box not only can kill enemies, it can also kill the user himself!’

If Ji Hao hadn’t improved his power tremendously in these days, he could never have generated that stream of sword light just now with his own power. Laughing embarrassedly again, Ji Hao didn’t have the energy to talk to Ao Li. Instead, he grabbed over the magic pill calabash which was carried on his back, then poured out over a hundred glowing golden pills and threw them his own mouth. He chewed and swallowed as if he was eating beans.

The magic pills concocted by Yu Yu’s big brother were especially effective. Those magic pills immediately transformed into streams of warmth, flowing all over Ji Hao’s body after being swallowed. Forty-nine streams of Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi were replenished one after another, gradually glowing with a faint golden light. Ji Hao’s body was quickly suffused again by spirit star power. Meanwhile, as the magic pills were absorbed by Ji Hao’s bones and internal organs, his consumed spirit blood was fully replenished within the span of a breath.

Redundant magic pill powers were absorbed by Ji Hao’s body as well, nourishing and strengthening his physical body and primordial spirit. Ji Hao felt that his entire body was extremely comfortably warm. Just now, his body was soaked in cold sweat, but currently, he was sweating because of the warmth.

He glanced at Ao Li, shook his head and responded, "This sword box is presented by an elder from my sect. I dare not to trade it for other treasures…Besides, Ninth Prince, what kind of treasure do you think is even better than this sword box?"

Ao Li hesitated. The dragon-kind was wealthy. Therefore, dragon-kind beings were all good at appraising all kinds of treasures. The sword light let out by this sword box just now was so powerful that the pure power of destruction contained in it could throw anyone into the deepest despair. The Chaos sword box was indeed a top-grade treasure, created purely for killing. For a treasure like the Chaos sword box, it could even serve as the most powerful weapon of a strong force.

Ao Li shook his head and said bitterly, "I can’t afford it…but, our dragon-kind owns many treasures. Hehe, Earl Yao, if you are interested, we can talk about it later when we return to our world."

Ji Hao smiled while putting the sword box back into his sleeve.

As for Jin Tu, his body quivered instantly. A Qiong Qi beast leaped out from his body and howled towards the sky for a few times. It slapped its enormous, featherless wings and flew up into the sky. Afterward, the beast floated in the air, narrowed its eyes and looked around, seeming like a gangster who had invaded a village and was now looking for the richest guy in the village.

Elder Destiny coughed slightly, then solemnly bowed to Ji Hao. He looked a bit despairing as he said bitterly, "I never thought, truly never thought that these four-eyed evil monsters could actually do something like this."

Ji Hao looked at Elder Destiny and said seriously, "These four-eyed evil monsters are only talons and fangs of those three-eyed evil monsters. They are only fighters under the commands of those three-eyed ones. Chi Zhe and his warriors were only an advance force that came to explore this place. Even though this was just a statement, but we can surely dig out some truth from it. I think they came to check on something."

Pausing for a second, Ji Hao pointed at the Holy Land which was nearly sliced into two by the Chaos sword light, and continued with a deep voice, "I have a feeling that the ultimate target of those non-humankind beings is in your Holy Land. Once they enter into the Pan Xi world, your Holy Land will certainly become the main direction of their attack."

Elder Destiny gnashed his teeth and said, "The Holy Land is our base, we…"

Ji Hao interrupted Elder Destiny’s speech regarding how determinedly he wanted to protect the Holy Land until he died and said, "If I were you, I wouldn’t do that. You will never know what preparations have those evil monsters done, and what did they leave in your Holy Land. For example, your flower of great Dao…Hehe! If I were you, I would empty the Holy Land, take all useful resources away, then find another place which was the most advantageous to myself."

The Holy Land was the base of the local people in Pan Xi world, that was true. But if one said that the Holy Land was also the perfect battlefield for the ultimate fight against the non-humankind, Ji Hao didn’t think so.

Jia Clan warriors could sneak into the Holy Palace without catching any attention. Judging from his fact, the non-humankind must have had done many preparations based on the Holy Land. This meant that letting the ultimate fight against the non-humankind happen in the Holy Land would be the worst decision.

They needed to strengthen the defenses and clear the fields, take all useful resources away from the Holy Land and then find another place as the battlefield for the ultimate fight to earn as many advantages as possible. This would be the wisest choice.

After all, Elder Destiny could be counted as the wisest person in Pan Xi world. After half an hour of hesitation, he nodded heavily and accepted Ji Hao’s suggestion.

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