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Nine days later, Ji Hao transformed into an extremely thin beam of golden light, flashing across the sky.

He reached to five-hundred-thousand kilometers high from the ground and could move a hundred thousand miles within the blink of an eye. He didn't fully activate his power, but his moving speed was already more than ten times faster than his earlier moving speed when he had his fiery wings activated.

Besides, Ji Hao couldn't activate his fiery wings anymore. The Gold Crow bloodline contained in his body had been burned out thoroughly by the essence sun fire, and by now, Ji Hao was a completely pure-blood human being. Not even the thinnest, last little bit of Gold Crow bloodline remained in his body.

The magic he was casting now was called 'Flowing sunlight flying magic.' He created this magic himself when he made the breakthrough. His body had transformed into a sphere of fiery light, in a vague state that was in between the state of pure light and tangible human body. With a single thought, he could fly to tens of thousands of miles away. His moving speed was astonishing fast, but his flying was completely silent.

The sun shone on the entire world, but did that sunlight ever make any sound when it dazzled across the world? This flying magic created by Ji Hao was the same; it was incredibly fast, yet wouldn't make even the slightest noise. When he flashed across the sky, only a thin golden beam of light could be seen, and within a twinkling of an eye, he would fly far, far away.

Flying as fast as he liked for around a quarter of an hour, Ji Hao abruptly stopped.

This flying magic allowed him to fly surprisingly fast, but also allowed him to stay perfectly still. The flying speed of his was indeed amazing and completely traceless, yet it was extremely easy to control. The conversion between motion and static was natural without any difficulty. Ji Hao sensed the great sun power surrounding him, and couldn't help but laugh out loudly.

He looked into the inside of his body with his primordial spirit power. With the sun power, Ji Hao saw that on the edge of his primordial spirit, which was now faint golden in color, nine water-clear streams of Yu Yu's Qi of Dao had been quickly and flexibly rotating and hovering like fishes swimming in the water. Clearly, his cultivation had improved to another level.

Among the nine streams of Qi of Dao was an enormous seed of Dao, that seemed to contain such mysteriousness, and was only faintly visible. Every time the seed of Dao turn faintly visible, thin streams of Dao of the sun would merge with the nine streams of Qi of Dao, and afterward, Ji Hao's cultivation would be improved by a little bit.

Looking carefully, Ji Hao's body was now suffused by a mist-like, purely golden sun power. That power had been rotating and was a unity, no longer separated by Magus Acupoints like before.

The Sun power contained inexhaustible warmth, and as it rotated, meridians and Magus Acupoints contained in Ji Hao's body had been changing strangely. His meridians, Magus Acupoints and other 'paths' inside his body that could allow power streams to flow through had been slowly 'melting' within the sun power. When all meridians and Magus Acupoints inside Ji Hao's body disappeared, and the inner space of his body became a boundless void, that would be the time for him to break into the level of Divine Magus.

What surprised Ji Hao was that the inner surfaces of his body were all thickly covered with golden patterns. These patterns could be seen even on the finest cells of his body. These patterns came from the essence sun power that contained the great Dao of the sun.

He had already accomplished the first turn of the Mysterious Cultivating-Method with Nine Turns. As a benefit brought to Ji Hao by the first turn, his physical strength grew hundred percent greater than before, along with the explosive force he could generate, his agility, pliability and defensive power.

Apart from all these, Ji Hao's body had been through some kind of magical transformation when he broke into the level of Magus King, and his power was turned into sun power. Neither did Yu Yu nor the scriptures he read in Magi Palace mention this kind of a transformation.

When Ji Hao was younger, he made a trade with the mysterious man with his Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words. Back then, the mysterious man gave him two drops of spirit blood that came from a dragon and a phoenix. The two drops of spirit blood merged with Ji Hao's body but only slightly improved his physical strength and purified his soul. However, the moment he broke into the level of Magus King and a great amount of essence sun fire surged into his body, Ji Hao suddenly felt the dragon spirit blood and phoenix spirit blood in his body speedily rise and grow with the help of the magical creative and nourishing power contained in the essence sun fire. At last, the two drops of blood managed to expand and strengthen to the equal extent as his own spirit blood.

