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Time flew and ten months passed quickly, seeming to be as short as the blink of an eye.

It was autumn, but still, the grassland surrounding Yao Mountain remained with a thriving green color. Being nourished by the star power and earth meridian power that had been ceaseless gathering towards the Heaven and Earth great formation, plants around Yao Mountain were luxuriant. Even in this late autumn, this whole area continued to flourish.

A great growl came from the sky. Man Man's whole body was wrapped in a raging fire, while she wielded a giant hammer made from ordinary alloy, smashing towards Ji Hao's head.

Ji Hao was treading upon the air, standing in the sky around a kilometer high from the ground. He raised his head and fended against Man Man's hill-huge hammer with bare hands. His hand motions constantly changed, from palms to fists to fingers. Slapping, lifting or punching, his fists bumped against the giant hammer from time to time, letting out thunderous booms while squeezing out dazzling fire sparkles.

He had done ten months of severe cultivation. By using the move of Everything Grows, Ji Hao had melted tens of more mountains with the small cauldron, and by now, his physical strength had already reached the level of peak-level two-star Divine Magus. What surprised him more was he had also reached the second level of the Mysterious Cultivation Method with Nine Turns, that improved his physical strength by four-hundred percent.

Although he was fighting bare-handedly against Man, his hands were even harder than the alloy hammer held in Man Man's hands. Ji Hao punched heavily on the hammer, leaving countless dents on the smooth surface of the hammer. If he hadn't restrained his power intentionally, this giant hammer would have been smashed to pieces by him long ago.

"I'm coming!" A loud growl came from a distance away, following which, Yu Mu dashed over with a hill carried on his shoulder. When he was still tens of miles away from Ji Hao, Yu Mu threw the hill out with all of his powers. The three-hundred-tall hill roared straightly towards Ji Hao along with a loud swooshing sound.

Seeing the hill flying towards him, Ji Hao couldn't help but laugh out loud while he raised his head and violently rushing towards the hill.

A golden stream of light flashed across his head, and next, a ground-shaking bang was generated. The hill was bumped into bits by Ji Hao's head, and then huge streams of essence sun fire roared out and enveloped the entire area with a radius of tens of thousands of miles. Immediately, the tens of thousands of different-sized fragments of the hill were burned into smoke.

"Take this!" Man Man swung the huge hammer with both of her hands, smashing towards Ji Hao's head again with full strength.

Ji Hao gave a resonant roar, then flicked both of his hands like a pair of spears. Next, he punctured the hammer with his arms, then did a split with his arms. Followed by an ear-piercing metal-clashing noise, the giant hammer held in Man Man's hands were silently torn into two pieces by Ji Hao with his bare hands.

"Ah! My money! I want my money back!" Man Man carried the two pieces of that damaged hammer, yelled in anger, "Which shop did I buy this hammer from? Fire Dragon Clan's weapon shop in Southern Wasteland Market? I want my money back! I want them to give my money back! Ji Hao can even tear this hammer apart with his bare hands, but they charged me eighty-thousand jade coins for it!"

Man Man heavily threw the damaged hammer to the ground, then shouted angrily at Zhu Rong Long, who was watching the fight in the distance, "And they said that because it was me, they only charged for materials! Zhu Rong Long, send people to get my eighty-thousand jade coins back and return this crappy hammer."

Zhu Rong Long, Candle Dragon Yan, and the other ten Divine Magi glanced at each other, then excitedly responded with a loud growl. After that, they trod on clouds and rushed towards Ji Hao together.

They didn't use their divine power. Instead, they simply wielded their weapons and launched attack at Ji Hao purely with their physical strength.

In the recent two months, Ji Hao had gotten tired of endless cultivation. Therefore, they began to fight against each other to gain more fighting experiences. Ji Hao's performances had been amazing, that made Zhu Rong Long and other Divine Magi excited. They would come to fight a battle against Ji Hao from time to time.

Eight long spears and four sharp machetes swished over from all directions towards Ji Hao. Facing these Divine Magi's sharp divine weapons, Ji Hao still didn't use a weapon. Instead, he conveniently swung his hands and released a cyan and gold stream of Yu Yu's divine light, wrapping his body up.

