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"Kill me?" The fiery giant’s waves of laughter even vibrated the sky and ground, "You presumptuous evil monster, do you know that I am.."

The fiery giant wanted to show off his identity and his power and show how terrifying he was. However, the River Earl didn’t give him the chance to finish his compliment to himself. Instead, River Earl waved his hand… simply waved his hand.

Followed by the move of River Earl, the weather instantly changed. Clouds rolled while ground started shaking. Following a muffled surfing noise, within everyone’s line of sight, the whole world seemed to go back to the era of Chaos. Only inexhaustible, enormous waves were left roaring and rolling in the world. Nothing else could be seen except black, white, blue, green and cyan waves of different sizes.

All natural powers with the natures other than water were dispelled from the air, and only water power was left suffused in the air.

A misty and boundless immense river dove down from the upper sky and struck straight on the fiery giant’s body. Following a loud sizzling noise that sounded like a glowing red piece of coal thrown into water, huge clouds of steam rose into the sky and the five-kilometers tall, fiery giant immediately shrunk to around one thousand meters tall.

"Evil monster…Your power…!" The fiery giant growled in rage and fear.

He had already reached the part of the great Dao of nature of Pan Xi world, and his power had already made a certain connection with the great Dao of nature. That meant, his power could be inexhaustible; as long as this world remains undamaged, his power would never be weakened.

Nevertheless, River Earl managed to damage a big half of his body with a single move. For such a terrifying power, it could only be compared with the powers of the oldest and most powerful few ones among all ancestor souls in the world.

"Noisy! Die!" River Earl shouted harshly. Meanwhile, a black great river swooshed across the sky and pierced straight through the fiery giant’s chest, leaving an immense hole in his chest.

The fiery giant gave a sky-splitting howl, along with which, his body started quickly falling apart while large flakes of flames were killed by enormous waves. Soon, the thousands of meters tall body of the fiery giant was turned into a three-foot tall, small flame, and within that dim light released by the flame, the hazy silhouette of the fiery giant was faintly visible.

"Eh? Still not dead?" murmured River Earl in a slight surprise, "This world has been suppressing me severely, but I can’t even kill a weak thing like you? This is indeed a bit strange."

"Because I am immortal!" The fiery giant screamed out hoarsely, "I share a life with this world… As long as this world remains existing, I will never die!"

The mysterious man’s voice came slowly from Ji Hao’s spiritual space, "Share a life with this world? He valued himself too much. How dare he talk like this when he had just touched the edge of a small part of the great Dao of nature?"

Ji Has stood in the great river and quietly looked at River Earl and the fiery giant release their powers and launch their moves. He couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity, "So what level is River Earl at?"

The mysterious man remained silent for a while, then answered unhurriedly, "Very powerful. After all, he is a dominator of a water area, who lived since the prehistorical era. Among ancient gods, River Earl was only a small, insignificant being, but in the current era, there are not so many people who are powerful enough to defeat him anymore."

Pausing shortly, the mysterious man continued with a careless smile, "But of course, if he is stupid enough to find Yu Yu, he would still be chopped directly to death."

"I am immortal!" The fiery giant growled with all of his power. Along with his roar, three sharp thorns suddenly thrust out of his body, then a raging flame swooshed up into the sky. From this, a trident condensed from coiling flame streams gradually emerged, being grabbed in his hands.

River Earl brought the whole space under his control and turned the entire space into a surging water area. Only dense water power was left in the sky, leaving no other natural powers. Nevertheless, after this trident showed up, this water area created by River Earl was ripped open.

Strong fire power surged in from the opening and transformed into a magnificent, great river of fire, gushing into the fiery giant’s body.

The fiery giant, who was nearly killed for good just now, raised his head and roared towards the sky. Next, he excitedly swung the blazing trident and let out fiery dragons hovering around him. His body began expanding swiftly - three meter, thirty meters, three-hundred-meter, five-hundred meter, five-thousand meter, fifteen kilometers…Soon, the fiery giant reached a height of tens of kilometers, with his body filled by sticky and dense flame boiling like lava.

A terrifyingly great heat spread out for tens of thousands of meters far, bumping against the endless, inexhaustible waves in the water area created by River Earl.

The fire and water would never tolerate each other, not to mention the fact that the fiery giant’s fire and River Earl’s water were actually from two different worlds and two different systems of great Dao.

Different colored waves and red flames clashed against each other, and within every single moment, countless waves and streams of flame would evaporate into nothingness. When the water and fire struck onto each other, dazzling thunderbolts would descend. Hundred-meter in radius spheres of thunderbolts blasted, causing destructive shockwaves to sweep across the area with a radius of a hundred miles. Within this area, everything was shattered into bits.

Ji Hao was rolled into the scary shockwaves as well. Numerous powerful thunderbolt balls exploded near him, vibrating the mist realized from the cloud bag intensively, making the few concealing magic formations Ji Hao set up around himself shake constantly.

The great shockwaves hit Ji Hao’s body, disabling him from seeing anything but dazzling lights before his eyes. The shockwaves struck into Ji Hao’s internal organs through his Gold Crow cloak, making him feel like he was carsick. His internal organs were twitching quickly and intensely, and he felt he might throw up anytime.

"Damn it!" Ji Hao gasped deeply. The Heaven and Earth stamper activated the star power, mountain power, river power and earth power, setting up thick layers of invisible defensive screens around his body. Nevertheless, as those, countless thunderbolts struck over, those protective screens were shattered layer after layer.

The power released by River Earl and the fiery giant had already surpassed the upper limit that Ji Hao could withstand. Therefore, no matter how hard he tried to stabilize himself, he was still badly affected by the shockwaves, and gradually, thin cracks began to appear on his bones.

The fiery giant swung the trident and fiercely hacked down toward River Earl.

River Earl rubbed his hands, sending up layers of dark ice from the roaring waves to block the trident. The trident banged against the dark ice, vibrating the earth and sky once again. Countless streams of flame and cold mist were shattered while thousands of water-tank-sized thunderbolt balls dazzled out like an eruption of a volcano. The entire space with a radius of ten miles was now turned thoroughly into a mess. As those thunderbolt balls exploded, the bodies of both River Earl and the fiery giant shook.

River Earl was obviously much more powerful than the fiery giant, but after all, the fiery giant was fighting on his own land, and the trident held in his hands was an incomparably powerful pre-world treasure. With the help of the treasure and this world that had been suppressing River Earl, the fiery giant had taken a certain amount of advantage.

The sparkling trident sliced across the air, brushing against River Earl’s body along with an ear-piercing scream. River Earl stepped quickly backward and dodged the trident that left a, foot-long tear on his black one robe.

"Damn…Damn you!" Gong Gong Wuyou, who was watching this from aside, was frightened so badly that he couldn’t even speak fluently now.

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