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The night was long, and all Gold Crow Clan warriors under Ji Xia's command were drunk.

Beautiful maids held them up from the ground, sending them to their own rooms for some rest. As for Ji Hao, he stood on the platform, which was tidied up already, looking down at the vast lake. The magic formation was shut down, and dark clouds gathered back up in the sky. A fierce wind blew across with large flakes of snow drifting slowly down onto the ground. A thin layer of ice had already appeared on the lake surface, and soon, snow accumulated on the lake, turning it entirely white.

Mr. Crow was drunk as well. He shrunk his body and huddled up on Ji Hao's shoulder while snoring, his body twitching from time to time. Many times, he nearly fell down from Ji Hao's shoulder. The pair of magic snakes was pretty much drunk, and by now, they coiled around Ji Hao's neck, with their own tails held in their mouths, and in a deep sleep. They let out smoke and fire from their mouths while snoring.

In front of Ji Hao, the divine bead that contained Supreme Magus Ji Xin's power was floating in the air. Ji Hao silently looked at this scorching-red bead, which was entirely wrapped in streams of flame and smoke, and inside it, a large star seemed to be blazing ragingly.

It had been through countless years, yet this bead still looked bright and crystalline. Even by simply floating in front of Ji Hao, it made him sense the terrifyingly great power contained in it. The power seemed near the great Dao of fire, that could even burn a hole out of the sky.

Once Ji Hao dripped his spirit blood on this divine bead, it would merge with Ji Hao's body, and the Supreme Magus blood that belonged to one of his direct ancestors would thoroughly remold his body, making his power improve to an unimaginable level within only a few days.

Taking Ji Xia as an example, he has merged with the divine bead that belonged to Master Supreme Magus, Ji Liao. After that, within three days, Ji Xia's body had become as tough as a dragon's body, and his power directly reached to the level of nine-star Divine Magi. However, Ji Xia's fighting experiences were poor, and the experience he had at the level of Divine Magi was zero. If wasn't for this, with his current power, he could rival the tens of Divine Magi who hunted him and his warriors during the daytime alone.

After a Magus stepped into the level of Divine Magi, raising a star could take him or her an extraordinarily long span of time. Even a thousand year of severe cultivation might fail to raise a single star.

Nine-star, with this power, Ji Xia could be counted as a truly powerful one even among all Divine Magi. After all, countless Magi spent their entire lives to cultivate themselves but only reached two or three stars. If Ji Xia could smoothly manipulate his power, he would become a rather powerful man among all Divine Magi in Pu Ban city.

If Ji Hao merged with this divine bead, his power would at least reach seven-star.

Ji Xin was nearly as powerful as Ji Liao and was the most powerful warrior commander under Ji Liao's lead. He was more like Ji Liao's right hand. It was not hard to imagine that how many benefits Ji Hao could gain from this divine bead left by Ji Xin. Even if the power contained in this bead were not as great as the power Ji Xia had attained, it wouldn't be severely less than that.

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man silently showed up. From the divine bead, a stream of flame swooshed up while a slight trace of pure fire power drilled into Ji Hao's mind through the spot between Ji Hao's eyebrows and was gripped by the mysterious man with one hand.

"Stars in the sky are roughly divided into gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, ice and some others, according to their natures. For the man who left this divine bead, his spirit star was named Red Fire. Among all stars with the nature of fire, Red Fire's power ranked around three-thousand." said the mysterious man in a bland tone, "But the sun ranks the first among all stars in the world."

Pinching with his fingers, the stream of flame then dissipated. Then the mysterious man slowly disappeared, not letting out any more sounds.

Ji Hao paused for a second, then abruptly launched out. The mysterious man was right, how could he be confused by a divine bead like this? Since he was born in this magical world and now pursuing the great Dao and an immortal life, he should aim at the top for everything.

Among all stars with the nature of fire, the Red Fire only ranked around three thousand?

Although Ji Hao hadn't yet found out the effects a spirit star would have on a Magus King, Divine Magus or even a Supreme Magus, but since Ji Hao had to choose one as his spirit star, he must choose the most powerful one.

Red Fire only ranked around three thousand among all stars with the nature of fire, not to mention the other stars with different natures. Stars were countless, so what was the rank of Red Fire among all stars? Thirty-thousand? A hundred thousand? Or even lower?

"Ji Xin, my ancestor, forgive me." Ji Hao stroked this divine bead that contained a great power and an amazing opportunity that countless people would kill for. He slightly sighed and said, "You're indeed good, you're indeed powerful… but you're not my Dao."

The light in the divine bead sparkled slightly, and Ji Hao seemed to hear a faint sigh.

"Don't worry, you're our ancestor. I will select the most powerful one from my brothers to inherit your power." Ji Hao gently stroked the divine bead and continued seriously, "If you're not satisfied with those brothers of mine…Amma and Abba can have more kids. Don't worry, it's gonna be alright."

Caw! Mr. Crow opened his eyes, gave a few caws that sounded still pretty drunk, then scratched Ji Hao's ear with his claw.

"Ok, alright, I will find you a few female Fire Crows." Ji Hao helplessly patted Mr. Crow's head and said, "This time Abba and uncles came but didn't bring you a few female Fire Crows, that isn't my fault! Hm, relax, you will have baby crows, you will have plenty of them!"

Mr. Crow gave a few more caws, then satisfyingly closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

After the sun rose, Ji Hao served a basin of water for face-washing to Ji Xia's room himself, then waited aside for Ji Xia's wash and dress. After that, Ji Hao handed Ji Xin's divine bead back into Ji Xia's hands and said, "Abba, save this for my brothers… I have chosen my path."

Ji Xia knitted his brows, confusingly looked at Ji Hao and said, "Kid, this is a treasure given by our ancestor. With it, I can't say for sure that you will become a Supreme Magus…Well, in fact, I still haven't figured out what Supreme Magi actually are…but at least it can make you a powerful Divine Magus!"

"I have chosen my path." said Ji Hao while seriously looking at Ji Xia, "Besides, I'm not afraid of ordinary Divine Magi now."

Proudly raising his head, Ji Hao said, "With the treasures given by my Shifu, those ordinary Divine Magi might even end up dying in my hands if they don't have any special abilities. Therefore, Abba, don't worry about me. This is indeed a treasure, save it for my brothers!"

Ji Xia seriously stared at Ji Hao for a rather long while, then sighed and said, "Alright, save it for your oldest brother! As for those sisters of yours, they can't have it. After all, daughters are deemed to join other families after marriage…Eh, treasures left by our ancestors can only be given to boys!"

A bell rang loudly and clearly, telling Ji Hao that he had a guest who came to visit.

Ji Hao and Ji Xia walked out of the room, ad once they arrived in the central hall of Fine Jade Snow Palace, they saw Si Wen Ming standing by the gate of the hall, his face filled with helplessness.

"Ji Hao, you kid have caught another trouble. Wuzhi Qi is now rolling on the ground and screaming in front of Emperor Shun, accusing you for killing his thirty-six sons!"

Si Wen Ming's face looked so bitter.

Helplessly, he sighed and continued, "Just come with me. Emperor Shun wants you to clarify this…"

Abruptly, Si Wen Ming stared at Ji Xia in shock and said, "This…Ji Xia, your power, you…Divine Magus?"

Ji Xia's eyes shone with a frosty light as he said in a deep voice, "That doesn't matter. Who dares to accuse my boy? Are they bullying my Ji Hao because he doesn't have anyone to depend on? That Wuzhi Qi, what is him? Ha, Abba will smash his head for you!"

Si Wen Ming's face instantly turned even more bitter.

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