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Chi Zhe raised the black staff and looked at that thin and short stream of white sword light that had been flying slowly towards him. He had been through countless deadly fights, trod across oceans of dead bodies, killed countless people and survived countless destructive dangers. By this point, Chi Zhe had thought that he had already forgotten what ‘fear’ felt like.

Nevertheless, the sword light released by Ji Hao reminded Chi Zhe and his warriors of the great fear that they had forgotten since long ago. They felt that they suddenly went back into the first life-and-death battle they had been through, the moment they watched their enemies’ weapons hacking straight towards themselves for the very first time, and saw the heads of their friends fly high up into the air in a heavy rain of blood.

This white stream of sword like seemed to be ordinary and nothing special at all. Only Chi Zhe and his warriors, who were targeted by the sword light, sensed the arrival of destruction from deep down their souls.

Fierce and cruel, without leaving any chance of resistance, purely created for destroying everything in the world... In the eyes of Chi Zhe and his people, if ‘fear’ had a form of existence, this thin and dim stream of sword light must be how ‘fear’ looked like.

Chi Zhe and his warriors had their pupils shrunk to an extreme degree. Because of the fear, their bodies had tightened to a certain level that their tendons and muscles began twitching intensively, even squeezing a loud creaking noise out of their bodies. Their muscles twitched too hard, even breaking the limit of endurance and tearing themselves apart.

These Jia Clan warriors couldn’t imagine why a sword light like this could exist in this universe. What confused them even more, who on earth was powerful enough to make this tiny jade box held in Ji Hao’s hands. This simple jade box that looked so innocuous could actually release such a destructive stream of light that was created purely for annihilation.

In this very moment, Chi Zhe thought of all those powerful beings he had met who were from Yu Clan, Jia Clan, Xiu Clan and many other clans. Chi Zhe never got such a strong sense of destruction even from those strong beings who were far more powerful than himself.

"No!" Chi Zhe howled out with a shrill voice. He was overly nervous and frightened. His throat was cramping that made his voice as high-pitched as that of a young girl.

A thick, round-shaped shield flew up from Chi She’s wrist, releasing a round-shaped light screen that shielded Chi Zhe behind it. That round light screen was over three miles in diameter, shielding Chi Zhe and all other Jia Clan warriors behind it.

Chi Zhe’s warriors began subconsciously screaming in fear as well. Their shields flew up one after another behind Chi Zhe’s shield while releasing round-shaped light screens. Soon, over a hundred round-shaped heavy shields connected into a straight line.

The black erect eye floating above the black staff sparkled slightly. Next, a strong gale was raised while an immense wave of natural powers descended from the air. Countless gusts of wind combined with clouds and transformed into enormous, dragon-shaped airstreams that coiled around those shields. Pan Xi world added its power to these shields and raised the defensive power by at least ten times.

Chi Zhe and his warriors were definitely peak-Divine-Magus-level warriors. Their weapons, armors, and shields were all much more powerful than Divine-Magus-level magic treasures crafted by the most powerful human Divine Magi, because Xiu Clan master craftsmen’ tool-crafting techniques surpassed human techniques by far.

Unhurriedly, the white sword light flew forward. Strong airstreams rolled up, fending against the sword light, but wherever the sword light swept across, the air streams generated from Pan Xi world’s natural powers were all dispelled, failing to deliver any effect to the sword light.

Ji Hao even heard a faint wail. As Chi Zhe forcibly boasted the natural powers up to fight against the sword light released from the Chaos sword box, even the great Dao of nature of Pan Xi world had suffered a slight harm.

Ji Hao popped out his eyes in a great shock. Was this Chaos sword box given by Priest Xuan Du actually so powerful?

Puff! Followed by a muffled noise, the white sword light slightly touched Chi Zhe’s round shield. Without even a sparkle, these over a hundred shields with amazing defensive power were turned into ashes, dissipating in the air without leaving any trace, as if they had never existed.

"Hold off!" roared Chi Zhe while the heavy armors of all Jia Clan warriors flew up at lightning speed like a group of metal battle puppets that could move automatically. Layer by layer, these armors flew before Chi Zhe and his warriors and shielded them behind.

Chi Zhe and his warriors were frightened and even despairing.

They didn’t even dare to wear those armors and try to fend against the sword light with them. They were afraid that their armors couldn’t withstand the power of the sword light; if their armors were punctured, they would suffer life-threatening injuries. Therefore, they chose [to take off the armors together and layer them all up to raise the defensive power.

"Stop it!" Chi Zhe growled once again. The black staff held in his hand released a dim light. Next, all mountains and rivers in Pan Xi world began quaking together. Countless palaces that belonged to holy spirits collapsed as huge streams of natural power surged out from rocks, transforming into all rare kinds of creatures that then flew into those armors.

A buzzing noise could be heard endlessly, along with which, those armors glowed with a dazzling light while countless spell symbols flowed on the surfaces of those armors. Ji Hao threw a quick glance over and found out that he only knew a slight part of those spell symbols. Those spell symbols he knew were all for strengthening and protecting effects; the other spell symbols obviously belonged only to the non-humankind and Ji Hao couldn’t recognize any one of them.

The white sword light slightly bumped into the first set of armor that used to be worn by Chi Zhe.

Chi Zhe gave a loud shout and bit his tongue broken, letting out a mouthful of blood on the black staff. Next, the black erect eye floating upon the staff released a dazzling dark light. Meanwhile, before Chi Zhe’s armor, the silhouette of a piece of land emerged. If one looked closely, one would find that this piece of land looked exactly the same as the Holy Land.

The white sword light kept flying forward without any pause. The silhouette of the Holy Land was easily sliced open just like slice a sharp knife through a piece of tofu.

Followed by a thunderous boom, Elder Destiny and the other ancestor souls screamed out together. A ten-thousand miles deep slash suddenly appeared on the Holy Land, and this mirror-smooth slash went through the entire Holy Land.

Chi Zhe controlled the great Dao of nature, created a silhouette of the Holy Land and put it in front of his armor, attempting to block the white sword light with it. As a consequence, the Holy Land was nearly destroyed by this white sword light.

Pop! Along with a clear popping noise, over a hundred sets of armor disappeared without leaving any trace. The white sword light remained with a length of around three inches as it flew to before Chi Zhe’s face unhurriedly. Chi Zhe howled out in despair while putting the black staff before his chest.

A glowing white stream of mist burst out to tens of thousands of miles away. Within that glowing mist, Chi Zhe and his warriors were turned into nothingness.

The black staff let out a shrill buzz in the white mist and then transformed into a black beam of light, seeming to flee. Yet suddenly, it disappeared, as if a giant white hand had abruptly reached out from the mist and grabbed it, taking it somewhere.

Chi Zhe and the over a hundred Jia Clan elite warriors were wiped thoroughly out by a single strike launched with the Chaos sword box.

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