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The atmosphere in Earl Yao's mansion was a bit weird.

The Heaven and Earth great formation dispelled all clouds above the area, letting the starlight in the area with a radius of tens of miles pour down, splendidly lighting up the entire space. Outside the mansion, every corner of the city was covered in heavy snow. Large flakes of snow drifted down, making the mansion and the rest part of the city seem like two different worlds.

Yu Mu and Feng Xing stood on a roof, silently listening to the heavy gasp let out by Taisi.

"The drug is quite effective!" Yu Mu fiddled with a crystal pink pill and said. Meanwhile, he seemed to be shocked badly as he continued, "Taisi is…so poor. He has to make that many babies within a year… He won't die for that, will he?"

Feng Xing enviously looked at a well-illuminated house and said, "He's a Magus King now. He has strong life-force and spirit blood, how can he die so easily?" Clicking his tongue, Feng Xing continued, "So many girls, pretty young girls… the most beautiful girls in the whole Yao Mountain territory were selected out for him!"

"Are you envious? Do you want to have some children? Pass your bloodline down?" Yu Mu abruptly changed the topic. He turned around, looked at Feng Xing and said, "This time, we might all die."

Feng Xing remained silent for a while, then crossed his arms before his chest, snorted coldly and said a bit sadly, "Doesn't matter. My bloodline…I still have many clansmen who have the same bloodline as I do…A bloodline like this, it's doesn't matter if it can be passed down or not…Before I take revenge for my parents, I won't consider having children."

Pausing for a second, Feng Xing looked at Yu Mu and said, "Bloody fatso, what about you? Don't you think about it?"

Yu Mu put the pink pill back into this sleeve and took out a few silver dew drops collected from the purple lake in the backyard. He flexibly flicked them with his fingers for a while, then threw the few silver dew drops into his mouth and swallowed as if those were sugar pills.

"Hm, hehe… I can certainly come back alive!" Yu Mu raised his head and quietly looked at the sky. After quite a while, he said slowly in a muffled voice, "Eh, before I know for sure that she is dead, I won't touch any other woman, not even a hair. As a man, you know, I have to keep my promise."

"Is she pretty?" asked Feng Xing. Feng Xing became Yu Mu's partner when they were children, and had lived a vagrant life in the vast Midland grassland for many years. He clearly knew about the girl living in Yu Mu's heart.

"Eh, we were kids back then. How would I know whether she's pretty or not?" Yu Mu shrugged. Then, his chubby body nimbly leaped up like a flying pig and landed near another house with a courtyard miles away while saying, "But…I'm a man. I should keep my promise. I said that I will marry nobody but her."

Ji Hao was silently squatting on the roof of a hall miles away. Like an owl, he narrowed his eyes, looking at Yu Mu and Feng Xing, who were probably the best partners for each other in the whole world.

"I'm a man, so I will keep my promise. I will certainly bring all of you back alive!" Ji Hao patted on Mr. Crow, who was standing on his shoulder, smiled gently and said, "Mr. Crow, things are going to be tough for you in these couple of days. We have to come back alive!"

Mr. Crow raised his head, gave a loud caw, then slightly knocked Ji Hao's head with his beak.

Ji Hao leaped up into the air, raising a thin beam of fiery light. Within the blink of an eye, he reached the top of Yao Mountain. Silently looking at the nine ancient Gold Crows for a while, Ji Hao then swung his arm. Followed by his move, the necks of all nine ancient Gold Crows were sliced open, and a large amount of transparent, golden, blazing and melted-glass-like Gold Crow blood surged out from their wounds.

"Mr. Crow, go!" Ji Hao grabbed Mr. Crow and threw him right out towards the surging streams of Gold Crow blood.

That was genuine Gold Crow blood. Ji Hao had not only squeezed spirit blood out from those ancient Gold Crows' bodies but also forced a big part of their marrow and the strong life-force of them to come out. The sticky Gold Crow spirit blood floated in the air and gathered into a blood sphere that had the diameter of over nine kilometers.

Mr. Crow soaked in this burning sphere of blood. His golden-red feathers were burned into puffs of drifting ash, and his skin was burned broken by the terrifying heat released from the Gold Crow blood, only leaving his featherless body that was blistering and bleeding constantly.

Ji Hao growled loudly, "Mr. Crow, hang on! You will certainly become a powerful three-legged Gold Crow! More powerful than these nine big guys! Becoming a powerful one or a lame one, it all depends on if you can get through this!"

Ji Hao then pointed his finger forward. The Heaven and Earth great formation was instantly activated. All the other star powers were blocked away, only leaving the star power with a nature of fire, pouring down like red, glowing tidewater. It combined into a water-tank-sized red star power stream, surging straight into Mr. Crow's body.

Ji Hao was slightly changing the order of nature, letting Mr. Crow absorb the spirit blood of the first generation of Gold Crow in the world to thoroughly remold himself and transform it into a genuine three-legged Gold Crow. Mr. Crow would become a Gold Crow with the most original bloodline, but this transformation would consume an enormously great amount of energy. The star power of a nature of fire was replenishing energy for Mr. Crow.

Mr. Crow screamed hoarsely in pain. His skin and muscle split up constantly, being healed over and over again by its strong life-force, and under the effect of that replenishing star power.

His bloodline was about to transform into Gold Crow bloodline, but that bloodline would be much thinner and weaker than the bloodline of the first generation of Gold Crows. The Gold Crow blood surrounding Mr. Crow sensed the bloodline power contained in Mr. Crow's body and started to ceaselessly surge into his body, quickly seeping into his blood veins, bones, marrow, meridians, internal organs, muscles, skin, eyes, and brain.

The power vibration released from Mr. Crow's body rose speedily. His body condition, the fire power contained in his body, the purity and power of his bloodline, they were all rising speedily. A faint golden sphere of light emerged from his chest, within which, a sharp crow claw was slowly growing out.

"Hang on! Mr. Crow, get through this and you will become the ancestor of all crows in this world. At that time, we can get you millions of female crows. You like chubby ones, we can get you chubby ones, you want slim ones, we will get you slim ones… You can date with black crows, white crows, red crows, green crows… whatever you want!" Ji Hao sensed the overwhelming pain that Mr. Crow was suffering. He hurriedly yelled out to stimulate Mr. Crow's willpower and to give him more reasons to live.

Mr. Crow threw an unpleasant glance at Ji Hao — Black crows and white crows were fine, but red crows and green crows? Did those even exist?

Gasping deeply, he continued to devour the Gold Crow blood surrounding him. As the ancient Gold Crow spirit blood was absorbed by his body, countless memory pieces of cultivation, lives, and fights of those ancient Gold Crows flashed across his eyes. While sensing those memory pieces, he naturally began activating that great fire power contained in his body that was growing more and more powerful.

Gradually, golden feathers grew out from Mr. Crow's skin. His body grew bigger and bigger, and his power vibration became stronger and stronger. From his beaks and nostrils, dazzling golden-red flame streams puffed out constantly.

The crow claw in his chest had grown out as well. All three claws of his were wrapped in raging fires. Occasionally, he would move his claws and which would bump against each other, generating a loud, ear-piercing metal-clashing noise

A flame-red cocoon wrapped Mr. Crow up, and the Gold Crow spirit blood sphere floating in the air began rotating swiftly around the red cocoon.

Ji Hao nodded and said in a deep voice, "Next one, Man Man."

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