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"Ki…hm, Hao, you're taller now!" Ji Xia patted hard on Ji Hao's shoulder and said. He was going to call Ji Hao 'kiddo' as he used to do back in Gold Crow Clan, but seeing the faintly sensible stateliness of Ji Hao and his taller, muscular body that made him look just like grown man, Ji Xia instantly changed his words.

Back then, when he left Southern Wasteland, Ji Hao was just a child. But after years of cultivation, no matter from which angle one looked, Ji Hao was now an adult.

"You're just too thin, like your Amma. You don't look much like me, you Abba." Carefully looking at Ji Hao from head to toe, Ji Xia disappointedly shook his head while reaching his right arm out, waving in front of Ji Hao and showing his huge muscles.

The group of Gold Crow Clan warriors also looked at Ji Hao with the same look Ji Xia had. Just as Ji Xia said, Ji Hao was tall and even a bit scrawny. Although he had already reached the average height of adults, he was still around two feet shorter than Ji Xia, not to mention how strong Ji Xia was. Ji Xia's arm was as thick as Ji Hao's thigh!

"It's nice to look like Amma!" Ji Hao delightfully looked at his own body and said. After seriously asking himself, Ji Hao nodded and agreed that it was better to look like Qing Fu.

In his previous life, his name was Qing Long, which literally meant 'cyan dragon.' Dragons were suavely long and slim. Had anyone ever seen a mountain-like fat dragon?

"Hm, it's time for you to find a girl and get married." Ji Xia pondered for a while, then gave a big warm grin and continued, "Well, you're a bit thin, but that's fine, hehe. Ji Hao, your Abba and Amma have gotten you three brothers and a sister. The three little boys are all strong, like me!"

Ji Hao's face twitched, looking at Ji Xia stunned. Then he yelled out in confusion, "Three brothers? A sister? Abba, how long have I left our clan?! And yet I have four brothers and sisters now?!"

Ji Hao reached his hand out, counting his fingers while looking at Ji Hao, and said in a serious tone, "I said your Amma and I have gotten you three brothers and a sister. Well, if we count all your sisters and brothers in, that will be twelve in total! That was your Amma's call…Your Amma made the call instead of me, and I, your Abba didn't do any…bad things. Well, your Amma let me have a few more wives during the past few years."

Ji Hao felt like being struck by a heavy dizziness, that he even swayed his body and took a step back.

He reached his pair of hands out, counted his fingers with some solid difficulties and calculated for a while, like a child who had just learned using numbers. 'Twelve sisters and brothers?! Four are parented by my Amma and Abba? How many years have I left Southern Wasteland? About four years… that means they had a new baby every year?!' yelled Ji Hao in his head.

Ji Xia rubbed his hands a bit embarrassedly, looked at Ji Hao and murmured with a muffled voice, "Well, this, Hao… you can't blame me for this. A lot of things in the clan have changed during these few years. For example, the map that you left at home, leading to our ancestors' tombs… I have found the tombs!"

Ji Hao's eyes suddenly shone. He looked at Ji Xia, then glanced at the eighteen uncles of his who were standing behind Ji Xia and had all reached the level of Divine Magi. He then suddenly threw a punch at his own palm, and said, "Alright, let's talk about these things later. Now we should solve this problem at first."

While sneering, Ji Hao wielded his sleeve and instantly, a raging fire rose from the Gold Crow cloak of his, making Ji Hao look as magnificent as the Fire God himself. Ninety-nine Gold Crows patterns flew out of the cloak, transforming into human-head-sized Gold Crows, hovering around Ji Hao and making him seem to be even more powerful.

Earl Yao's official stamper was floating around his head, on which patterns of beautiful natural sceneries flashed constantly. Those patterns represented nothing else but the landscape of Yao Mountain area. Ji Hao showed the whole image of Yao Mountain area to represent his position. At the same time, he pointed his finger at the elderly Divine Magi and began shouting in a harsh tone.

"Which clan you idiots are from? A bunch of stupid things! Are you rebelling?! Did you collude with the non-humankind?!"

