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On their way to the Town Hall, Si Wen Ming seriously asked Ji Hao, "Did you do this with a good reason?"

Ji Hao seriously looked back at Si Wen Ming, said, "I never do things without a good reason."

After hearing Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming's face, that had been tightened all the time, loosened while he let out a long sigh of relief. He then gave a relaxed smile and threw a heavy punch on Ji Hao's chest and said, "It'll be fine as long as you have a good reason. Wuzhi Qi, that old monster can never make a big trouble."

"Uncle Wen Ming, I have awakened all my Magus Acupoints. Becoming a Magus King, how would that work?" asked Ji Hao.

Si Wen Ming looked at Ji Hao in shock and asked, "So quickly?"

But after a short while of pondering, he instantly gave a big grin and continued, "It makes sense. Later, I will tell you in details… locating a spirit star can indeed be a bit difficult. But it can also be easy if you find the right way to do it."

Looking at Ji Hao from up to down, Si Wen Ming then said with a serious look, "To you, it might not be a problem." Afterward, he turned to Ji Xia and asked surprisingly, "But brother Ji Xia, how did you become a Divine Magus so suddenly?"

Ji Xia laughed out loud, then proudly told Si Wen Ming about the fact that Ji Liao had left a tomb that was luckily found by himself, and he inherited Ji Liao's power in the tomb. The power left by Ji Liao required the bloodline of Ji Xia's family to inherit, that meant only Ji Xia and his direct descendants could inherit the powers. As for the others, even if they attained the divine beads, they could never manage to inherit the power contained in them. Therefore, he had nothing to hide from Si Wen Ming.

Si Wen Ming clicked his tongue and called it 'magic' when hearing Ji Xia. He pondered for a while, then gave a heartfelt sigh and said, "General Ji Liao, he was such a famous powerful general under Emperor Xuan Yuan's command. But then he suddenly disappeared… so I guess this was the reason."

Gold Crow Clan, a weak, declining clan, a clan that didn't even have a Magus King. But all of a sudden, some of their clansmen inherited the power that belonged to their ancestors, some even directly reaching the level of Divine Magus. Although the number of Divine Magi and Magus Kings of Gold Crow Clan still seemed to be a bit small compared with those powerful large clans, at least, Gold Crow Clan had already shown a sign of a rise.

Si Wen Ming looked at Ji Hao, and couldn't help but silently wonder whether it was because Gold Crow Clan had gotten its luck back or it was because of Ji Hao, who had such a strong fortune that even benefited the entire Gold Crow Clan?

No one started another topic during the rest of their journey until they arrived at the Town Hall. Even from a great distance away, they heard a shrill howl coming from the Town Hall. Crying meant the voice coming out with tears, while howl meant the voice came out without tears. The howl came out from the Town Hall sounded just like tens of thousands of boars being hunted by hunters. That voice sounded crazy and hysterical, and was extremely unpleasant to hear.

Inside the Town Hall, Emperor Shun sat on the ground with his legs crossed, expressionlessly looking at Wuzhi Qi who was lying on the ground.

Tens of ministers had also been expressionlessly looking at Wuzhi Qi with tightened faces and glowing eyes, watching Wuzhi Chi rolling and howling on the ground.

"Emperor Shun! Will you hold the scales even or not?! Is there still a law in this world?!"

"Emperor Shun! I, Wuzhi Qi, is the one who bullies the others, I always am! When did anyone dare to bully me?!"

"Emperor Shun! Although I have many sons and daughters, only a few of them achieved the level of Divine Magus, and now thirty-six of them were murdered all at once! Thirty-six! This is just like gouging my heart out!"

"Emperor Shun! You are the human emperor, why don't you just do your job?! He is such an extremely vicious bastard, why don't you arrest him and kill him already?!"

"Earl Yao, Ji Hao, he murdered my thirty-six sons. I want his whole family buried with my poor boys! Is he from Gold Crow Clan? I wanna exterminate his whole clan!"

Wuzhi Qi lied on the ground, rolling all the time while his limbs crazily kicking and striking. Occasionally, he would roll to a pillar in the hall and kick on the pillar. An intensive vibration would be caused immediately in the entire hall, and countless spell symbols would emerge on the walls, ceiling, and floor.

