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Ha Tao's look suddenly changed. He was the anchorage of protecting the law of the humankind, but Wuzhi Qi neglected Emperor Shun's order and attempted to attack Ji Hao right in the Town Hall. In an easy way, he disrespected the human emperor, and in a serious way, Wuzhi Qi was violating the law of the entire humankind.

"How dare you?!" A purely black, square-shaped stamper appeared on Hao Tao's hands. Meanwhile, a fierce stream of power descended from the air and transformed into visible black chains, swishing towards Wuzhi Qi.

Wuzhi Qi let out high-pitched, ear-piercing howls, but still disregarded Hao Tao and continued to slap towards Ji Hao. With his current power, despite the fact that Ji Hao had achieved a great improvement, he could still tear Ji Hao into pieces with his sharp claws.

"How dare you!" Si Wen Ming growled out in rage. Hao Tao had made his move, but it was already too late to stop Wuzhi Qi. After all, this old watery monster moved way too fast. Ji Xia was still stepping back because of the effect caused by the punch just now, so he could not manage to save Ji Hao. Therefore, at the moment, only Si Wen Ming was standing by Ji Hao and was able to launch a move.

Followed by a deep sword scream, the heavy sword carried on Si Wen Ming's back was pulled out, releasing a hazy yellow sword light. Si Wen Ming hacked straight down towards Wuzhi Qi's wrist.

"Si Wen Ming, you kid, just piss off!" Wuzhi Qi scornfully glanced at Si Wen Ming and yelled, while heavily flicking the longsword held in Si Wen Ming's hands with a finger. Along with a loud and clear 'clang,' Si Wen Ming's long sword was shattered into thousands of bits, and Si Wen Ming was sent flying away backward while intensively vomiting blood.

Wuzhi Qi's right palm continued swooshing towards Ji Hao's head, just like a great mountain.

The strong pressure made Ji Hao feel hard to breathe, but suddenly, he calmed down and injected the whole stream of Yu Yu's Qi of Dao into the immemorial sun streamer. He gripped the six-foot long streamer with both of his hands, while raging flames roared inside the streamer, seeming ready to surge out.

"Bodacious Wuzhi Qi!" A sky-shaking roar suddenly came from outside the Town Hall, "That is my son-in-law, don't you dare do anything to him!"

A dazzling sphere of fiery light swiftly teleported into the hall from the outside, blasting in and reaching by Ji Hao's side in a flash. From the fiery light, Zhu Rong dashed out with a splendidly glowing long spear held in his hand, raising a deep yet resonating dragon roar, fiercely piercing towards Wuzhi Qi's right palm.

Wuzhi Qi was startled, hurriedly taking his palm back. Si Wen Ming was only a peak-level Magus King, and he could completely neglect him and flick him away with a single finger. But Zhu Rong was way more powerful than Wuzhi Qi. How could he ever dare to take this attack launched by Zhu Rong directly?

Swiftly withdrawing his hand, Wuzhi Qi then took a series of quick steps backward. The black chains let out by Hao Tao tightly coiled around Wuzhi Qi's body like countless serpents, giving a great pressure that suddenly froze Wuzhi Qi's moves. Ji Hao took a deep breath, then fiercely waved the immemorial sun streamer.

Dense essence sun fire emerged from the air and momentarily wrapped Wuzhi Qi up.

With only a shrill howl, Wuzhi Qi's fur was burned into puffs of smoke. The immemorial sun streamer was extremely powerful. That pure and dense stream of essence sun fire drilled into Wuzhi Qi's body through his pores and soon, his skin was burned off.

"You little bastard!" Wuzhi Qi howled hoarsely in pain. His life-force was incredibly strong, such that his skin that was burned off speedily grew back in the span of a single breath, and then burned off again. This went over and over again, and that overwhelming pain almost drove Wuzhi Qi crazy.

"Enough! Stop, all of you!" Emperor Shun coughed loudly and said, "Earl Yao, just stop. Do you really want to burn him to death?"

Ji Hao gripped the sun streamer and hesitated for a while. 'Burn Whuzhi Qi to death? This 'suggestion' sounds truly attractive!'

Should he just stop as Emperor Shun ordered, or burn Wuzhi Qi directly to death as Emperor Shun 'suggested'?

Si Wen Ming walked over with big steps while coughing blood out, heavily patted on Ji Hao's shoulder and said, "Stop!"

