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Buying Dragon Pool out was impossible. Ji Hao would never sell his own friend as merchandise. However, with a good price, things like monopolizing all Dragon Pool's products in the next ten-thousand years could be negotiable.

The phoenix-kind needed Dragon Pool's sap and fruits to improve and purify their soul powers, and Dragon Pool's products had an especially strong effect to newborn Phoenixes. It could help lay a sturdier foundation for them for their future.

Apart from all this, the phoenix-kind was extremely powerful overall. They had a great number of powerful members and occupied countless fertile areas with concentrated natural powers and earth meridians. Therefore, in terms of wealth, the phoenix-kind was as rich as the dragon-kind, which had occupied almost all ocean areas.

Seven days after Ji Hao put his condition forward, a top-grade natural-crafted magic treasure, the 'red lightning wheel' was sent to Ji Hao.

The phoenix-kind played a small trick. Although this red lightning wheel was indeed a top-grade natural crafted magic treasure, it wasn't a powerful weapon for defending or attacking, neither was it a precious treasure with special abilities. Instead, it was only a supportive magic tool that could raise its owner's flying speed.

Among all living creatures in the world, in terms of flying speed, the phoenix-kind was merely slightly weaker than a golden-wing roc. Therefore, treasures like this red lightning wheel that could do nothing but raise flying speed were the most useless and cheapest kind of magic treasures to the phoenix-kind.

However, Ji Hao seemed to keep his promise anyway. After the red lightning wheel was sent into his hands, he instantly found Si Wen Ming and Dragon Pool and signed the agreement of monopolizing Dragon Pool's products for the next ten-thousand years with the phoenix-kind.

Of course, this agreement couldn't allow the phoenix-kind to attain Dragon Pool's products for free. Instead, Dragon Pool would sell his products to, and only to the phoenix-kind in the next ten-thousand years while the phoenix-kind would pay Dragon Pool and the Magi Palace with the average price of the last record prices of the past few auctions.

Each side would have what they needed, and everybody would be satisfied.

After leaving Dragon Pool, Ji Hao threw the red lightning wheel into the small cauldron in his lower abdomen.

This red lightning wheel was of a greatly higher grade than the nine dragon fire pearl. After swallowing the red lightning wheel, the Chaos power released from the cauldron was over ten times denser and greater than the Chaos power extracted from the nine dragon fire pearl. Ji Hao made the gesture of 'Everything Grows' in Earl Yao's mansion. Star power and natural power surged ceaselessly into his body like the tidewater while the Chaos power strengthened his body, making his body burn and again and raising his physical strength largely.

Looking into his own body with his spiritual power, Ji Hao found that after being strengthened and purified by the Chaos power, even the tiniest Magus Acupoint of his had expanded for over a thousand times. Through his spirit power, Ji Hao saw that his Magus Acupoints were like numerous lakes, and golden streams of spirit star power had been swiftly flowing in those rapidly expanding meridians and Magus Acupoints. Compared to those expanded Magus Acupoints and meridians, that scorching hot stream of spirit star power was like a small brook feeding into a vast lake.

But the most precious thing was a human-head-sized creative natural power in the round cauldron.

Earlier, Ji Hao made Man Man's power start improving rapidly with only an egg-sized sphere of creative natural power. But now, this new sphere of natural power was actually the size of a human head; if used it merely on Feng Xing, then it would be a bit wasteful.

Pondering for a while, Ji Hao divided this sphere of creative natural power into five parts for Shaosi, Taisi, Man Man, Yu Mu and Feng Xing each to have a part. However, Shaosi, Taisi, Man Man and Yu Mu each had a special way of cultivation and currently, Feng Xing was the weakest one among the whole team. Neither did he have any special abilities nor treasures to help him in his cultivation. Therefore, Ji Hao decided to let Feng Xing have fifty percent of this sphere of creative natural power.

Ji Hao then found Feng Xing, who was dashing in the field against the wind. His body was faintly visible in the wind, making him look like a ghost. Meanwhile, he had been pulling his longbow open and releasing arrows. Without saying anything, Ji Hao pushed the sphere of creative power into Feng Xing's body and activated the twelve-star space twisting magic spell at the same time.