"I am Earl Yao, Ji Hao. This title was conferred by Emperor Shun himself, and this is my Abba, Ji Xia, the clan leader of Gold Crow Clan, Southern Wasteland. He also is the chef warrior commander of prince Zhu Rong Tonggong's private army! By attacking him, you did not only offend me, but you have also offended Prince Zhu Rong Tonggong!"

"Right! Uncle Ji Xia is my big brother's warrior commander! Gold Crow Clan warriors were all taken as Gold Crow Army under my big brother's lead. You're dead, my big brother is quite mean, even meaner than some women. Since you have offended his warriors, he might lay a finger on your entire clan."

Man Man stood beside Ji Hao, making this sound even worse while waving her pinky fists towards the elderly Divine Magi with a threatening look.

Sweat flowed down from the elderly Divine Magi's forehead stream after stream. He looked at Ji Hao and Man Man, and couldn't let out a single word for a long while. Ji Hao was indeed Earl Yao, but Fire Dragon Clan had earls and marquis too. Those people were also conferred with noble titles by the human emperor. Furthermore, Fire Dragon Clan was much more powerful than Gold Crow Clan, and some noble titles possessed by their clansmen were conferred by old human emperors thousands of years ago. Those Fire Dragon Clan earls and marquis were clearly with much more potential than Ji Hao. If Ji Hao were alone with his Gold Crow Clan, this elderly Divine Magi from Fire Dragon Clan would never be afraid of him.

Nevertheless, Man Man spoke out the name of Zhu Rong Tonggong. In Southern Wasteland, Zhu Rong Tonggong was truly a dreadful one. As Zhu Rong's oldest son, he would surely become the next Fire God, and also the Great Libation of human government. Moreover, he would also become the most powerful Maguspriest among the entire human clan. Zhu Rong was the dominator of all Southern Wasteland Clan. Therefore, anyone who had offended Zhu Rong Tonging would have to expect for death.

"Misunderstanding! All misunderstanding!" Thinking of some horrible possibilities, the elderly Divine Magi instantly shouted out loud, "All because that stupid kid, Yao Kaiyuan, that reckless boy has offended you, dear old Lord Ji Xia. I am going to bring him to you right now and let him apologize to you to admit his crime and ask for punishment."

Ji Xia turned around, looked at his clansmen with a badly twisted, extremely weird look, and said, "I, Ji Xia, am not even fifty yet… old lord? Am I old?"

After stepping into the level of Divine Magi, Ji Xia's life-span had naturally extended to ten-thousand years. If he could attain some life-prolonging magic medicines in the future, the lifespan of three to five thousand more years wouldn't be a problem for him at all. Compared with his long life-span, his current age of as less than fifty could just be counted as young and juicy.

All Gold Crow Clan people laughed out loud at Ji Xia with narrowed eyes.

They were still in shock about the sudden change in Ji Hao's social status. Earl Yao? How did Ji Hao, the pants-less little boy running around all day, growing bit by bit under their eyes, become Earl Yao? And this title seemed to be quite something, didn't it?

In less than a quarter of an hour, Yao Kaiyuan, who was already freaked out, was brought over by the elderly Divine Magus, tremblingly kneeling in front of Ji Hao.

He slapped himself loudly over and over again while wailing desperately, "Lord Earl Yao, forgive me! Forgive me! I truly didn't know that he was your father! Ah, Ah, I just thought of some tiny conflicts between us back then, and my look changed slightly. Then I was nearly slapped to death by old lord Ji Xia. I…I…did not do anything wrong!"

Yao Kaiyuan burst into a torrent of tears because of the fear and almost fainted.

A bit bashfully, Ji Xia rubbed his own nose. It seemed to be true that Yao Kaiyuan did nothing but change his look, following Ji Xia throwing a heavy slap on his face. Yao Kaiyuan was only a Senior Magus with around a hundred awakened Magus Acupoints, and that slap launched by Ji Hao did nearly kill him.

Ji Hao shook his head and sighed, and said, "Well, I don't wanna haggle over too much. Your Fire Dragon Clan shall compensate my father and these uncles of mine for their medical charges, then we shall call an end to this."

After around half an hour, the vehicle wrapped in fiery cloud rose again into the sky, flying towards Fine Jade Snow Palace.

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