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"Evil monster, stop!" The bright light dimmed down, and the young man stood in front of Ji Hao.

The surrounding air was vibrating strangely, as if it was being cut by countless saws. Visibly, numerous thin saw-toothed cracks were emerging and disappearing in the air; this was a supernatural phenomenon caused by the continuous twisting and splitting of space.

The young man straightened the forefinger and middle finger of his right hand, holding his hand up like a sword. An inch-wide, six-foot long gray sword light sparkled. Wherever the sword light swept across, the air would be sliced open, showing a long and extremely thin, black crack. The space cracks would disappear once they were caused while constantly releasing a bone-piercing cold power.

The natural law of space...

Ji Hao’s pupils suddenly shrunk into the size of needle points.

Every race of local people in Pan Xi world had obvious and distinct natures, like fire or water. Therefore, based on the features of their bodies and powers, one could easily figure out the type of great Dao they were under.

The air around this young man showed such a strange phenomenon, so apparently, he was a possessor of the power of space, and he was cultivating himself based on the great Dao of space.

No matter in which world, the great Dao of space and time were always the most mysterious, profound part of the great Dao of nature. If one could manipulate the power of space and time to an extreme degree, he/she could cause any enemy a bad headache.

This young man in a white outfit as an example, he split the space and teleported before Ji Hao while Ji Hao couldn’t even discover even a trace of him before he suddenly showed up in front of him. Ji Hao’s heart sank slightly; even if he attempted to run, he might never run away from this young man.

"Evil monster? I am not an evil monster." Ji Hao shook his head towards the young man, then said calmly, "We…"

"Shut up! You are evil monsters, you are what you are! Whatever you say, you are nothing but evil monsters. Do not try to color your identity and evil plan." shouted this young man loudly and harshly, " Where is Fire the Infinitude? He died? Did you kill him?"

Fire the Infinitude? Ji Hao paused. Was he talking about that fiery giant? That fiery giant died? Who did that? It surely wasn’t Ji Hao. Ji Hao was clearly aware of the fact that his current power could never threaten the lives of powerful beings like the fiery giant.

Could it be River Earl? Ji Hao snatched the fiery giant’s trident and exposed the fiery giant under River Earl’s halberd without any defense, allowing River Earl to kill him? But this was impossible too. Even though Fire the Infinitude lost his weapon and wasn’t able to defeat River Earl, he could always run. Pan Xi world was his home court, and it would be rather difficult for River Earl to catch up with him.

A gray tornado swooshed over from behind Ji Hao, upon which, Priest Corpse stood on the gray cattail hassock. He laughed loudly while saying, "Earl Yao, Ji Hao, where do you think you are running? Eh? Unexpected surprise? Hehe, just get in!"

Before Ji Hao and the young man said anything, Priest Corpse turned his left palm around and took out a gray bowl. Facing the bowl towards the young man, he suddenly shouted out, "Who are you?"

The young man paused for a second. His body shook while the air around him rippled intensively, then he answered in confusion, "I…Kong Wu You! I am the space ancestor soul, Kong Wu You!"

Ancestor soul? Kong Wu You was an ancestor soul?

The fine hair on Ji Hao’s back straightened up one after another as he saw a gray stream of air puff out from Priest Corpse’s bowl and strike on Kong Wu You’s body. Countless whirlwinds were swiftly spinning within the gray airstream, and following a deep spell incantation sound, Kong Wu You’s body suddenly shrunk to the size of fingertips. He couldn’t help but be dragged towards that bowl by the gray airstream.

Ding! Kong Wu You was swallowed up by the bowl without resisting. After that, Priest Corpse delightfully gave out three resonant laughs towards the sky, then took out a splendidly glowing magic talisman and seemed to put it in the bowl.

While he was doing that, Priest Corpse grinned towards Ji Hao and said, "I have already killed more than a hundred of these holy spirits, refined them with my secret method and turned them into Holy Spirit beads… those are all top-grade treasures!"

Ji Hao knitted his eyebrows. Had Priest Corpse already killed over a hundred holy spirits??

Although those holy spirits had been quite mean to outsiders like himself, Ji Hao truly didn’t think indiscriminate killing was a good thing.

"Priest Corpse, you killed those innocent…"

Ji Hao wanted to accuse Priest Corpse for his cruel behavior, but before that, Priest Corpse already shouted out harshly, "Ignorant kid, what do you know? The great Dao is merciless. If you want to attain the great Dao, you can show no mercy, never. We entered into this world, surely because of the life-and-death game between your humankind and the non-humankind, but isn’t this an opportunity for us to attain the great Dao?"

"Facing the great Dao, some have to die so that others can live!" Priest Corpse stared at Ji Hao coldly, even forgetting to put the magic talisman on the bowl. Instead, he pointed around with his finger, continuously yelling at Ji Hao, "This world contains countless opportunities. If you go for them, they would be yours, and if you don’t, they will land in others’ hands! Kill innocents? Earl Yao, Earl Yao, you are indeed too young!"

Ji Hao turned around with a darkened face without saying anything. He wanted to continue fleeing away.

Just now, he suffered a sneak attack launched by Priest Corpse, and a stream of death power lingered in his chest, which still hadn’t been dispelled till now. With the magic pill produced by the calabash, Ji Hao’s injuries had already recovered by eighty to ninety percent, but still required some time to fully recover.

Right now, he was not in the mood to run a debate with someone about morality and Dao.

Besides, he somehow felt that compared to Priest Corpse, who had been doing an indiscriminate killing, he wasn’t much better. After all, he had snatched Fire the Infinitude’s trident, hadn’t he?

"You can’t blame yourself for that, neither can you blame anyone else!" The mysterious man abruptly began talking in his spiritual space, "This is complicated… when you have the time, I will explain to you. But first, run away from Priest Corpse now. The two Shifu of his…I don’t want to see them."

Ji Hao transformed into a golden beam of light, intending to fly away while Priest Corpse was putting the magic talisman onto the bowl. The coattail hassock under his feet had already released fierce gusts of wind, carrying him forward to continue chasing after Ji Hao.

In this very moment, the bowl held in Priest Corpse’s hand vibrated intensively, then a thunderous bang could be heard. Next, the bowl blasted out. Countless sharp fragments darted out like raindrops towards all directions. Many of those fragments pierced into Priest Corpse’s body and started fire sparkles.

"Damn it!" Priest Corpse screamed out in pain. This bowl was also a rare and valuable treasure, a perfect tool for suppression and refining. But it was destroyed just like this!

A dazzling stream of light flew out from the shattered bowl, flashed across the air and next, the young man with a white outfit showed up and blocked Ji Hao’s way once again.

Three dark arcs tore the air open, silently piercing toward Ji Hao. Ji Hao shouted out immediately, moved his body and rose into the air, barely dodging these three fierce space cracks. In the next moment, the three space cracks disappeared, then suddenly reappeared around Priest Corpse. They nearly attached to his body and pierced into him next.

Puff! Puff! Puff! Three streams of blood ejected out from Priest Corpse’s body, making him howl in pain. Furthermore, Kong Wu You suddenly gave a high-pitched growl, "Are you still watching the show? Join hands and kill these evil monsters! Now!"

Instantly, three dazzling beams of light shone before Ji Hao’s eyes.

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