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Since he was Zhu Rong Tianming’s supporter, Ji Hao had no interest in reminding him of the danger.

Because of their family backgrounds, most of those princes in Midland had been living extravagant lives. They could have whatever they wanted, and they were all extremely proud. Except for Huaxu Lie, Lie Mountain Kang and a few others, Ji Hao didn’t think any of the other princes were good.

Ji Hao was happy to use Qiong Sang Qi as a chess piece, to see what other abilities those local people had.

Underground, the magic formation that had devoured the spirit blood of millions of local warriors was now activated. On the ground, a yellow glow quickly emerged, then formed nine-hundred and ninety-nine, hundreds of meters tall mountain silhouettes.

Once the yellow mountain silhouettes emerged, the gravitational field in the air suddenly became heavy and sticky. Qiang Sang Qi’s look instantly changed. He felt that his movements suddenly became extremely slow, as if he was a worm that was sealed in resin .

"Ignorant barbarians, what did you do?" Qiang Sang Qi sounded like he was in panic, but still remained as proud and arrogant as always. The way he called these local people was the same as how those non-humankind monsters call the humankind, ‘ignorant barbarians’. Hearing this, Ji Hao sneered.

Silver-white, cold light emitted from the rotating large magic formation. The light shrunk ceaselessly and soon condensed into an enormous long sword upon each peak of the nine-hundred and ninety-nine mountains.

The real appearance of this magic formation was finally exposed. Nine-hundred and ninety-nine great mountains, each with a long sword wrapped in cold power stuck in it. These mountains moved along the strange tracks on the ground like living creatures, while those longswords on top of the mountain released streams of piercing light.

As those mountains moved constantly, the gravitational field in the air grew stronger and stronger. Qiang Sang Qi could still move slowly before, but as the magic formation changed, his body became heavier and heavier while the pressure surrounding him grew greater and greater. As a Divine Magus, he was actually sealed in midair by the invisible great gravitational field and was disabled from moving.

Terrifying pressure came from all directions. The air surrounding Qiong Sang Qi was speedily compressing. While twisting, the air turned into a light-blue mist from the earlier invisible form, and at last, was compressed into a dark-blue, ice-like solid matte that covered Qiong Sang Qi’s body layer by layer.

Yellow light sparkled. Earth power of this world gathered over, merged with the dark-blue ‘ice’ and then quickly formed thumb-sized, yellow-colored spell symbols.

Ji Hao memorized these yellow spell symbols. During these couple of days, he had learned quite a lot of secret cultivation methods, and for many of these yellow spell symbols, he had seen in those secret local cultivation methods. These spell symbols respectively corresponded to ‘seal’, ‘suppress’, ‘heavy’, ‘gravity’ and other few types of powers.

But the ones who set up this great magic formation as a trap, they were clearly more powerful than those local people who were ‘robbed’ by Ji Hao. Among those yellow spell symbols that had been layered on Qiong Sang Qi’s body one after another, some were extra complicated and Ji Hao had never seen them.

Ji Hao forcibly memorized those spell symbols, so that in the future, he could study them and figure out the mysteriousness contained in them. That would be highly helpful to Ji Hao for him to understand the natural law of this world and know the powers in this world.

Qiong Sang Qi was sealed in midair and could not move. His pride had long gone, and by now, he was in a blue funk while staring at that slowly opening gate on the deck of the metal towered ship. All he could do was let out babbling sounds, trying to yell something out. However, his mouth was sealed as well, and even though his voice could be heard, no one could understand what he was saying.

From the enormous towered metal ship, tens of local people wearing yellow or silvery-white long robes walked out.

Ji Hao’s pupils instantly shrunk. Just as he thought, this was a trap. This war between Golden Blade Country and Stone Statue Country was only a part of this trap! Those fallen local warriors were only blood-offerings for activating this great magic formation!

Leaders of the two countries had actually been hiding in the metal ship. Obviously, they had colluded with each other even before the war started.

Nevertheless, both Ji Hao and Qiong Sang Qi were intruders, but Ji Hao had been calmly staying aside and watching all this while Qiong Sang Qi recklessly bumped in like a wild beast rushing into a trap. By now, he was already a hunted prey.

"Outer space monsters!" An elderly man wearing a yellow robe and a crown on his head flew up to Qiong Sang Qi, grabbed Qiong Sang Qi’s face, forcibly opened his mouth and checked his teeth as if he was selecting livestock in a market. He then said, "Haha, it has both sharp teeth and flat teeth. These outer space monsters not only eat meat, but they also eat vegetables!"

A middle-aged man who was also wearing a crown flew up to Qiong Sang Qi as well. He reached his hand to between Qiong Sang Qi’s legs, heavily pinched for a few times, then laughed loudly out and said, "This is a male, but its ‘thing’ is a bit small!"

Ji Hao’s face twitched while watching this. He understood these local people’s thoughts, they couldn’t wait to know more about the so-called ‘outer space monsters’. However, poor Qiong Sang Qi had his teeth checked and genitals organ pinched like an animal. If this ever got out as news, he might never have the face to see anyone in the rest of his life.

A group of Golden Blade Country and Stone Statue Country leaders circled Qiong Sang Qi up and quickly stripped him in mid air, exposing his body in front of everyone.

Regardless of the gender, the leaders of these two countries carefully stroked Qiong Sang Qi’s body as if he was a piece of peerless treasure.

Qiang Sang Qi’s body quivered intensively. Clearly, he was struggling with all his powers. He was growling and roaring with his mouth opened wide, but no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t break out from the sealing power of the great magic formation down below.

A beautiful woman from Golden Blade Country took out an oddly shaped awl and violently pierced towards Qiong Sang Qi’s arm. Ding! An emerald layer of light flashed across Qiong Sang Qi’s skin that bounced that awl away, and not even a faint mark was left on Qiong Sang Qi’s skin.

"What a tough body! This kid is not so powerful, but his body is even a hundred times tougher than these earth things!" The beautiful middle-aged woman gasped in shock then exclaimed out while casting a glance at those Stone Statue Country leaders.

Local people from Stone Statue Country had the power with a nature of earth. Their bodies were especially tough and strong, and they were famous for their tough bodies and great defensive powers among all races.

However, based on the same power level, the body conditions of these Stone Statue Country leaders were not even ten percent as good as Qiong Sang Qi’s, and the defensive power of Qiong Sang Qi’s body was a hundred times greater than any leader of Stone Statue Country. How terrifying was that!

The group of local leaders all had cold sweat oozing out of their foreheads as they glanced at each other in shock.

"Fortunately, we ambushed him with the great formation. Otherwise, we would have caught a huge trouble." murmured the king of Gold Blade Country, "This outer space monster is not something that we can deal with. If his accomplices come looking for him, our countries might be destroyed."

"Send him to the holy land now!" The king of the Stone Statue Country growled out.

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