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Ji Hao had a strong heart.

Why did the five-colored flame in his body become a cauldron? Why did he have a cauldron in his body?

He didn't dig too deep into this. He had a nameless old freak hiding in his spiritual space. Compared to this, how strange a cauldron could be? Therefore, after being shocked slightly, Ji Hao accepted this fact.

The three-legged cauldron was perfectly round in shape. Ji Hao somehow felt that the round shape of this cauldron was similar to the pattern of Taiji, that could rotate forever without stopping.

The round cauldron was crafted in an ancient and simple style and was heavy, glowing faintly. Looking closer, Ji Hao found that the small cauldron was embossed with patterns of flying dragons and phoenixes, Qi Lin chasing after the moon, Luan birds dancing in the air, peacocks, rocs and many other kinds of legendary magical creatures among patterns of rivers and mountains. All those embossments, including mountains, lakes, hills, rivers, even stars in the sky, clouds, lightning, fog and mist, all felt incredibly lifelike.

After the nine dragon fire pearl had been sucked into the cauldron, those patterns of mountains and rivers and magic creatures embossed on the cauldron seemed to come alive.

That was only a small round cauldron, yet, it seemed to contain an actually existing small world with beautiful natural sceneries. Those magical creatures enjoyed their lives in this beautiful world, running, flying, chasing each other for fun. Within the beautiful glow of this world, an indescribably mysterious feeling was generated.

Thin streams of essence sun fire spurted out from the mouths of those embossed magic creatures, slightly touched the sun power contained in Ji Hao's body, then merged perfectly into one. Ji Hao's spirit star power boosted up speedily, the surging, boiling hot power burned his meridians and Magus Acupoints, melting the intervals between his meridians and Magus Acupoints quickly.

To a Magus King, the key to breaking into Divine-Magus-level was thoroughly melting all meridians and Magus Acupoints, turning the inner space of his or her body into a vast void. The better the body condition was, the stronger the meridians and Magus Acupoints would be, and vaster the void inside a Magus King's body could be. Consequently, more spirit star power could be contained in a Magus King's body, and thus allowing the Magus King to be stronger after breaking into the level of Divine Magi.

As essence sun fire constantly surged out from the round cauldron, Ji Hao's spirit star power rose speedily. The golden sun power was like a rising tide, flushing Ji Hao's meridians and Magus Acupoints wave after wave. Blood-red light spots spread out from his meridians and Magus Acupoints while his meridians and Magus Acupoints began expanding gradually, as if a void was forming inside his body.

Meanwhile, a slight, extremely thin stream of Chaos power, that was tens of thousands of times thinner than the essence sun fire, came out from the round cauldron. Ji Hao's body was like a desert which had been dry for thousands of years but suddenly had a heavy rain. His body greedily absorbed that extremely thin stream of Chaos power. With only a slightly little bit of that Chaos power merging with his body, Ji Hao felt that his entire body became burning hot, and that his life-force was never stronger than this moment. His body condition was improved dramatically like a wild horse.

He fully absorbed that thin stream of Chaos power, and somehow sensed that a great strength was added to his body, which at least equaled to a peak-level Magus King's full strength.

"This is?" Ji Hao was a bit confused but shocked. What was that thin stream of Chaos power? Why would that be so effective?

The nine dragon fire pearl was burning in the round cauldron, and that so-called creative natural power hadn't been extracted out yet. Essence sun fire was still constantly surging out from the mouths of all those embossed magic creatures on the cauldron, continuously merging with Ji Hao's spirit star power.

In around a quarter of an hour, another extremely thin stream of Chaos power was released. The power stream looked gray and misty, completely lusterless. Yet, it seemed to contain all colors in the world. Ji Hao couldn't tell its nature for sure, but it seemed to have all natures in the world.

