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"Prince, Young Master Feng, Brother Jin," said Ji Hao to Ao Li, Feng Qinxin, and Jin Tu, "Shall we make them stay in this place?"

Ao Li and Jin Tu both gave a vicious smile while Feng Qinxin silently nodded, a cold beam of light flashing across her eyes. She then pointed his finger towards the outside of the pavilion. Following her move, a few phoenix-kind warriors quickly walked over, and next, groups of phoenix-kind warriors flew into the sky one after another. Flags glowed and fluttered in the air while all kinds of magic formation treasures dazzled brightly, and gradually, an enormous scale magic formation was formed.

From the light screen, people saw another twist happen around the Holy Palace. Those hundred Jia Clan warriors had already killed people in or around the Holy Palace. They grinned hideously while one of them, who seemed to be the leader, gathered all Jia Clan warriors. But before they made any new move, a giant group of fierce local beasts showed up around the Holy Palace.

Pan Xi world was a complete world, and surely, all kinds of powerful and fierce beasts had also been living in here. Same as local people, these beasts also had distinctively featured natures of powers and were born with all kinds of special abilities.

As the Holy Land of the entire world, this place represented the supreme faith of all local people. Holy spirits in Holy Land carefully raised a large number of beautiful and powerful beasts. Normally, these beasts served not only as mounts of those holy spirits but also represented powers, strengths and high statuses of those holy spirits.

Just now, the few ancestor soul elders sent by our Elder Destiny led a group of people and gathered a batch of powerful beasts for this emergency situation, circling the Holy Palace firmly up.

Among these beasts, the ones which were the closest to the Holy Palace, were ‘metal rock beasts’, which belonged to the earth-kind. These metal rock beasts looked like lions but were scaled and enormous. They were especially powerful and naturally possessed a great defensive ability.

Metal rock beasts had a special ability which was called ‘metal rock armor’. It allowed them to transform earth into rocks and rocks into armors, to largely improve their own defensive powers. A single metal rock beast might not be too powerful, but if numerous metal beasts combined their powers, the metal rock armors created by them could gather together, layer by layer, supporting and shielding each other. In the end, the defensive power of this group of metal rock beasts would reach an unimaginable level.

Once, a holy spirit had run a test. He carefully gathered over ten-thousand mature metal rock beasts together and made them activate their powers of metal rock armors together. After that, this holy spirit triggered his own spirit holy weapon and launched a crazy series of attack, but he failed even to break a scale of these metal rock beasts.

Behind these metal rock beasts were large groups of saber-toothed beasts. These saber-toothed beasts were shaped like wolves, the teeth in their mouths as sharp as short sabers. Saber-toothed beasts belonged to the gold-kind, and normally, they fed on metal minerals and were extra greedy. They would also store great amounts of metal ingredients inside their bodies, and once enemies showed up, they could let their sharp teeth out of their mouths to kill enemies. Cultivated saber-toothed beasts which had activated their special abilities were able to add spell symbols on their sharp teeth, which would allow those sharp teeth to fly across a thousand miles to kill enemies. Attacks launched by saber-tooth beasts were powerful and swift, which made these fierce beasts extremely hard to deal with.

Metal rock beasts roared in a deep yet rumbling voice while saber-toothed beasts silently moved around behind these metal rock beasts. Behind the large groups of saber-toothed beasts were long tail green poisonous birds quietly floating in midair. These birds were tiny and adorable, as big as ordinary human beings’ fists, but each of them had three extremely beautiful, three-feet long, green colored tail feathers.

These three tail feathers were where a long tail green poisonous bird hid its powers. When these birds fly swiftly in the air, their long tail feathers could easily pierce through all kinds of metal by a simply flick. Moreover, these beautiful feathers were highly poisonous, and according to different diets of these birds, the toxicities of their tail feathers were all different as well.

Even holy spirits wouldn’t be willing to be slashed by a tail feather of a long tail green poisonous bird. They could never know what did these long tail green poisonous birds eat in the recent couple of days, and could never figure out what type of toxicity would be injected into their bodies.

