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Obviously, Miao Yin, Qing Mei and the group of their disciples behind them were still suppressed by Pan Xi world. Their moving speed was low, only about a hundred miles a second. This speed was indeed already higher than Ji Hao’s speed when he first entered this world, but still, it could be considered as slow.

Ji Hao took the great Dao of sun of this world and was now able to transform into golden light and fly at the speed of light. This meant that he could cover the distance of a million miles within a second. During daytime, under the sunlight released from the three suns of this world, Ji Hao could move even faster. Gradually, his speed could reach ten million miles a second.

He was holding an absolute advantage in terms of speed. Therefore, he had no fear of Miao Yin, Qing Mei and the tens of disciples of theirs.

Holding his hands behind his body and with a grin on his face, Ji Hao looked at Miao Yin and Qing Mei and chuckled while releasing streams of scorching hot power from his body. He raised waves of boiling hot air streams from the air hundreds of meter in radius around him, sealing the air surrounding him with essence sun fire to prevent Miao Yin and Qing Mei from sneakily attack him with all kinds of poisons. Under the essence sun dire, no poison could stay effective.

After seven to eight minutes, Miao Yin, Qing Mei and the groups of their disciples finally flew up to Ji Hao.

The tens of people in coarse long robes scattered once they approached Ji Hao, made a large battle formation and circled around him. They let out all kinds of treasures, sealed the space and instantly, a ten-mile in radius silhouette of a lotus flashed in the air. Ji Hao immediately felt that his body became heavier, as if he was suppressed by a giant mountain.

"My friends, why are you doing this?" Ji Hao presented to be shocked, looked at Miao Yin and Qing Mei and asked, "We came to this world together, and we’re quite different from local people in here. We should combine our powers and fend against enemies. Don’t forget, in only a few months, those non-humankind monsters will come to this world."

Looking at Ji Hao who was with such a serious look, Miao Yin abruptly gave a cold sneer and said, "Combine our powers and fend against enemies? It’s easy for you to say this. Earl Yao. Since we’re going to join hands and fend against enemies, you shall give the soul-shaking clock back to me now!"

Ji Hao paused, then a cyan-stream of light darted out of his forehead. Within the light, the soul-shaking clock that Ji Hao took from Miao Yin back in Evil Dragon Bay was floating and buzzing. A gust of wind blew across, making the bronze clock shake slightly, and raised a cyan layer of light flowing on the surface of the cloak, immediately adding a mysterious feeling to it.

A trace of anger flashed across Miao Yin’s face. Smilingly, she politely bowed to Ji Hao and said to Ji Hao mildly, "Earl Yao, this treasure belonged to me."

Ji Hao smiled with a polite and careless look, flicked the clock with his finger and smilingly said, "You’re wrong, this treasure is destined to be mine. Therefore, this is my treasure. What do you think, my friends?"

Hearing Ji Hao, the looks of Miao Yin, Qing Mei and their disciples all darkened. Meanwhile, the smiles on their faces disappeared simultaneously.

Miao Yin’s voice became shrill and high-pitched as she pointed her finger at Ji Hao and yelled, "Ji Hao, do not be shameless! Today, you will not only give the soul-shaking clock back to me, but you will also pay for what you have done to me. You humiliated me back then, and now you will pay for it! That Shifu of yours can’t help you this time!"

Following by a shrill scream, Miao Yin clapped his hands. An extremely thin layer of golden light spread out for miles far, pressing down toward Ji Hao’s head.

Ji Hao only felt that his whole body was suddenly tightened, then he sensed a faint aroma coming at him. He felt so warm, an unspeakable comfortable feeling rose from between his bones, as if he was standing on soft grass in warm spring, with a gentle breeze blowing across his face. His entire body felt so relaxed that he now wanted nothing but lie directly down on the ground and take a good sleep.