If this hall weren't protected by the magic formation, this great hall would have been flattened by Wuzhi Qi long ago.

Emperor Shun remained silent. Hao Tao stood beside Emperor Shun and growled harshly, "Wuzhi Qi, stand up and talk! You claimed that Earl Yao murdered your son. When, where, why?"

Wuzhi Qi showed the whites of his eyes while faint black mist rose from his pair of eyes as he yelled loudly, "Why are you speaking all that nonsense?! My thirty-six sons were murdered by him, and this is the truth. You have to kill him!"

"Ah! I almost forgot!" Wuzhi Qi abruptly raised his head and shouted, "River Earl Jade Dragon was murdered by him as well! Emperor Shun, River Earl Jade Dragon was entitled by Emperor Yao himself, but he was murdered by Ji Hao. Ji Hao was nothing but a small Earl Yao, a little bastard who suddenly got rich. He killed River Earl Jade Dragon!"

Emperor Shun's look suddenly changed. He straightened his body and asked in a cold and harsh tone, "River Earl Jade Dragon was killed by Earl Yao?"

Wuzhi Qi exulted when seeing Emperor's look change. He hurriedly screamed, "That's true! That little bastard was just ruthless. I saw him chopped River Earl Jade Dragon with my own eyes!"

Wuzhi Qi only wanted to accuse Ji Hao and vent his anger, completely forgetting about the fact that River Earl Jade Dragon was killed by Ji Hao in Earl Yao's mansion, and the weapon used for killing River Earl Jade Dragon was Polo Si's spare sword. When did Ji Hao ever chop River Earl Jade Dragon?

"You saw it with your own eyes?" Emperor Shun couldn't help but slap on the ground and growled angrily, "Wuzhi Qi, don't be ridiculous! You said you saw Earl Yao kill River Earl Jade Dragon with your own eyes? And with your temper, you didn't go save him?"

"The defense of his city is way too powerful, I dared not to!" Wuzhi Qi held his head high and looked at Emperor Shun as if this was totally reasonable.

"The defense of his city was too powerful, and you dared not to go save River Earl Jade Dragon?" Emperor Shun, Hao Tao, and all the other ministers were nearly dumbfounded by Wuzhi Qi's words. What the hell?

Wuzhi Qi's face turned dark, then he murmured a series of excuses until he didn't know what to say anymore. Therefore, he simply lied back down on the ground and started rolling and howling again, "Emperor Shun! You have to hold the scales even for me! You are the human emperor. You cannot cover up for that little bastard Ji Hao! He killed my thirty-six sons! I have worked so hard, making children since the era of the heaven emperor. No, I only have…"

Wuzhi Qi opened his mouth but suddenly realized that he couldn't figure out exactly how many children he had. Therefore, the coming words choked in his throat, making his face blush and ended up with him gasping loudly.

Ji Hao walked into the Town Hall behind Si Wen Ming, saw Wuzhi Qi rolling and howling on the ground at first sight.

Hearing the footsteps, Wuzhi Qi instantly raised his head, stared at Ji Hao with a pair of burning eyes. In the next moment, Wuzhi Qi gave a thunderous roar and transformed into a watery stream of light, dashing towards Ji Hao with his fist raised high, seeming to punch Ji Hao on the face.

"Ji Hao, you have to pay for the death of my sons with your life!"

"How dare you attack my boy, die!" Ji Xia roared out and threw a punch at Wuzhi Qi without any hesitation.

Followed by a thunderous bang, Ji Xia's fist boomed against Wuzhi Qi's fist. Wuzhi Qi stayed absolutely still while Ji Xia staggeringly stepped back. Yet, this heavy punch launched by Wuzhi Qi was managed by Ji Xia.

Ji Hao sneered, as a beam of fiery light dazzled from the top of his head while he gripped the immemorial sun streamer, seeming to launch a deadly attack on Wuzhi Qi.

Emperor Shun suddenly gave a ground-shaking growl. "What is this place?! It's not a place for you to do whatever you want! Hao Tao, whoever dares to start a fight, arrest him and punish him with ten-thousand hammer blows!"

Ji Hao paused, yet Wuzhi Qi gave a shrill scream while slapping straight towards Ji Hao's face.

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