Metal rock beasts, saber-toothed beasts, long tail green poisonous birds, these three types of beasts were gathered around the Holy Palace by the few elders under this emergency situation.

After witnessing those Jia Clan warriors kill the Earth Spirit Pastor so easily that the Earth Spirit Pastor could barely resist, the few elders were now seeing those Jia Clan warriors as the most terrifying enemies. Therefore, apart from those beasts, they had also brought a batch of local people who mastered magic formations the most in the entire Holy Palace.

Thousands of three-hundred-meter tall totem columns slowly rose into the air while shining with a yellow light. Even the thinnest column was as thick as a water tank. An immense gravity twisted the air, and following a loud buzzing noise caused by these columns, the air above the plaza was compressed speedily at a visible rate, gradually turned into light-blue liquid.

Ji Hao and his friends were all stunned upon watching this. Directly compressing the air into liquid? How much did those local people improve the gravity on the plaza with those totem columns for that to occur? A thousand times? Ten thousand times? A hundred thousand times?

Jia Clans warriors stood on the plaza slightly shook their bodies. They made a reaction at almost the same moment when those elders started gathering beasts. By taking a few steps each, they quickly formed a round-shaped battle formation on the plaza that had absolutely no dead angle of defense.

Three thirty-meter-tall divine towers quietly showed up, and the erect eyes floating above the tower tops released cold and dazzled light.

A Jia Clan warrior who was holding a machete grinned teasingly while looking at those beasts in the surroundings and said, "Just these crap*y things? We are startled!"

The other Jia Clan warriors all grinned silently. Their leader, who was an especially muscular Jia Clan warrior with a long hilt hammer, shook his head scornfully. He then silently swung his left hand and pointed at those metal rock beasts which were approaching gradually.

These metal rock beasts gathered over here for emergency numbered thirty thousand and had already activated their special ability, metal rock armor, together. A layer of black and yellow, thick armor of light covered their bodies while these metal rock beasts stood side by side, abutted against each other. The metal rock armors covering on the bodies of these beasts were combined into one, forming a long line of defense that was as sturdy as an iron wall, while these beasts approached those Jia Clan warriors bit by bit.

Ten Jia Clan warriors with long blades walked out of the troop together, lined up and moved towards these metal rock beasts with big steps. When they were still around six-hundred meter away from those beasts, these Jia Clan warriors raised their blades simultaneously. Along with their deep growls, a water-ripple-like, eye-piercing light suddenly shone.

Puff! Followed by a thunderous boom, a thousands of meters long stream of blade light roared out.

Back in the Wave Listening Pavilion, Elder Destiny and the group of elders were clearly aware of the super strong defense of those metal rock beasts. But still, quite a few them still shouted out nervously, "Hold out, hold out! They can do it!"

For the combined metal rock armor created by thirty-thousand metal rock beasts, even a hundred holy spirits couldn't guarantee to break such a strong defense with their combined power.

These elders didn’t believe that these hideous-looking for-eyed evil monsters could actually do what couldn’t be done by their own people. Only ten of them, how could they possibly break the combined metal rock armor created by thirty-thousand metal rock beasts together?

The blade light dazzled swiftly while the combined metal rock armor was broken. Along with a loud noise made by the bodies of those beasts when they were torn into pieces, over a thousand metal rock beasts were directly cut into two. Blood splashed out in big streams, and those saber-toothed beasts and long tail birds in behind couldn’t react timely. As a result, at least two thousand saber-toothed beasts and hundreds of long tail birds were crushed by the blade light.

"This can’t happen!" shouted Elder Destiny in shock.

Ji Hao and the others were shocked badly as well, staring at the image shown on the light screen in a daze.

Elder Destiny told them about the strong defense of those metal rock beasts, and it was impossible for Jia Clan warriors to destroy the defensive line created by thirty-thousand metal rock beasts so easily. These Jia Clan warriors were unreasonably strong.

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