"Interesting!" Ji Hao bit his tongue, causing a great pain that suddenly woke him up. Taking a deep breath, he clenched both of his fists and heavily punched on the soul-shaking clock. A resonant bell ring rose into the sky, while cyan-colored airstreams rippled out wave by wave for hundreds of miles. The sky was blocked by thick and thin cyan patterns; especially around the ears of Miao Yin and Qing Mei, the cyan ripples gathered to seem as dense as water.

Simultaneously, a warm golden light shone from Miao Yin, Qing Mei and their disciples’ bodies, while an aroma rose with coiled warm power streams. On the protective golden light around their bodies, lotus-like patterns of Dao had been flashing, shining with a bright light while wrapping firmly around the group of people.

Nevertheless, the soul-shaking clock was incomparably powerful. Added with the fact that Ji Hao had now attained a great improvement in his cultivation, activated by his strong power, the soul-shaking clock rang as loudly as thunder, making Miao Yin and Qing Mei tremble ceaselessly. They saw dazzling lights sparkle before their eyes while their internal organs were nearly turned upside down inside their bodies, which almost made them throw up.

The group of disciples of theirs were even weaker. Once the ringing of the soul-shaking clock struck in their ears, their protective golden light shattered while they struggled and fell down from the air with zombie-like stiff bodies. Soon, these disciples thudded against the ground embarrassedly and were disabled from moving.

Before Miao Yin and Qing Mei came out of the vertigo, Ji Hao held the soul-shaking clock with both of his hands and rushed up to them while laughing loudly. He raised the clock and used it as a hammer, smashing directly on their bodies.

Bang! Bang! The clock rang even louder and more resonantly while Miao Yin and Qing Mei were nearly wasted. The whites of their eyes had shown, and their eyeballs rolled in their eye sockets. Before they could cast any other magic, their protective golden light was violently destroyed by Ji Hao. Next, they fainted and fell to the ground.

Holding the soul-shaking clock, Ji Hao stood in midair, looked at Miao Yin and Qing Mei while laughing loudly and said, "Since we all came from the same world and you’ve never done any too bad thing to me, today, I will…"

Before he finished, a gray sphere of light whooshed over from behind Ji Hao, from which, a pair of scrawny, translucent hands reached out and fiercely pressed on Ji Hao’s back. A thunderous boom was generated, followed by which were dazzling fiery sparkles. The clock remained perfectly unharmed, but Ji Hao’s back was dented. His upper body was almost crushed, and a stream of blood was squeezed out of his mouth, ejecting miles away like a fountain.

Turning around, Ji Hao saw Priest Corpse floating behind him, bowing to him with a weird smile and saying, "Earl Yao, I, Priest Corpse, am nice to see you. Earl Yao, you are destined to be one of us. Please, take me as your Shifu and come join us. You will have a bright future."

Pausing for a second, Priest Corpse smiled coldly and continued, "If you, Earl Yao, are not willing to join us, you shall not blame me for having no mercy. Today, I will have to kill you and destroy you, both your body and soul."

Ji Hao took a deep breath, then suddenly transformed into a golden light spot, tore the air apart and reached beyond the clouds within the blink of an eye.

The scrawny face of Priest Corpse immediately twisted. He subconsciously yelled, "So fast!"

Gnashing hi teeth, Priest Corpse gave a cold snort. Then, a gray cattail hassock showed up under his feet. A gray colored flame rose from under his feet, rolled him up and chased after Ji Hao. Ji Hao couldn’t tell what kind of treasure this cattail hassock was, that although Priest Corpse was apparently suppressed by this world, this ordinary-looked cattail hassock could still carry Priest Corpse to follow closely after Ji Hao. Furthermore, it seemed to fly no slower than Ji Hao.

Ji Hao only felt weakness, and a great pain coming from every corner of his body, as a strong power of death and withering lingered in his chest, crazily devouring his spirit blood and life-force.

Ji Hao tremblingly took out the magic pill calabash, poured a few golden pills out and thrust them into his own mouth. Instantly, a series of bone creaking noise came out from Ji Hao’s chest and his injuries seemed to be healed completely. Suddenly, a dazzling stream of light flashed across the air, following which, a local young man in a white outfit showed up, blocking Ji Hao’s way.

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