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With a sinking heart, Ji Hao rushed out from the underground space of the Holy Land and flew up into the air, with Elder Destiny, who was badly frustrated, held in his arms. If Ji Hao weren't holding him, Elder Destiny would have fallen behind long ago and ended up in the hands of those fierce, beast-like Jia Clan warriors who were chasing behind.

Elder Destiny’s heart was broken. He was like a devout believer who suddenly found out that the purest, noblest goddess that he had been worshiping all the time was actually a whore working in a brothel, and with enough money, her legs could easily open for anyone.

"How can this happen? How can this happen?" Elder Destiny grabbed Ji Hao’s sleeve and wailed in a hoarse voice, seeming to not know what to do.

"This is our world, this is our home. Generation after generation, we lived in this world. Why is our natural law under the control of those four-eyed evil monsters?"

"This can’t happen, nothing like this should happen. No wonder I lost my sense of destiny… It’s because the great Dao of nature was affected by outer forces already. But why? Why things became like this?"

Ji Hao looked at Elder Destiny, who was talking incoherently and said in a deep voice, "Were you there when Pan Xi fell? Back when she was killed, someone had already planted a seed in the great Dao of nature of this world."

In the spot between Pan Xi’s eyebrows and on the enormous flower that represented the supreme Dao of nature of Pan Xi world, the black seal of the erect eye was already planted by Yu Clan people. During the past countless years, when Elder Destiny and the other ancestor souls knew nothing about it, this Yu Clan seal had already affected the entire flower of great Dao like a rampant virus.

The black staff held in Chi Zhe’s hand should be the controller of Pan Xi world now! They had even prepared the tool for controlling Pan Xi world before they came!

How many worlds had they invaded and how many great Dao of nature had they changed before they grew such an experience and developed such a method? Chi Zhe and his warriors weren’t invincible, but when facing those holy spirits, they were powerful enough to destroy the whole world. Since they could now control the natural power of Pan Xi world, their inexhaustible power was nothing strange anymore.

As the great Dao of nature of a world was taken completely under control, how could creatures generated by the great Dao of nature possibly do any harm to the Dao of nature itself?

Unless Elder Destiny and the other local people could break the constraint of the great Dao of nature of Pan Xi world and boost their powers to a certain level that would allow them to stand beyond it, they would never be able to rival Chi Zhe.

Nevertheless, to stand beyond the great Dao of nature…how unimaginable was that?

Elder Destiny looked at Ji Hao in a daze and abruptly, he gripped Ji Hao’s arms with both of his hands like a raging monkey. He hung his entire body on Ji Hao’s arm and yelled, "Kill them! Kill them for us! You have to kill them! Get that black staff back! Kill them, we can give you whatever you want!"

All ancestor souls and holy spirits on the scene turned round and looked at Ji Hao as well. As they had all reached relatively high grades of cultivation, none of them were dumb. They all understood that Chi Zhe was just like a sharp dagger pierced right into their hearts, and with a slight carelessness, Chi Zhe and his warriors could bring a destructive disaster to this world. Therefore, Chi Zhe and his warriors had to die.

Not only Chi Zhe, all people who knew how to control the great Dao of nature of Pan Xi world had to die.

For local people in Pan Xi world, they couldn’t do any harm to those intruders who had brought the power of great Dao of nature under control. Even if they hacked on the bodies of those Jia Clan warriors with sharp weapons, it would only be like smashing iron battle puppets with pieces of tofu; absolutely no harm would be done to the enemies.

The only hope for the entire Pan Xi world was Ji Hao and his friends. Even though Ji Hao and his friends were also from another world, compared to those four-eyed evil monsters, who would kill every living being that crossed their eyes, Ji Hao and his friends were much friendlier. Besides, since Ji Hao and those Jia Clan warriors were enemies, under certain circumstances, enemies’ enemy could become a friend. As long as these enemies of their enemies could provide some help, everything could be negotiable.

"They are dangerous and powerful." Ji Hao looked at Elder Destiny and said seriously, "Everyone on the scene, me, and them…"

Ji Hao pointed at his own chest, then pointed at Ao Li, Feng Qinxin, Jin Tu and the others, and continued seriously, "We are not the most powerful beings among our kind, but those Jia Clan warriors you met back there, they must be the top-grade elites among theirs. To be honest, one on one, we can’t possibly rival them."

Jin Tu growled in anger. Ao Li proudly raised his head, turning his huge dragon head around while looking at the others. He shook the few golden and shining dragon beards and made a loud noise, as if to remind everyone that he was not just some ordinary being.

Elder Destiny remained hanging on Ji Hao’s arm and said, "Kill them, I can tell you…where the spirit holy weapon of Saint Pan Xi is."

A trace of madness showed in the clear and watery pair of eyes of Elder Destiny as he continued, "As the most powerful treasure in our world, Saint Pan Xi’s spirit holy weapon has been in a deep sleep in somewhere. Not a single one of our people are able to approach it, and only in some disastrous eras would certain lucky ones in our world be gifted by a slight little bit of power of the spirit holy weapon, and become the owners of fortune during their eras."

"That is a supreme holy weapon, much, much stronger than the holy weapons we have." While staring at Ji Hao, Elder Destiny said slowly, "As long as you can kill the monster named Chi Zhe and his warriors for us, and promise to help us fight against those terrifying creatures with all of your powers to protect a group of our people and help them to survive and protect our bloodline from extinction, I can tell you where Saint Pan Xi’s holy weapon is."

Ji Hao and all the others gasped deeply in shock. In Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man gradually showed up with a pair of glowing, blue eyes that seemed like an enormous pair of lightning bolts, which lightened the entire spiritual space up. "Say yes, little guy, this is your fortune...For things like fortune, we need to fight sometimes!" said the mysterious man.

A great growl came. Chi Zhe held that black staff, leading his over a hundred warriors and rushed over with a sky-devouring fire.

Looking at Ji Hao and his friends, Chi Zhe said smilingly, "Earl Yao Ji Hao, we are not breaking our own promise. We are only an advance force that came to explore this place…We want to kill a few stupid local creatures, does that has anything to do with you?"

Ji Hao looked at Chi Zhe and his warriors, and without saying anything, he took out a fist-sized jade box that didn’t have any decoration on the outside. Stroking across the smooth surface of the jade box with his palm, Ji Hao took a deep gasp. As Xuan Du taught, Ji Hao dripped a drop of blood on the box, then transformed his Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi into pure power and injected it into the box, along with all of the great internal power contained in his body.

The jade box suddenly turned gray.

Crack! An extremely thin crack appeared on the jade box, after which, a three-inch long white stream of light dazzled out of the box, striking towards Chi Zhe and his warriors quite unhurriedly.

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