This thin stream of Chaos power was again absorbed greedily by Ji Hao's body. Ji Hao felt his entire body was blazing, sweat pouring down from his body like rain. His body condition was improved once again, the extent of this improvement being even hundred times greater than the improvement he sensed back when he was a child and for the first time swallowed a great amount of beast meat with the power of Bu Tian Bu Lou magic spell.

"Anything useless to you, you can just throw it into this cauldron, and it will benefit you." The mysterious man's voice came from Ji Hao's spiritual space, "If you have the time and convenience, don't forget to throw a few mountains in it every a couple of days. Everything in this world, tangible or not, can be refined by this cauldron, and the outcome will be good for you."

Ji Hao remained silent. The mysterious man's words sounded a bit terrifying.

Throw a few mountains in if he has the time and convenience? Ji Hao squeezed a grin out of his face and asked, "Then if I became powerful enough, would I be able to throw a few stars in it?"

"Hehe," laughed the mysterious man and said, "As long as you are powerful enough to move stars, you can throw all stars in the world in it. It will refine them all, and the outcome will be even more beneficial to you! Hm, check this out!"

The mysterious man suddenly showed his figure, stood up from that gray and misty round platform and held his arms up as if he was holding a large ball. Then, his body began rotating slowly as his ten fingers locked up into a strange, ancient style motion. This hand motion seemed to be simple, but with Chaos power streams moving around in between his fingers, everything seemed to be contained in it. Even the nine spell symbols of Ji Hao's nine secret words were contained in it.

From this single hand motion, Ji Hao somehow saw all hand motions and spell symbols he had ever learned. The spell symbols of his Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words, all kinds of hand motions he learned from Yu Yu, even those tool-crafting hand motions created by Po, were all faintly visible in this hand motion made by the mysterious man right now.

"This move is called 'everything grows'. Every time the Chaos power is released by this cauldron, don't forget to make this move. This will be greatly beneficial for you in the future." The mysterious man maintained this gesture for a while to let Ji Hao memorize it, then conveniently threw out a grey-colored piece of material.

"This is a piece of pre-world original natural soil extracted from the Chaos. You try 'Everything Grow' now." The mysterious man's figure gradually faded away while that enormous, mountain-like original natural soil had already been swallowed by the cauldron along with a stream of glow. Meanwhile, the mysterious man said, "I don't have too many things left with me. In the future, you have to bring in materials by yourself."

Ji Hao's heart drummed. Till present, the mysterious man had taught him three moves in total — Sky-Opening, Earth-Splitting, and Everything Grows.

Sky-splitting exerted the technique to an extreme degree, while Earth-Splitting could boost the physical strength up to the upper limit. Then what could Everything Grows do?

Before Ji Hao could guess the magical effect of Everything Grows, an arm-thick stream of Chaos power was released from the mouth of the largest embossed flying dragon in the cauldron after the cauldron swallowed the pre-world original natural soil. Meanwhile, followed by a loud puffing noise, the Chaos power was absorbed by Ji Hao's body.

Ji Hao dared not to waste any time. Instead, he hurriedly made the gesture of Everything Grows and locked his fingers together into that strange motion.

Instantly, a raging fire started from Ji Hao's body, and a terrifyingly great life-force burst out. Ji Hao's meridians and Magus Acupoints suddenly started expanding rapidly like germinating seeds.

The meridians became thinner and wider, while the Magus Acupoints grew larger and broader, and intervals between his medians and Magus Acupoints turned thicker and thicker, tougher and tougher. At the same time, Ji Hao sensed that his new bloodline, generated after his spirit blood combined with the dragon spirit blood and phoenix spirit blood, was agitated as well. The Chaos power was ceaselessly absorbed by his spirit blood, and Ji Hao's physical strength was rising at an incredibly high rate, while his power was growing amazingly fast.

Inexhaustible essence sun fire ejected out from the round cauldron and turned into new spirit star power in Ji hao's body, continuously and quickly filling his expanding meridians and Magus Acupoints.

"Everything Grows?" Sensing the stunningly strong life-force coming from inside his body, Ji Hao murmured.

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