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Man Man was the descendant of a God.

Back in the prehistorical era, the most original, first generation of God only had spirits, without human bodies. Back then, Gods could be a sphere of light condensed from the corresponding natural power, or a tree, a mountain, a river…

Time flew, and the natural law became clearer and clearer from a chaotic state. Natural power stabilized, and the God-kind started to have fleshy bodies. They then began building families and clans like the humankind, slowly becoming what they are today.

Descendants of Gods and descendants of human beings shared the same body structure. The only difference between them was that, to the God-king, the physical body and soul were a unity; if the body of a God were harmed, his or her soul would be harmed as well. If the body were destroyed, the soul would perish along with it.

The cultivation of the God-kind was different from the cultivation of the humankind as well. For the humankind, they firstly needed to strengthen their bodies and purify their spirit blood, gradually growing powers inside them. On the other hand, descendants of Gods were born with divine powers contained in their bodies, and once their divine powers were strengthened, their bodies would grow more powerful.

If one took Man Man as an example, strengthening her was not too difficult. Ji Hao only needed to constantly replenish natural essence power that had a nature of fire into her body to strengthen the origination of her divine power. By doing that, he would be able to make Man Man grow stronger and stronger.

In other words, cultivating a descendant of God was similar to raising a pig; the more it ate, the fatter it would grow and the stronger it would become.

Ji Hao told his people to take out all magic herbs from the storage that had a nature of fire, then threw all those herbs into the magic-pill-concocting calabash brought by Xuan Du. He then fully activated the Heaven and Earth great formation, under the effect of which, all fire star powers poured down from the sky like a tsunami. A small part of the fire star power coming from the sky was absorbed by Mr. Crow, while the rest surged into the calabash.

The Heaven and Earth great formation absorbed all kinds of natural powers from underground earth meridians, but only the power with a nature of fire transformed into a huge fire column. It roared up into the air and surged into the calabash along with the glowing red fire star power stream.

The purple-golden magic-pill-concocting calabash floated upon the platform beside the purple lake which usually served as a venue for lectures. As the star power and earth power roared in, countless complicated patterns and spell symbols on the surface of the calabash began sparkling quickly. Meanwhile, the mountain-huge pile of magic herbs with a nature of fire melted into a liquid in the calabash and quickly merged with the fire star power and earth power, transforming into a semisolid glowing piece that looked like a crystal.

Buzz! A strange pattern emerged on the surface of the calabash, following which, countless cyan-colored lotus leaves in the lake shook along with the wind, sending all those silver dew drops up into the air, flying into the calabash like a rain of shooting stars.

This calabash was incredibly magical; it could sense the surrounding environment and automatically take all kinds of available beneficial materials and add them into the pills. Surely, pills concocted by it could be immeasurably effective and with all kinds of magical effects.

Ji Hao meditated on the platform and silently activated his primordial spirit. After waiting for nine days and nights, a series of buzzing noise came from the calabash. Following that, a crimson stream of mist ejected out from the opening of the calabash.

The crimson stream of mist puffed up for nearly a hundred meters, then gradually spread out and turned into a crimson mushroom cloud that enveloped the entire platform. Faintly, a dragon silhouette and a tiger silhouette flashed across the air beside the crimson mushroom cloud and soon disappeared.

Ji Hao leaped up and grabbed the calabash to look into it.

The final outcome of that mountain-huge pile of magic herbs and immeasurably great fire star power and earth power, added with over a hundred thousand silver dew drops that came from the lotus leaves in the lake were three-thousand and six-hundred thumb-sized, red magic pills.

These red magic pills were rolling quickly inside the calabash, bumping into each other like living creatures, constantly letting out silvery clinks. All pills were fire-red but crystal-clear, and in the core of each pill was a flame-shaped spell symbol, faintly visible and seeming to be very magical.

"Man Man! Man Man!"

Ji Hao poured all pills into a bottle made from warm jade, then hurriedly found Man Man, who was wrestling with a fire flood dragon. He took out a pill, put it near Man Man's mouth, said, "This is a pill I made for you. Try it and see what will happen."

"Eh? Ji Hao? Do you know how to make magical medicine?" Man Man kicked that poor flood dragon directly out to hundreds of meters away, grabbed that burning-hot pill and closely looked at it. That pill was smaller than a thumb, but weighted over ten-thousand kilograms and was hard as a diamond. Furthermore, it was extremely hot and could even melt gold and iron.

"So heavy? So hard? Can I even eat it?" Man Man looked at Ji Hao in shock, but still, without any hesitation swallowed the pill right away.

Once she swallowed the pill, she felt that the pill drilled into her body like a stream of flame. Instantly, a raging fire burst from Man Man's stomach. Man Man's face turned burning red while streams of flame puffed out of her body. Ji Hao could clearly sense that Man Man's power was improving bit by bit, constantly improving.

Because of those dew drops that came from those cyan lotus leaves, this pill was strong and incomparably effective, and also could replenish spirit blood.

The violent drug power ceaselessly struck inside Man Man's body and merged with her. Meanwhile, the essence natural energy contained in those silver dew drops was healing the injuries of Man Man's body which were caused by the violent drug power. In addition of that, the power contained in those silver dew drops had been purifying Man Man's spirit blood and improving her body condition.

Sweat poured down from Man Man's body like heavy rain. She abruptly opened her mouth and let out a fierce stream of fire to a hundred meter away. Wherever that flame swept across, the accumulated snow was evaporated and turned into hot steam, puffing up into the sky.

"Good pill!" Man Man happily looked at Ji Hao, reached out her little hand, grinned and said, "Give me more… it seems to be powerful. I want to take more of these so that when I go fight those monsters, I can smash them till they are crying."

Ji Hao took a complicated glance at Man Man. 'Does this little girl know too that the life-and-death game won't be easy?' thought Ji Hao.

In fact, Man Man, this little girl who seemed to be careless about everything, knew lots of things clearly.

Putting the whole bottle of pills in Man Man's hand, Ji Hao then said in a deep voice, "Good, we still have a whole year. Here are three-thousand and six-hundred pills. You will take ten each day and add with your daily cultivation…We will win!"

Man Man gave a big grin, her large and sparkling pair of eyes even turning into a pair of lovely crescents.

In Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man abruptly showed up and said, "Ji Hao, if you're generous enough, there's one thing you have that can improve this little girl's power even more rapidly. It will be greatly beneficial for her to break into higher levels."

Ji Hao paused briefly and hurriedly asked, "What is it?"

The mysterious man said in a deep voice, "The nine dragon fire pearl. That was a natural-crafted holy weapon that contained the creative natural power. You can simply swallow it, then I can lend you a hand to extract the creative natural power contained in it. If you let the little girl swallow that extracted creative natural power, she would have a chance to reach the level of Divine Magus in half a year."

Ji Hao glanced at Man Man, randomly found an excuse and walked right away. While walking, he swallowed the nine dragon fire pearl.

In Ji Hao's lower abdomen, the nine five-colored flame had already merged into one. A human-head sized five-colored flame constantly sparkled, giving an indescribably mysterious feeling.

After he swallowed the nine dragon fire pearl, the mysterious man suddenly burst with a deep growl. Following that, the five-colored flame sparkled brighter, and at last, the flame condensed into a hazy three-legged cauldron. The lid of the round-shaped three-legged cauldron quietly opened and directly swallowed the fire pearl in.

"A cauldron? Why is there a cauldron in my body?" Ji Hao confusingly yelled in his spiritual space.

The mysterious man didn't respond. Then, his figure faded away without leaving any trace, as abrupt as he showed up.

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