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The cultivation system of holy spirits in Pan Xi world was different from the humankind’s cultivation system. Holy spirits regarded controlling natural powers as more important, and their methods of controlling natural powers were rather primal and violent. Their body conditions were badly limited, no better than even ordinary Novice Magi.

Facing the sudden attack launched by Feng Xing, the protective treasures worn by the few holy spirits reacted timely and saved the lives of their owners. But Feng Xing’s arrows still destroyed the few treasures and almost killed those holy spirits.

Kong Wu You was knocked out by Ji Hao with a punch, seeing which, the other ancestor souls growled out and attempted to attack him.

Elder Destiny shouted angrily and harshly, releasing a mysterious and strong stream of power and sealing those ancestor souls. Then Elder Destiny exasperatedly yelled towards those ancestor souls, forcibly suppressing their intent of attacking Ji Hao.

Ji Hao didn’t want to pay any attention to these ancestor souls. Instead, he laughed loudly out while he trod on a gust of wind, diving down. He heavily landed beside Taisi, then threw a great punch down on the ground. A tremendous and violent stream of power vibrated the ground, raising the soil wave by wave, roaring out like a tsunami. Thousands of local warriors in front of him howled in pain while being slapped to the ground by the soil waves.

The pair of fiery snakes happily shrunk their bodies to the size of chopsticks and leaped onto Ji Hao’s shoulders. They opened their jaws and bit Ji Hao’s earlobes, hanging under his ears and swaying like a pair of earrings.

While patting on the pair of happy baby snakes, Ji Hao held Taisi up. Taisi’s face was now a bit pale, Ji Hao raised his hand, threw a magic pill into his mouth and asked, "Are you hurt? How?"

Taisi pointed at those fainted local warriors sulkily and said, "I was thirsty. I passed by a village and saw a girl boiling water outside a house, so I went over and offered to trade some hot water for a pure piece of gold. But I was knocked on the back of the head with a stick."

With a darkened face, Taisi continued murmuring, "I survived only thanks to these two snakes of yours. Otherwise, I would have been cut into pieces by them."

Ji Hao speechlessly looked at that piece of gold taken out by Taisi. That was a dog-head-sized piece of pure gold. If traded it for hot water, the water would be more than enough for a hundred people to take a nice bath. This poor guy, he was knocked on the head!

"Were you hurt by an elite local warrior?" while hesitating, Ji Hao asked again.

Taisi’s face turned darker and darker like the bottom of an old pot. Therefore, Ji Hao didn’t continue asking. It was clear that Taisi must have been careless and was knocked down by the girl, who was boiling the water, with a stick.

What shocked Ji Hao was what kind of stick did that girl use to knock Taisi down? Although Taisi’s body condition wasn’t great at all, he had merged with Candle Dragon Spirit pearl and broken into the level of Magus Kings. Even though he was physically the weakest one among Ji Hao’s team, anyhow, his body should be tougher than ordinary steel boards…But he was actually knocked down by a girl with a stick?

"Everyone can be careless and get hurt sometimes…I was sneakily attacked by a shameless old bastard and almost died." Ji Hao rubbed his chest which was still a little bit painful, maintained a serious face and comforted Taisi.

Heartlessly, Taisi laughed straight out once he heard that Ji Hao was sneakily attacked as well. Instantly, that darkened face of his was filled with delightfulness as he said, "So it turns out everybody can be sneakily attacked, I knew that I’m not a useless idiot like Shaosi said!"

Taisi was immediately cheered up. He proudly raised his head, narrowed his eyes and cast sideway and measuring glances at Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls who had just descended from the sky.

A dim and cold gray light flashed across Taisi’s eyes. With a narrowed pair of eyes, he looked at Elder Destiny and even showed a fierce and greedy look. Behind him, a gray and hazy silhouette flashed across the air, releasing a scarily wave of evil power that seemed to devour everyone on the scene.

Elder Destiny straightened his entire body and subconsciously stepped backward to avoid that fierce sense of power released from Taisi’s body like a frog which suddenly saw its natural enemy. With a straightened face, he looked at Taisi from head to toe, then said in a low voice, "From you, I see nothing but death and destruction. You terrifying outer space evil monsters…You truly shouldn’t come to our world."

Hearing him, Taisi’s face darkened again immediately. He looked at Elder Destiny bitterly, sighed and said, "You think we wanted to come here? I have nothing to eat, nothing to drink in here, and I can only sleep in the field. During these couple of days, I was soaked in the rain for over thirty times in wild countries, struck by lightning for seven to eight times, bitten by snakes, gnawed by a beast on the ankles, nibbled by mice on the butt…You think I wanted to come to your world?"

Gradually, an uninteresting conversation between Taisi and Elder Destiny was started. Elder Destiny’s words were all well-organized, containing many hidden questions, as he wanted to figure out Taisi’s background. On the other hand, what Taisi said was all incoherent; no logical relationship could be found in his words at all.

Soon, they both showed the whites of their eyes and both thought that the other was the biggest fool in the whole universe, and that it was a waste of life to continue this silly conversation. Therefore, they turned their heads around simultaneously, refusing to say another word to each other.

Yu Mu ran over with his layers of fat shaking on his body. He spread his arms from a great distance away then gave Ji Hao a huge hug and yelled, "Haha! Ji Hao, you know what? We have swept across a hundred and seventy-two different sized local villages and thirty-five large local cities. Do you know how many treasures have we snatched?"

Ji Hao’s mouth corner twitched. He felt that the gazes of Elder Destiny and the group of ancestor souls were like countless sharp daggers, fiercely piercing into his back. Hurriedly, he pinched the fat on Yu Mu’s back to shut him up. Laughing embarrassedly, Ji Hao then asked in a bland tone intentionally, "You didn’t hurt too many local people, did you?"

Yu Mu puffed his chest out, slapped loudly on his chest that caused another series of fat waves on his body, then said, "We are fine, of course…As for those local people, for those who didn’t resist, we didn’t hurt any of them…Hehe, sometimes, you know, it’s hard to avoid that…You might fight a slight little bit harder."

Yu Mu seemed to be silly, but in fact, he was rather smart. Seeing Elder Destiny and the group of ancestor souls, he realized that Ji Hao should have already made some kind of agreement with these local people. Therefore, he vaguely answered Ji Hao’s question, then smilingly nodded and saluted to Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls.

Elder Destiny squeezed a smile out of his face and nodded, but silently, he cursed angrily in his head. From the bodies of Yu Mu, Candle Dragon Yan and Candle Dragon Fire, he saw a dense mist of blood. Obviously, they had slaughtered quite a number of local people.

A long whistle came from far away. Feng Xing, who launched the wave of surprise arrow attacks just now was standing on a large wildflower, grinningly waving his hand towards Ji Hao. Right after that, he leaped down from the flower and merged back in the vast bush woods, so no one could find any trace of him anymore.

Elder Destiny and the group of ancestor souls knitted their eyebrows.

Compared with Yu Mu, Candle Dragon Yan and Candle Dragon Fire who came with a fierce aura of killing, Feng Xing, who seemed to be so mysterious, appearing and disappearing anytime, and could release highly destructive arrows, had given them a greater feeling of threat. Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls glanced at each other, all becoming heavy-hearted.

The more power and potential Ji Hao and his people seemed to have, the more threatening they might be to local people in Pan Xi world!

Elder Destiny’s eyes shone with a dim light as he started to racking his own wits about how he should reduce the loss for Pan Xi world as much as possible under the threat of Ji Hao and his people.

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