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Ji Hao saw the group of leaders of the two countries enkindle an incense stick. Then, a faint stream of smoke rose straight into the air like an arrow, transformed into extremely thin spells and quickly dissipated in the sky.

They were contacting with the Holy Land they mentioned. Ji Hao was expecting to see people from the Holy Land because he wanted to know what the top-grade, strongest force in this world was like.

After about an hour, a pure sphere of sparkling light descended from the sky. The dazzling sphere of light abruptly shrunk in front of the group of leaders, after which, a figure of a young girl that was entirely condensed from strong light showed up before the group of leaders.

Those leaders of the two countries all made a ninety-degree bow towards this girl who was shining brightly. No one could see her face clearly.

This slim girl curiously took a few circles around Qiong Sang Qi, who was disabled from moving, then stroked her finger across Qiong Sang Qi’s smooth skin. Following a sizzling noise, the great heat released from the girl’s fingers left two faint burning marks on Qiong Sang Qi’s skin.

"Terrifying body!" The girl exclaimed, "Even the hardest metal in this world would melt into liquid after being touched by me, but you only had your skin slightly burned? Just like the great holy ancestor's imperial decree mentioned, you outer space monsters are indeed terrifying."

Qiong Sang Qi glared at the girl in anger while the two faint burning mark on his chest speedily healed themselves without leaving any trace.

All country leaders on the scene gasped deeply in shock. They were all clearly aware of how powerful the girl was. Although those country leaders were also holy spirits that had been worshiped by ordinary local people, they were the lowest-grade ones among all holy spirits and had the lowest status.

The girl, who already had her body transformed into light, was a great being among all holy spirits. As she said, her body had a destructive power that could severely injure ordinary living creatures just by approaching her.

Just now, Qiong Sang Qi made direct, physical contact with the girl’s body. If he were an ordinary local man, he would have been burned into smoke long ago. But the fact was, Qiong Sang Qi only had his skin slightly burned, and those wounds healed themselves within a blink of an eye. What a terrifyingly tough body, and what an amazingly strong life-force!

The young girl also exclaimed out, "Indeed, terrifying outer space monsters… if you’re not sealed in this great formation, I’m afraid that even I couldn’t rival you."

Qiang Sang Qi showed his teeth and seemed to give a cry, but he was firmly sealed in the magic formation. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t even make the slightest noise right now.

From a distance away, Ji Hao took out one of those magic talismans given by Xuan Dau. The milky white magic talisman was made from some strange type of leather, on which, a feather-shaped spell symbol was painted with Hong Hu birds’ spirit blood mixed with ten-thousand-year cinnabar.

Pinching the talisman with his fingers, Ji Hao slightly waved the magic talisman. Instantly after that, the talisman was burned into a transparent stream of smoke, slowly drifted towards Qiong Sang Qi and slightly wrapped around his body.

That was a tracking talisman. Ji Hao didn’t know if the talisman was made by Yu Yu himself, Yu Yu’s big brother or Xuan Du. But no matter who made it, it was obvious that none of those present local people had discovered a trace of this tracking talisman.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. He could now clearly sense the existence of Qiong Sang Qi.

The girl praised those leaders of Golden Blade Country and Stone Statue Country, then left two metal scrolls, which were secret cultivation methods. She then grabbed Qiong Sang Qi, who was completely naked and rose into the sky. After flashing across the air for a few times, the girl and Qiong Sang Qi merge into the clouds.

Ji Hao dared not to waste any time. Instead, he hurriedly took out an accelerating magic talisman, put it on his own body, then let the cloud bag release a large sphere of mist, coiling it around himself. After all this, he transformed into a gust of wind and followed behind the signal given by the tracking talisman.

Ji Hao was suppressed and rejected by this world. Therefore, even though he used all of this power, he could only fly around a hundred miles within a second. However, added with the help of a magic talisman, his flying speed was raised by a hundred times, and now, he could make over ten-thousand miles a second.

In the front, the girl condensed from light apparently wasn’t flying at her highest speed. Probably, carrying Qiong Sang Qi had affected her speed, that made her flying speed not so fast, allowing Ji Hao to barely catch up.

Ji Hao flew straight up for tens of millions of miles, then followed the girl, flying towards where the suns rose.

Just now, reaching the battlefield only took the girl around one hour. But encumbered by Qiong Sang Qi, returning to where she came from had taken the girl a day and night.

Tens of thousands of miles in the front, Ji Hao saw a beautiful land on the ground, with thriving green mountains and clear rivers. Under the sunshine, thin mist coiled between mountains and rivers, with animals leisurely walking or resting in woods. That seemed to be a primitive virgin land, on which no trace of civilization had been left by local people of this world.

This beautiful land was extraordinarily vast, and even though Ji Hao tried his best to observe it from high above in the sky, he still couldn’t see the boundaries of this piece of land.

Clouds were pushed by strong winds, drifting in the air and creating countless river-like, white cloud streams. The girl carried Qiong Sang Qi and flew into one cloud stream. After that, a great area of splendid glow sparkled in the front, and both the girl and Qiong Sang Qi disappeared.

Ji Hao stood outside this cloud stream.

Golden Blade Country and Stone Statue Country’ leaders informed that Holy Land they mentioned with an incense stick, and the girl was from the Holy Land. This meant that where she returned to was definitely that so-called Holy Land. Nevertheless, it was nothing in here but blue sky and white clouds. Among this ocean of clouds, except for hundreds of enormous birds flying across, nothing else could be seen.

Ji Hao covered his body up with the mist released from the cloud bag, then restrained the sense of power released from his body. Afterward, he carefully approached the spot from where the girl disappeared. Still, nothing was here, he couldn’t see anything but the sky and clouds.

The girl and Qiong Sang Qi had disappeared just like this.

Ji Hao was shocked slightly. He remained silent for a while, then sat on a cloud with his legs crossed, closed his eyes and started meditating.

His spirit power spread out towards all directions, and after about seven minutes, Ji Hao suddenly sensed intermittent signals given by the tracing talisman. There seemed to be a thick wall between Ji Hao and the talisman, and Ji Hao could only sense that the tracking talisman had already stopped moving, and it was just nearby.

"A space opened up by outer force." In his spiritual space, the mysterious man silently showed up, "Be careful, the one who opened up this space…you can’t rival him now. However, she seems not to be in a good state right now…You don’t need to be too timid."

In the spiritual space, the mysterious man raised a finger and gently drew an arc.

Ji Hao was suddenly enlightened. He nodded, locked his fingers together and slowly merged the nine secret words spell symbols with the move of Sky-Opening. In his palm, a turbid sphere of light emerged, slowly transforming into an ax.

Countless spell symbols flashed across before Ji Hao’s eyes. His spiritual power was consumed quickly as he was concentratedly looking for a loophole of this space that was right in front of him yet he couldn’t see.

After whole six hours, Ji Hao’s eyes suddenly shone. He shook his wrist and sent the three-inches long ax out.

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