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Steam rose from a swamp area while a stream of light drifted around a hundred meters high, then being dispelled by a breeze.

Mr. Crow stood on a branch of a tree that had withered long ago, vigilantly looking around with his narrowed pair of eyes while constantly letting out fire sparkles from his beaks. His feathers were slightly raised, as if he was preparing to launch an attack anytime.

Compared with Mr. Crow, who had been extra vigilant, Man Man seemed to be much more relaxed. Her face was covered in mud as she had been lying beside a bonfire with her eyes narrowed and fixed on a few mud balls in the fire. Ji Hao taught her to roast chicken like this. Just now, Mr. Crow hunted a few birds from the swamp area, and Man Man excitedly made these mud balls.

Zhu Rong Bao carried a long spear and walked over with big steps, as three Zhu Rong Family Magus Kings hurriedly stepped up and said, "Brother!"

Zhu Rong Bao nodded to the few Magus Kings and helplessly glanced at Man Man, who was lying beside the bonfire like a hungry cat. He then walked to Shaosi, who sat beside the bonfire, then cupped his hands and bowed to her slightly.

"Shaosi, there are thirteen different scale villages in the front, within a radius of five hundred miles, with populations from thousands to tens of thousands. Those people are just ordinary."

Before he finished, the mud in a nearby swamp suddenly writhed, and next, an earthworm-like, entirely blue, enormous worm swooshed up from the mud. It opened its badly stinking mouth and roared towards Zhu Rong Bao, ready to swallow him whole.

Zhu Rong Bao raised his spear and prepared to fight back, but Mr. Crow swished over along with a raging fire, slightly flipped his pair of blade-like wings and cut this giant worm into tens of pieces.

Cawing for a few times, Mr. Crow proudly rushed into the smashed warm body and rummaged out eight fist-sized, dark-blue spirit Dans. Mr. Crow grabbed one spirit Dan with his claw, carefully observed it, then disappointedly shook his head and randomly threw the spirit Dan away.

If that spirt Dan was with a nature of fire, it would be highly beneficial for Mr. Crow. But spirit Dan with a nature of water was no different from poison to Mr. Crow. If he ate that spirit Dan, he might be harmed badly, or at best gain no benefit.

Shaosi smilingly picked all eight spirit Dan up, then said to Mr. Crow, "These things would be worth a lot if we take them back to Pu Ban City. Mr. Crow, since we have found water spirit Dan in this world, we surely can find fire spirit Dan as well…It's just that we've not been lucky enough and haven't found one yet."

Zhu Rong Bao nodded disappointedly as well and said, "That's right. This bloody swamp area has too much water power."

Three Zhu Rong Family Magus Kings were shaking their heads too. They were in a swamp area now, so mud and water could be seen in everywhere. But not even a slight little bit of green was present. Only Man Man didn't care to be in such a nasty environment. Other than her, Mr. Crow, Zhu Rong Bao, and the three Magus Kings all felt that this place was just terrible.

"We're just not lucky enough!" Shaosi narrowed her eyes, with a stream of light sparkling in those eyes. She reached her hand out and carefully grasped in the air. Between her fingers, a gray-white light sparkled. As she moved her fingers, extremely thin, white threads suddenly lightened up in the air.

These white threads drifted in the air like spider threads, in the air of this swamp area, tangled together. Under the gray-white light released from Shaosi's hand, one could observe that the entire swamp was enveloped by these tangled white threads.

Every single white thread represented a local person living in this area. They had been in this swamp area countless times. Therefore, they left their traces in here; even if it had been a long time since they came here, as long as they were still alive, those white threads wouldn't disappear.

After Si Ming gifted Shaosi his power, her magic power improved largely. She was already capable of launching attacks through the traces left by intelligent creatures.

"Many people live in this swamp area." Shaosi flicked on a white thread with her finger. Instantly, a gray-white fire boosted up from the thread. The dim fiery light spread out, transforming into a small light screen that showed the face of a light-blue-skinned boy who had a delicate face.

Shaosi incanted a spell in a low voice while her ten fingers released numerous oddly-shaped spell symbols around this young man's face one after another.

A dark cloud carrying a thunder trail silently emerged from the air, but the power sense released from Shaosi was as thin and insensible as Taisi. Therefore, the dark cloud floated in the air with lightning bolts dazzling in it for quite a while but failed to discover Shaosi's existence. After about a quarter of an hour, this dark cloud finally dissipated.

"First, we have to learn to use these local people's language and characters. Then we should find Ji Hao as soon as possible." said Shaosi in a low voice, "We have to be together, we are safer in that way. But this world is so huge, that we are now over a hundred million miles away from each other. We need good luck to find Ji Hao."

Knitting her eyebrows, Shaosi continued gently, "Have you noticed? Ever since we entered into this world, not only were our powers suppressed by this world, our luck was suppressed as well. Therefore, in these couple of days, no one should make any reckless moves. Otherwise, we might get into trouble."

"Nevertheless, I've figured out some things in these couple of days. For example, I can still steal the luck of the local people in this world and make it ours. As long as we have good luck, we can do anything easily and smoothly."

Zhu Rong Bao and the three Magus Kings looked at Shaosi in awe and veneration.

The power of weal and woe, or one could call it the power of fate, this was one of the few most mysterious and magical powers. Shaosi had this power, which made Zhu Rong Bao and his brothers quite jealous. Meanwhile, they had been silently felicitating themselves, because Shaosi was on their side!

Shaosi incanted a spell, following which, the boy's face on that small light screen was blurred. A thin stream of light flew towards Shaosi through that white thread, which was the boy's luck. Next, more and more white streams of light flowed over through the threads, which were the lucks of that boy's direct relatives.

After ten minutes, the luck flowing over through the threads was as thick as water streams, because the luck of all of the boy's clansmen had started flowing as well.

After a quarter of an hour, the luck flowing over through the white threads had become a foot-thick stream. The luck of all the friends of this boy from other clans began flowing towards Shaosi because of fate.

An hour later, the luck of all the local people living in this swamp area gathered towards Shaosi, already looking like a hundred-meter wide river. Shaosi expanded the effect of her power to all local people living in this entire swamp area from one single person. That power of fate possessed by her was truly amazing and scary.

Shaosi constantly changed her hand motions. As a result, numerous white spell symbols ceaselessly flew into Man Man, Zhu Rong Bao, the three Magus Kings, and her own body.

All of them felt that their bodies seemed to have suddenly become lighter. As they were suppressed by this world, they could only release less than ten percent of their powers. But now, they could release a small half of their powers.

Not only that, everyone now felt that they were much closer to this world. Before, this world made them feel strange and cold. But now, this world turned warmer to them, even like arms of mothers.

After two hours, no more luck flew over anymore. Shaosi smiled, randomly pointed in a direction and said, "This way… Ji Hao is certainly in this direction!"

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