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Ji Hao valued good advice very much. Therefore, he came to the west side, over ten-thousand miles away from Yao Mountain and chose a small mountain in a gold mine that was about three kilometers tall and contained a great amount of gold ore. He circled around the small mountain for a few times, carefully measured its volume, then took out the Heaven and Earth stamper.

A strong and dense force field enveloped the entire area, and through the Heaven and Earth stamper, the connection between Ji Hao and the surrounding environment instantly became incomparably tight. He could clearly sense the power vibration released from underground meridians and the flows of the slight streams of natural power in the air.

"Rise!" Ji Hao locked his fingers together and slightly swung. Next, a bright beam of light flashed across the Heaven and Earth stamper, cutting this three kilometers tall, over ten-miles in radius small mountain entirely off. Following a deep buzz, this small mountain was pulled out in whole and floated in the air around three-hundred meters high above the ground.

Looking at this small floating mountain, Ji Hao opened his mouth and took a deep gasp.

In his lower abdomen, the small round cauldron, which was glowing with a multicolored light, slightly sparkled, then released an invisible, strong suction. The small mountain suddenly shrunk into the size of a fist within the blink of an eye and was swallowed by Ji Hao, then being sucked into the cauldron.

The hazy figure of the cauldron seemed to become clearer, as a five-colored flame surrounded it and essence sun fire constantly surging out from it. The spirit star power contained in Ji Hao's body grew stronger and stronger as golden sun power surged in his meridians and Magus Acupoints like tidewater.

In about a quarter of an hour, a hair-thin stream of Chaos power ejected out from the cauldron. Ji Hao made the gesture of Everything Grows and locked his fingers together. A strong life-force was generated by his body that made Ji Hao's whole body burn. It turned his bones tough and heavy, made his muscles more durable, and once again, his strength and power both improved largely and quickly.

Not only that, when Ji Hao made the gesture of Everything Grows, an immensely great amount of natural power roared over from the surrounding environment. His body was like a black hole, and every single cell of his started to devour natural powers greedily, then continuously sent the absorbed natural powers into the cauldron.

The gesture of Everything Grows looked simply like the combination of a standing posture and a hand motion. However, it was incredibly magical, and its effect was terrifyingly great. With Ji Hao's current cultivation and primordial spirit power, the rate of natural power absorption he could achieve with all of his power was still a thousand times slower than now, when he made the gesture of Everything Grows and natural powers automatically gathered towards him!

This move of 'Everything Grows' taught by the mysterious man had actually, directly raised his cultivation efficiency by a thousand times!

Huge streams of natural powers gathered over; as Ji Hao's body was filled up by the surging streams of natural power that even caused great pain. His skin even split up, slight slashes emerged from his skin and tiny drops of blood oozed out. Around him, a faint, black circle of glow had even emerged, an abnormal phenomenon that happened because all light, warmth and natural power in the area around Ji Hao were drained.

"What a crazy effect!" Ji Hao stopped making the gesture of Everything Grows and exclaimed in shock. If his body condition wasn't limited, if his physical strength was greater, he could even absorb natural powers at a higher rate!

What surprised him more seriously was that the move of Everything Grows greatly raised the power of this spirit blood and life-force, and the strong spirit blood power and life-force were absorbed efficiently by his primordial spirit. This made his primordial spirit power grow, and the improvement of his primordial spirit power was even as large as the improvement he achieved through a small half month of severe cultivation.

A thousand times higher cultivation efficiency!

Not to mention the understanding of the great Dao of nature, after Ji Hao learned the move of Everything Grows from the mysterious man, his primordial spirit power had been improved by at least a thousand times. This meant that now he only needed to spend a year for the achievement that was supposed to take him a whole thousand years.

Not to mention the improvements he gained in terms of physical strength and spirit star power!

"Oi, old man, who are you really?" Ji Hao couldn't restrain his curiosity, yelling out again in his spiritual space.

The mysterious man didn't respond. In that misty spiritual space of Ji Hao, a few streams of fresh air had been rotating, while his primordial spirit floated in the air alone.

Sighing slightly, Ji Hao moved his attention to the round cauldron in his lower abdomen. The nine dragon fire pearl was melted completely, and by now, only an egg-sized glowing sphere was left in the cauldron. The color of the sphere of glow had constantly been changing, and it was hard to tell its actual color. But the glow was faint, seeming to be floating in the cauldron.

This was the creative natural power!

So mysterious and indescribable, it could nourish everything in this world and generate all living creatures. All creatures in this world lived on this creative natural power.

Ji Hao observed the creative natural power with his spirit power for quite a long while, but he didn't discover anything. It looked just like a faint sphere of glow, and except for that, nothing could be felt from it. However, Ji Hao understood that, since the mysterious man said that this creative natural power was incredibly powerful, it certainly was. Remaining silent for a while, Ji Hao absorbed the rest of the Chaos power transformed from the small mountain. This small mountain had provided Ji Hao with the physical strength that equaled to an ordinary Senior Magus's full strength.

Ji Hao transformed into a stream of fiery light and swiftly flew back into Yao Mountain City.

Scanning across Earl Yao's mansion with his spirit power, Ji Hao found Man Man, who was madly smashing Zhu Rong Long with her pair of hammers in the backyard.

Earlier, Ji Hao had concocted some magic pills with a great amount of magic herbs with a nature of fire. After taking those pills, Man Man's fire power was boosted up rapidly while her power improved greatly. Actual combat was the best way for her to adapt to her improving power and strength.

Poor Zhu Rong Long, he was fending against Man Man with a long spear. No matter how crazily Man Man attacked him, he only tried to fend himself. The giant pair of hammers struck Zhu Rong Long's long spear and caused a thunderous noise, stirring up waves of ripples in the purple lake next to them.

Ji Hao stood in the air, took a long gasp and then let out a long breath.

Instantly, the creative natural power transformed into sparkling light spots, silently descended from the sky and gently landed on Man Man's body, quickly merging with her body.

Streams of great yet strange power surged out of Man Man's body. Man Man suddenly paused while Zhu Rong Long, who was in a fight with her, looked at Man Man in shock. As the creative power continuously merged with Man Man's body, streams of fiery light lit up on Man Man's skin one after another, while countless spell symbols and patterns that represented all kinds of after-world fire emerging from her skin.

A purple liquid column rose from the purple lake, swayingly swooshed towards Man Man and soon merged with Man Man's body.

Man Man conveniently closed her eyes, sat down and crossed her legs.

She hadn't yet found out what was really going on, but the inherited bloodline power told her that this was a great fortune.

If anyone could see the transformation that was happening inside Man Man's body, he or she would find out that countless tiny, complicated patterns and spell symbols had constantly been emerging from the bone to marrow, from meridians to flesh, in every single drop of blood and every single cell of her.

Those patterns and spell symbols represented Dao of fire, and also represented the deepest, ultimate secrets and mysteriousness of the 'law of fire' in the world. As these patterns and spell symbols emerged ceaselessly, the power vibration released from Man Man's body grew stronger and stronger, and the fire surrounding her body became hotter and hotter.

Ji Hao looked at Man Man in surprise, then nodded in satisfaction. Giving out the nine dragon fire pearl was worth it.

He locked his fingers and slightly swung it, causing the Heaven and Earth great formation to release a splendid stream of star power that covered Man Man entirely up.

"Now, it's Shaosi's turn." murmured Ji Hao, "I have to figure out a way to improve Shaosi's power as well."

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