After that, spirit blood from a dragon and a phoenix mixed together with Ji Hao's own spirit blood and became a new bloodline. Ji Hao could not tell for sure about what it exactly was.

Ji Hao's physical body became extraordinarily, even unreasonably tough and powerful, while his primordial spirit, which had shrunk quite a lot in size after being purified by the essence sun fire, had become especially powerful and clear. By now, his primordial spirit looked just like a statue made from colored glaze and was nearly tangible.

In terms of physical strength, Ji Hao had taken countless precious herbs, powerful medicines, swallowed countless meat of fierce beasts, and with the help of those multicolored-flames in his lower abdomen, Ji Hao's physical strength was as great as an ordinary Magus King's physical strength when he was still a Senior Magus.

According to Ji Hao's estimation based on the comparison between himself and the other Magus Kings and Divine Magi he knew, after he became a Magus King, his physical strength could be as great as the physical strength of some peak-level Magus Kings from those large clans. But in fact, after the unexpected expansion of the dragon and phoenix spirit blood and the perfect Integration of the dragon and phoenix spirit blood and Ji Hao's own spirit blood, Ji Hao's physical strength now should have reached to the level of ordinary two-star Divine Magi!

Moreover, he had accomplished the first turn of the Mysterious Cultivating-Method with Nine Turns. This allowed the explosive force he could generate, his agility, pliability, defensive power and his physical strength to rise by a hundred percent. This made Ji Hao's body as tough and strong as the bodies of ordinarily three-star Divine Magi!

"Old man, how did this happen?" Ji Hao floated in the air, pondered for a while, then finally threw out the question in his spirit space.

Staying silent for a long while, the mysterious man's impatient, mumbling voice came from his spirit space, "It's a good thing anyway, why do you have so many questions? All in all, just like when you woke up all your meridians and Magus Acupoints back then, don't mention this to anybody, not even your Shifu!"

"Your Shifu is indeed a reliable man, but the two brothers of his…If you don't want to be sneakily captured by them, if you don't want them to peel you, pull out your tendons, drain your spirit blood and turn you into magic pills, do not mention this to anyone… never, ever mention it to anyone! Not even a single word about this!" The mysterious man warned Ji Hao seriously, "Even though you're under my protection and not even they can see through your true body condition, you still can never tell this to anyone. If you do tell anybody…an unknown disaster would come to you!"

"Can I know why?" Ji Hao only felt that a bone-deep coldness surge up from his heart, subconsciously as he asked further.

Remaining silent again for a long while, the mysterious man responded with a bland tone, "Nothing too big. The dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and humankind were one unity. Someday, the bloodline split and derived into three different kinds. The dragon-kind attained the great physical strength, the phoenix-kind attained the soul power, and the humankind attained wisdom and the great reproductive ability."

"Now, you have done no more than trace to the beginning and attain the most original trace of the bloodline. This is not a big deal in fact. But after all, it won't do you any good if you let the others know." said the mysterious man in a low voice, "Not only this, even for those things in your lower abdomen, don't mention anything about them to anyone either."

The mysterious man stopped talking, while Ji Hao stayed in shock for quite a while. He then quickly reached his spiritual power to his lower abdomen.

In his lower abdomen, the number of those five-colored flames had grown to nine, and by now, these nine flames had been flipping and merging quickly. Ji Hao somehow felt that this change happened only because these flames had absorbed enough amount of essence sun fire.

Something seemed to be hiding inside these nine-colored flames. It was nothing else but this magical thing that allowed Ji Hao to limitlessly absorb energies, life forces, and powers contained in the beast meat, magical medicines and all kinds of precious and rare herbs that he had swallowed, and to improve his body condition and physical strength.

That so-called Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell, which was given to Ji Hao by the mysterious man, seemed to be a disguise now. That spell didn't have any actual effect; what was effective was nothing else but this nine-colored flame itself.

While Ji Hao was wondering, Zhu Rong Long's voice suddenly came from the front.

"Earl Yao, we found a big thing, and we brought it over! You have to be careful, don't let this animal hurt you!"

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