That thin layer of Yu Yu's divine light actually had an incredible defensive power. Under the protection of the divine light, Ji Hao wielded his fists and rushed up against the twelve Divine Magi's sharp weapons.

The weapons used by Zhu Rong Long and other Divine Magi were all powerful magic weapons crafted by master craftsmen of Zhu Rong Family and Candle Dragon Clan. All of their weapons were at the grade of Divine Magi level treasures. Although they didn't trigger the spell symbols attached to the weapons and released the strongest power of their weapons, these weapons were stills hard enough to slice iron.

Long spears and machetes banged against Ji Hao's fists and generated a loud and long series of clangs. The layers of Yu Yu's divine light wrapped on Ji Hao's fists vibrated. Meanwhile, he launched a series of heavy punches. His firsts swished through the air like shooting stars, forcing the weapons held in Zhu Rong Long and other Divine Magi's hands back. The great impact waves caused by Ji Hao made those Divine Magi step back quickly.

Suddenly, Ji Hao's body flashed and transformed into a golden beam of light, zipping across the air.

At that very moment, Ji Hao's pair of hands moved as fast as lightning bolts and launched the moves of Sky-Opening and Earth-Splitting over and over again. His fists transformed into extremely thin beams of light in the air, crossing each other and weaving into a giant golden net, enveloping all twelve Divine Magi.

Within a second, Zhu Rong Long, Candle Dragon Yan, and other Divine Magi suffered at least ten-thousand punched launched by Ji Hao. They only saw a dazzling golden light blast out before their eyes, and after that, they could never see Ji Hao clearly. At the same time, they sensed a great pain coming from every corner of their bodies. Fierce power streams drilled into their bodies, making their bones ache and all internal organs shake.

Heavy and muffled thuds resounded across the sky. After a few seconds, all twelve Divine Magi each took over ten steps back with swollen faces and streams of blood hanging on their mouth corners.

"Earl Yao, your physical strength is great enough to rival us in frontal battles!" Zhu Rong Long yelled out as if he couldn't believe this, "But you're only a Magus King! You became a Magus King merely a year ago!"

"I haven't used by spirit star power!" Ji Hao's pair of eyes shone with a faint golden light. Even the air surrounding him began rippling because of the high temperature he caused. Ji Hao then smiled and said to Zhu Rong Long, "What a shame, unless we start a deathly fight, I can never find out exactly how powerful I am now!"

Zhu Rong Long and all the other Divine Magi shut their mouths, seeming to be a bit frustrated. Ji Hao was such a freak, his crazily high cultivating efficiency could truly be frustrating to these Divine Magi.

Unlike them, Man Man excitedly rushed up to Ji Hao without saying a word, holding Ji Hao's arm and intimately rubbing it with her face.

"Freak!" In the distance, Taisi, who had a pale face and was wearing a white shirt, tremblingly looked at Ji Hao while murmuring. Abruptly, he laughed out jumpily and said, "Hehe, Shaosi found herself a good man…Rival Divine Magi as a Magus King? Hehe, fortunately, I'm not good at close combat, otherwise…"

Quivering instantly, Taisi moved his body and immediately transformed into a hazy, transparent silhouette, flashing across the air and disappearing without leaving a trace.

Further away, Feng Xing was fiddling with an arrow that was wrapped in faintly visible, sparkling lightning bolts. Meanwhile, he scratched his scalp and said, "My arrow can break that guy's thick skin, can't it? It should be able to hurt him without using…that kind of power, right?"

Pondering for a while, Feng Xing began laughing and said, "Forget it, the more powerful Ji Hao is, the better! Those non-humankind monsters, I'll shoot them all into griddles!"

A rolling dark cloud came from afar, on which, an emperor guard wearing a black outfit was standing straight with his head held high, holding a tablet in his hand.

"Earl Yao, Emperor Shun has given out his order. You shall take all people who will take part in the life-and-death game in your Yao Mountain territory and go to Pu Ban City to prepare for the game as soon as possible!"

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