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Three bolts of thunder burst in front of Ji Hao, within which, three sturdy bodies were faintly visible.

These three people showed up suddenly when Ji Hao dodged Kong Wu You’s space attack. The air for a hundred miles in radius around Ji Hao was turned into a hell of thunder; those blue thunderbolts flipping around all over the area along with sky-shaking rumbles.

In every single moment, thousands of thunderbolts would gather into a rampant wave and strike on Ji Hao’s body along with a great cracking noise. Huge fire sparkles burst against Ji Hao’s body. His body twitched intensely while strong electric currents surged into his internal organs, taking his eyesight away from time to time.

Fortunately, Ji Hao’s body condition was now as good as Divine Magi. His strong life-force was constantly flowing all over his body, healing the injuries caused by the thunderbolts and allowing Ji Hao to withstand those fierce waves of thunderbolts without being burned into ashes.

When Ji Hao suffered a fierce attack, three thriving, giant trees suddenly rushed out from around Priest Corpse.

These entirely green giant trees spread their branches in the wind, showing clear faces on the tree trunks. Along with deep and cold laughter, a dark-green ocean emerged and rippled out around Priest Corpse.

That was the densest, purest power of life; unreasonably strong and violent.

Drops of dark-green liquid dripped down from the dark-green ocean on those plants down below. Instantly, those plants began growing at a crazy rate; even grass grew to nearly hundred meters, and even the weakest moss had reached tens of meters in thickness.

These plants were growing crazily in a destructive way. After the span of a breath, these plants, which had suddenly attained an immensely great life-force, blasted out simultaneously. Grass, tree trunks, even a small area of moss blasted out as well. Countless bottomless holes were left on the ground, and a nearby city was even turned into ashes.

Such a scarily strong life-force, it had already surpassed the upper limits of these plants; absolute destruction came after an extreme flourish. All the plants within the area of a thousand miles in radius were destroyed thoroughly.

Priest Corpse had been severely cultivating himself based on the power of death and destruction, but now, he was trapped in the green-dark ocean which was filled with the terrifyingly strong power of life. Every single second, huge streams of sticky dark-green liquid would crazily surge into his body, and within every moment, the inexhaustible power of life would strike into his body.

Priest Corpse let out a shrill scream in extreme panic. When had he ever seen such a violent and unreasonable fighting method?

For cultivators in Pan Gu world, they valued manners and politeness the most. Even if they had to fight, they would fight with an elegant and careful manner. However, the fighting style of these local ancestor souls was simple and straightforward to an extreme degree!

They barely had any skills. Instead, they took geographic advantages and struck their enemy with the purest energy, crushing the body of their enemy and eventually destroying his or her Dao.

"Shameless! Lowly! Nasty!" Priest Corpse cursed out in anger.

His skin began splitting up. Streams of gray mist drilled into his skin, and a fierce gray whirlwind roared out from the cattail hassock under his feet. It wrapped his body up, fending against the crazy dark-green ocean that had been flushing his body.

Nevertheless, three green-kind ancestor souls had combined their powers to attack Priest Corpse. These ancestor souls were the most powerful beings in this world. How could Priest Corpse, who was suppressed heavily by this world, ever rival them?

Priest Corpse angrily took out a splendidly glowing flower and gnashed his teeth. He was preparing to throw this beautiful and colorful flower that seemed to have every color in the world gathered on it. However, once he moved his hand, his face twisted. Obviously, this flower was special, extraordinary and extremely valuable, and Priest Corpse couldn’t bear to lose it at all.

Following a loud swooshing noise, over ten dragon-like huge streams of dark-green liquid surged into Priest Corpse’s body. He howled out hoarsely in pain while bone cracking noise came from his body. Through this translucent skin, one could see the dark-green liquid quickly corroding his internal organs.

Ji Hao was being struck by those thunderbolts and had been quivering intensely. But still, he managed to turn around and glance at Priest Corpse.

Seeing Priest Corpse suffering a group attack launched by those ancestor souls, Ji Hao just wanted to laugh out for no reason. Putting on a serious face, Ji Hao growled, "Priest Corpse, we might have a chance to rush out if we fight together!"

From a great distance away, seeming to be on the very edge of the sky, over ten dazzling spheres of light were faintly visible. It seemed that more ancestor souls had been watching the fight. If they all joined in, with the current powers of Ji Hao and Priest Corpse, they could never survive their group attacks, who had the advantage of geography, time and number.

"Fight together with you? I’m not there yet!" Priest Corpse snorted coldly, then flicked the flower held in his hand. He abruptly pulled a petal off and put it into his mouth. Next, Priest Corpse’s entire body shone brightly while a strangely clear stream of gray light enveloped his body, then turned into a flame-like sphere of light, spreading out towards all directions.

The light sphere spread out for eighteen-meters and six-feet wide, within which, the silhouette of an incomparably enormous tree flashed across and soon disappeared. Afterward, the cattail hassock under Priest Corpse's feet seemed to be stimulated suddenly and released an enormous thousand miles long gray gust of wind that wrapped Priest Corpse up and swished out of the encirclement of the dark-green ocean instantly. It then flashed across the air for a few times and disappeared without leaving a trace.

"Ji Hao, you kid just enjoy this! If I have the chance, I don’t mind collecting your body for you!" Priest Corpse’s laugh came from a long distance away. Ji Hao then saw a few dazzling spheres of light on the edge of the sky sparkle instantly and follow closely after Priest Corpse who was fleeing away.

Silently cursing Priest Corpse, Ji Hao let the Heaven and Earth stamper out of his mouth, causing the air around him to shake suddenly. The three suns on the sky suddenly burst with a stunningly bright light. Streams of dazzling golden light, which was too bright to directly look at, tore the sky apart and injected into the Heaven and Earth stamper.

Along with a swooshing noise, a golden beam of light dazzled out of the stamper and transformed into a five hundred meters in radius ocean of flame around Ji Hao.

Violent thunderbolts were still sizzling in the sky, but all of them were blocked by the flame ocean. These extremely violent thunderbolts struck on the flame ocean again and again, but could never touch Ji Hao’s body anymore. Instead, all thunderbolts would start burning once they touched the flame.

The three thunder-kind ancestor souls stared at Ji Hao as if he was a ghost — What kind of power was this? What kind of fire was this? Even those intangible thunderbolts were set ablaze? This was completely beyond their knowledge!

Kong Wu You growled in rage, then yelled at the other ancestor souls who had been watching the fight from far away, "Join hands, kill this kid! I sensed the nine dragon spear’s power from him. He must be the one who murdered Fire the Infinitude!"

From all directions, seven to eight ancestor souls showed up simultaneously, swishing towards Ji Hao. But before they flew up to Ji Hao, a deep voice came from the upper air.

"Slow down…Let me talk to him."

Kong Wu You and the other ancestor souls paused, then simultaneously shouted out, "Elder Destiny? What can we say to an evil monster?"

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