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"How amazing!"

Ji Hao sat on the mountaintop with the cloud bag floating beside him. A sphere of mist hundreds of meters in radius surrounded him, and within the mist were five different colored gates.

This cloud bag was crafted by Xuan Du himself. When it was fully triggered, the mist released from it could block all light within the area that had a radius of tens of thousands of miles. Even spirit power couldn’t go through the mist. Added with the five element reversal magic formation created by Ji Hao himself, no one discovered any trace of Ji Hao, even though he was sitting right on the mountaintop with countless warriors from the Golden Blade Country and Stone Statue Country walking around him.

Golden Blade Country and Stone Statue Country were the two countries of gold kind people and earth-kind people which had been fighting intensively against each other.

On the ground, thousands of battle flags were fluttering. A sharp blade was painted on each of the Golden Blade Country’s flags, while the Stone Statue Country’s flags had a roughly carved stone statue painted on them. Battle flags had been waving, along with which, large groups of warriors fought with all their powers, disregarding their own safety. The ground was dyed red by the blood of these warriors who came from the two countries.

The blood of gold kind warriors was silver-white, containing a cold trace of power. On the other hand, the blood of earth-kind people was pale khaki colored. Looking down from the mountaintop, huge areas of eye-catching blood stains could be seen everywhere.

What Ji Hao found that not right on this battlefield was that someone had set up some kind of strange magic formation beforehand, and the magic formation had been ceaselessly devouring spirit blood of those fallen warriors.

The purpose of this war between the two countries seemed to be not simple. It was probably decided by the leaders of the two countries, or some third party had stepped into it.

Followed by a deep buzzing noise, the great scene that Ji Hao had been waiting for appeared.

A three-thousand meter tall stone statue slowly floated up into the sky. This stone statue was entirely shining with a bright yellow light, with tens of Stone Statue Country warriors standing on it, manipulating it to slaughter their enemies.

The stone statue only swung its hand but following that, countless thorns thrust out of the ground. The stone statue was incredibly powerful, and the attacking range of every wave of earth thorns was over a hundred mile in radius. Within this range, huge numbers of Gold Blade Country warriors were pierced into griddles, and some even shattered into pieces. Within a blink of an eye, at least over a million Golden Blade Country warriors were killed.

Stone Statue Country warriors cheered out loudly while waving their weapons, right after which, they marched into the Golden Blade Country closely following behind the stone statue which was floating in the sky.

A cold and eye-piercing stream of light dazzled over from Golden Blade Country, along with which, a three-kilometer long, towered ship tore the cloud open and swished over. Shipboards on each side of this entirely golden ship sliced open, exposing countless fist-sized muzzles.

A strange and shrill zipping noise instantly suffused everyone’s ears. Other than this high-pitched zipping noise that could almost tear eardrums, no other sound in the world seemed to be heard at all.

Countless fist-sized, extremely thin blade flywheels swished out of the muzzles in the towered ship. Those nearly transparent, metal blade flywheels sparkled brightly under the sunlight. The blade edges were thickly covered in glistening, tiny spell symbols while every single blade flywheel was spinning swiftly. Every second, a blade flywheel could at least spin for hundreds of thousands of times; these flywheels must be extraordinarily sharp.

Ji Hao stood up in a great surprise. His covered this towered ship with his spirit power and found that just now, at least a billion blade flywheels were let out from this metal towered ship!

Every single blade flywheel had at least a hundred thousand spell symbols embossed on it. In terms of quality, these flywheels could all be mentioned in the same breath as Magus-King-level inherited magic treasures. These blade flywheels were motivated by a strange power that allowed them to spin for hundreds of thousands of times each second. This high spinning frequency made the lethality of these flywheels especially terrifying and great.

Within the area with a radius of a hundred miles, only dazzling cold lights could be seen as those over a billion blade flywheels tore all living creatures into pieces. Huge numbers of Stone Statue Country warriors were torn into bits, then blasted into a blood mist.

Those colorfully shining blade flywheels enveloped the gigantic stone statue like a storm, along with a shrill noise.

The stone statue’s surface now glowed with a thirty-meter thick layer of light, which was fiercely cut at by the countless flywheels. Every flywheel left a great slash on that layer of light. The stone statue was then covered up by fire sparkles generated by friction, while a thunderous noise even made Ji Hao, who was standing aside and watching all this, feel dizzy.

"Good treasure, really amazing treasure!" Ji Hao looked at this towered ship in shock.

This ship was exquisitely designed and was extremely powerful. Those flywheels couldn’t threaten the lives of Magus-King-level beings. At most, these blade flywheels could cut the skins of Magus Kings open, but it would be quite difficult for them to cut into Magus Kings’ muscles. However, to senior-level warriors, who were the backbone forces of the alliance of human clans, this ship was a destructive killing machine.

Facing this crazily powerful towered ship, even an elite army with a million Senior Magi would be wiped out within a short span of time, if they were without an equally powerful large-scale defensive magic formation.

In mere terms of killing efficiency, this towered ship might be even more powerful than the non-humankind’s divine towers.

‘I have to bring the design paper and manufacturing method of this ship back to the Magi Palace.’ Staring at this towered ship, Ji Hao thought carefully. If he could bring this giant ship back in whole, Emperor Shun would at least expand his territory by fifty percent, wouldn’t he?

This ship was a genuine treasure that could change the power difference between the humankind and the non-humankind in the aspect of large-scale weapons. If he could truly bring it back, it would be a great contribution.

Pressing his hand on cloud bag, Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and looked at this towered ship, which was a hundred miles away, while considering how he should get this ship.

The metal ship started a great fight against the stone statue in the air. The ship attacked while the statue was defending, with no sign of stopping. On the battlefield down below, not a single warrior remained alive, and within the area three-hundred miles in radius, all warriors from both the two countries were killed by the ship and the statue. Not even a complete body could be seen.

On the ground, Ji Hao noticed that the magic formation was now soaked with blood, and a faint, strange sense of power was spreading out. In consideration of safety, Ji Hao subconsciously stepped back tens of miles, staying away from the effective range of this magic formation.

However, when Ji Hao was stepping back, someone else bumped right in. While Ji Hao drew back, a cyan-colored phoenix silhouette darted over from a distance away. Along with that, a tall and slim, handsome young man rushed into the battlefield.

Afterward, he looked around for a while, then his eyes suddenly shone while he dashed towards the metal ship, bringing up a fierce gust of wind.

"Never thought that I could find such a good treasure in this place… It is mine, Qiong Song Qi’s treasure now!"

Ji Hao’s mouth corners twitched, then he couldn’t help but shake his head and give a bitter smile.

Qiong Sang Qi, he was a prince of the Qiong Sang Family. Qiong Sang Family was an Eastern Wasteland Clan, and a branch of descendants of the ancient human emperor, Wang Shaohao. Ji Hao saw Qiong Sang Qi standing behind Zhu Rong Tianming once, which meant he was one of those princes who were willing to support Zhu Rong Tianming with full power.

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