Taking a deep breath, Ji Hao waved the sun streamer again. Huge streams of golden fiery streams roared back into the streamer like raging dragons, while the fire that had Wuzhi Qi wrapped up dissipated. Wuzhi Qi gave a loud wail and fell on the ground.

Gasping loudly and heavily, Wuzhi Qi stood up with a twisted face. His entire body was burned, and even bones exposed in many areas. He nodded and sneered towards Ji Hao, and said, "Good, good, good, Earl Yao, Ji Hao, I remember you! You shall expect for something nice!"

Ji Hao looked at Wuzhi Qi, as a strong intent of killing instantly rose from his heart. He responded with a cold voice, "Alright, I'll be expecting you!"

Ji Hao hated Wuzhi Qi to a certain degree. Wuzhi Qi colluded with Polo Si and attempted to assassinate him on his journey to Pu Ban city, which was actually not a big deal. But Wuzhi Qi had actually deployed Huai Water army and sent River Earl Jade Dragon to raise a flood and attack his territory.

If he wasn't willing to spend that much to hire divine gods and build the Heaven and Earth great formation to shelter his entire territory, the great flood raised by River Earl Jade Dragon was powerful enough to kill all those more than a hundred million people living in his territory. If Yao Mountain City didn't have such a strong defensive power, the thirty-six Divine Magi sent by Wuzhi Qi might break into the city, and it was not hard to imagine what would happen to Shaosi, Taisi, Yu Mu and Feng Xing after that.

Not to mention those disciples in his dojo and Magi Palace apprentices he had taken in Yao Mountain are, during these couple of years, Ji Hao had spent quite an effort on cultivating those children. Those children were the elite talents selected from over a hundred million people, they were the future of the Yao Mountain area!

By now, the hatred between Ji Hao and Wuzhi Qi could no longer be neutralized.

Ji Hao had made up his mind that after this ten-year meeting with Emperor Shun, he had to find a way to kill Wuzhi Qi for good, even with all kinds of shameless and ignoble means.

A cold gust of wind came along with a faint wave sound. That was Gong Gong Wuyou and tens of his subordinates with long black robes bursting into the Town Hall.

"Emperor Shun, I heard that someone is slaughtering my Gong Gong family's people? Wuzhi Qi, who did this to you? Who on earth has the guts to do this?! Don't worry, I will certainly make him pay!" Gong Gong Wuyou yelled out in rage once he walked into the Town Hall.

"Little guy, you have no right to talk here!" Zhu Rong's body fluttered slightly while he looked at Gong Gong Wuyou and said coldly, "What, are you trying to cover up for Wuzhi Qi and take advantage of your family's power and bully the others?"

Gong Gong Wuyou proudly raised his head, looked at Zhu Rong's slightly fluttered body, sneered and said, "Great Libation, since you have already returned to Southern Wasteland, you shall just leave without any worries. Who are you trying to scare by leaving a clone of yourself in here?"

A hoarse and old voice came from outside the Town Hall, "A clone of Great Libation cannot frighten you, then what about me, as an old man? Ji Hao is my little disciple's man, who dares to bully him? Are you trying to provoke my Candle Dragon Clan?"

Candle Dragon Gui slowly walked in. He was holding a magic staff with poisonous snakes coiled on it and was surrounded by tens of Maguspriests with black robes and masks. While walking, he was coughing slightly and saying, "This old man is still breathing… hehe, the little guy from Gong Gong family, you're not yet powerful enough to bully our Candle Dragon Clan people. It would be about right if your Abba came by himself."

Gong Gong Wuyou instantly shut his mouth, quietly found his seat and sat down.

He dared to yell at Zhu Rong because Gong Gong family and Zhu Rong family had been hating each other for centuries, and everybody knew that. However, about Candle Dragon Gui, no one knew how many years he had lived. And such an old man, Gong Gong Wuyou indeed dared not to offend. If Gong Gong Wuyou truly turned such a powerful one into an enemy of the Gong Gong family, his father, Water God, Gong Gong, might strangle Gong Gong Wuyou by himself.

"Let's talk some sense!" Gong Gong looked at Emperor Shun a bit gloomily and said, "Emperor Shun, we have to be reasonable! Things can't be like this. Wuzhi Qi's sons were murdered, but still, someone is bullying him. This can't be right, can it?"

Emperor Shun smiled faintly, slowly nodded and said, "Alright, let's be reasonable. Ji Hao, what reason do you have?"

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