Through the magic formation, Ji Hao moved Feng Xing to the backyard of Earl Yao's mansion and soaked him in the purple lake. Before Feng Xing figured out what had happened, a cyan-colored gust of wind began swishing around his skin. Tiny whirlwinds ceaselessly puffed out from every single one of Feng Xing's pores, and every whirlwind caused a tiny whirlpool, greedily absorbing the purple liquid.

"The powers of Eastern Wasteland people are mostly with the natures of green, wind and thunder." murmured Ji Hao, "Feng Xing, based on your normal performance, your archery and speed, I assume your power is with the nature of wind, right?"

The Heaven and Earth great formation was activated as Ji Hao was preparing to draw all star powers that had a nature of wind down and directly inject into Feng Xing's body. Feng Xing was startled and nervous at first, but then quickly calmed down when he found out that all these were caused by Ji Hao. Hearing Ji Hao murmur to himself, Feng Xing suddenly opened his eyes. Two streams of cyan light flashed across his eyes and dazzling lightning bolts burst from his eyes.

"Ji Hao, my spirit power has the nature of both hurricane and lightning. Except for Yu Mu, you're the only one who knows this secret now. The true natures of my power are hurricane and thunder! You also have to draw star power with a nature of lightning for me…What treasure did you use on me? I'm losing control of my power!"

Before his voice faded, a few chain-shaped, cyan-colored magic patterns suddenly emerged from Feng Xing's skin. These patterns that seemed to be formed from tiny whirlwinds extended from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, sealing him firmly up as if he was a chained prisoner.

A violent thunder power spread out from inside Feng ing's body. Meanwhile, a fist-sized, Taiji-pattern-like spell symbol of hurricane emerged from his forehead. In the middle of the cyan-colored spell symbol of hurricane, a fierce, purple-colored spell symbol of thunder roared down from his hairline, nearly crossing his entire face.

The cyan-colored spell symbol of hurricane and purple-colored spell symbol of thunder dazzled on Feng Xing's face, letting out thunderous noises. Gradually, the cyan-colored, chain-shaped magic patterns on his body fell apart, after which, Feng Xing's body emitted eye-piercing light streams with the colors of cyan and purple. The cyan light streams and purple light streams gradually merged into one, following which, a series of muffled, faint thunder-like sounds came out from inside his body.

"Good God, Feng Xing, you've been hiding your true power all this long!"

Ji Hao looked at Feng Xing in shock. If he didn't force that sphere of creative natural power into his body and allowed his body to go through this magical transformation, Ji Hao would never know that someone had actually sealed Feng Xing's power with such a powerful and strong after-world seal.

Feng Xing could move swiftly without leaving any trace behind. He could be in every corner without catching any attention, but this was the most common nature of power possessed by Eastern Wasteland people.

According to the legends, more or less, Eastern Wasteland people always had a trace of Green God's bloodline in their blood. The Green God was capable of creating wind and thunder. Therefore, a handful of especially talented Eastern Wasteland people had the powers with a fierce and powerful nature of thunder that could be amazingly destructive.

Nevertheless, Eastern Wasteland people who had the powers with the natures of both wind and thunder were considered as descendants of Gods in Eastern Wasteland and had incomparably high social status.

But no matter how one looked at him, Feng Xing, who wandered and drifted across the whole Midland since he was a little kid, with Yu Mu as his only friend, didn't seem like a person with high social status at all!

"Ah!!!" Followed by a raging growl, a strong power vibration swooshed up from Feng Xing's body.

Meanwhile, in a bar in Pu Ban City, Yi Shen, who had been drinking and enjoying a good time with Zhu Rong Tianming, suddenly leaped up in a great shock. A purple-colored jade talisman floated before his face and started releasing dazzling lightning.

"Little bastard! I got you! You're in not far away! You can never run!"

"The greatest treasure of our clan, you must give it back! That's a divine treasure that only I, as a prince, am qualified to have! You god damned little bastard!"

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