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Chi Feng was killed by the thunder talisman, which quieted down the entire campsite of the non-humankind.

A while later, a vehicle swooshed over from the tremendous cloud along with great, surging streams of blood-red, dark smoke. A Yu Clan elderly man stood on the vehicle, walking in front of the crowd of human beings with a weird and cold smile on his face.

"I didn't think that you would have some small tricks to play. That was nothing, but Chi Feng, useless things like that, we have plenty of them. He was nothing." With the symbolic pride of Yu Clan people, this elderly man held his head high, sneered and said, "Barbarians, which one among you can handle things? Our respectful emissary, Lord Dishi Cha, and the twelve respectful emperors in power, have some commands for you."

Hearing this elderly man, the looks of all present elite human beings turned dark.

What emissary? And twelve emperors in power? Who did they think those human beings were? They didn't use the word 'negotiate', instead, it was 'command'. They had placed themselves above human beings and they viewed themselves as the owners of the humankind.

"Hehe." The man with a tall hat laughed in a deep voice, then led over a hundred human ministers to fly towards the tremendous cloud.

This meeting took quite a few hours, and after a long while, the man with a tall hat and the group of ministers finally returned to the crowd of the humankind. All of them were with darkened faces, especially the few older ones. Their feelings were completely exposed on their faces, which were as dark as coal.

Si Wen Ming, Ji Hao and a few other people were called out. After a short conversation, Ji Hao learned the rules set by the non-humankind for this life-and-death game.

Firstly, the non-humankind had specially crafted a great number of fist-sized magic plates, which were made from jade, and were exquisitely shaped and decorated with symbolic patterns of flowers and plants of Yu Clan.

After a warrior dripped his or her spirit blood into the magic plate, the magic plate would be bound together with this warrior, and this magic plate would destroy itself once its owner was killed. Meanwhile, the killer's magic plate would automatically record the number of people he or she killed, and the power levels of those killed people.

Those were the most basic functions of these magic plates, that allowed the leaders of the humankind and non-humankind to conveniently count the credits earned by their people, which was reasonable. However, in addition to these basic foundations, in the first year of the game, during the period of each day from 11 pm to 1 am, every warrior's magic plate would show the locations of all warriors within the area ten-thousand meters in radius around its owner for the span of ten breaths. One year later, the plate would show the locations of all warriors within ten-miles radius for a quarter of an hour during the same period. And in the third year, during the same period, the plate would show the locations of all surrounding warriors for a whole hour!

According to this, with the passage of time, the magic plate would show locations of all surrounding warriors for a longer and longer span of time. To those non-humankind warriors who held advantages of personal power, this was a great convenience that allowed them to track and hunt human warriors. But to human warriors, these magic plates were nothing different from summons to death!

Moreover, back in the great hall, Dishi Cha and the twelve emperors in power cruelly humiliated the man with a tall hat and the other human ministers with their languages. As proud and arrogant as usual, they 'generously' announced to those human ministers that in order to express their kindness and mercifulness, they could let human participants enter into the battlefield a year ahead of non-human participators. A whole year would be enough for those human warriors to gather together, build cities or defensive lines, and other sturdy defensive installations. A year later, non-humankind warriors would enter into the battlefield to start the hunting of human beings!

'Hunting', Ji Hao heard clearly heard that this was the word used by Dishi Cha and those emperors in power!

They didn't care how many people the humankind sent into the small battlefield world. They were hundred percent confident that the one million elite warriors of theirs would be strong enough to crush all human warriors.

To them, this life-and-death game was an easy 'hunting', and the sole purpose of this game was to wash off the shame brought by Chi Ban Mountain War.

Be it Si Wen Ming, or Zhu Rong Tiamming, or Gong Gong Wuyou or other present elite human warriors, everyone was enraged by the language used by the non-humankind. All of them had silently sworn that they would make sure to let these arrogant non-humankind beings pay.

Numerous exquisite magic plates were handed out, one for each human participant, and they then dripped their spirit blood into their own plates.

In front of all human ministers, Dishi Cha and all twelve emperors in power gave cruel oaths under the three 'suns' and nine 'moons' to prove that they didn't play any trick on those magic plates, and that all functions of those magic plates were designed based on the needs of both humankind and non-humankind warriors.

Only because of these oaths did those human ministers dare to let human warriors use these magic plates. Otherwise, who knew what kind of traps would be hiding in those plates?

Could those non-humankind beings truly be so nice?

Letting humankind warriors enter into the small world a year ahead of the non-humankind warriors? Didn't they know how much advantage could the humankind earn with this whole year of time? With a defensive system that was powerful enough, the general power of the human kind would raise by at least ten times! Were they truly so confident about their warriors?

Ji Hao told Si Wen Ming about his doubt. Si Wen Ming knitted his eyebrows, shook his head and sighed, but didn't say anything.

The non-humankind was holding the power of initiative, and the humankind could only accept all rules they set. Even though some of those rules were not reasonable and fair, what else could the humankind do but accept? The humankind didn't want an all-out war against the non-humankind, therefore, they had to obey all rules of this game. This was the sorrow of the weaker ones.

No matter what, entering into the small world a year ahead of those non-humankind ones was beneficial to these human warriors.

Nothing special happened in the following couple of days. The non-humankind would send out three to five warriors to start challenges each day, but none of them were as terrifying as Chi Feng. Humankind also sent out equally powerful warriors to take the challenges. Sometimes the humankind would win, while other times they would lose. Time flew day after day.

This day, when Gong Gong Wuyou sent out a Magus King under his command to take the challenge, suddenly everyone's heart drummed slightly.

All non-humankind and humankind beings raised their heads. Through that thin dissepiment that was like an egg-shell wrapped around the sky, everybody saw a colorful light spot swiftly approaching from outside this world, and in that chaotic void.

The small world, which was chosen by the non-humankind as the battlefield of this life-and-death game, was speedily approaching this big world.

The void began shaking intensively, and a strong gravitational force emerged between the big and the small worlds. Stars surrounding Ji Hao and the others suddenly burst out eye-piercing lights, while countless huge streams of star light condensed into numerous, enormous chains, swooshing towards the small world through the dissepiment like greedy boa dashing toward their preys.

Ji Hao felt that the big world that they had been staying in was like a greedy beast, and it now crazily reached its tentacle out to hunt for the delicious prey it discovered just now.

A world hunted for a relatively weaker world!

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