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'Dong…Dong…Dong~'… The triangle-shaped soul-shaking clock rang rapidly. The bodies of those Divine Magi who had been attacking Ji Hao swayed one after another, and their moves suddenly slowed down, as if they were all drunk.

The soul-shaking clock was a natural-crafted magic treasure. It was tremendously powerful and especially targeted at souls. Under the effect of this clock and with a slight carelessness in defense, the primordial spirits of ordinary cultivators would be forced out of their physical bodies. Struck by the clock ringing for a few more times, the primordial spirits would then perish.

Even if the target of the soul-shaking clock's attack were under the protection of powerful treasures, the primordial spirit of the target would be severely injured inside the physical body if the grade of the treasure wasn't high enough. With just a few strikes of the soul-shaking clock, the target's life would be in danger if the injuries turned too serious.

Human Magi hardly cultivated their souls and primordial spirits; they simply nourished their souls with strong life force to strengthen their souls along with their physical bodies. Their tough physical bodies served as the natural protection of their souls, and could effectively fend against all kinds of soul-targeted attack.

However, the soul-shaking clock was way too powerful. Even these Divine Magi lost their eyesight temporarily and suffered a grave dizziness. They couldn't stand steadily and felt that their souls were being squeezed out of their bodies after they were struck by the clock ringing. Fortunately, they were all respectful Divine Magi and had relatively high positions in their own clans. Some human Magi had learned some spells that especially aimed at souls from Evening Moon, one of the 'nine moons' of Yu Clan, which was specialized in the study of soul. Therefore, these Divine Magi all had numerous kinds of powerful magic talismans, which could effectively fend against soul-targeted attacks.

Oddly-shaped talismans made from different materials lit up one after another, releasing black smoke, mist or hazy silhouettes of all kinds of legendary creatures, covering every opening on the bodies of these Divine Magi. Specially-crafted talismans carried with these Divine Magi were triggered, shielding their owners against the chimes of the soul-shaking clock.

A Divine Magi, whose eyes, nostrils, mouth, and ears were all blocked by small snakes condensed from black smoke, shouted out hoarsely, "Who dares to stir a finger into trouble between Southern Wasteland clans?"

Before his voice faded, the mountain and river stamper smashed directly down. This poor Divine Magi, who hadn't yet managed to stabilize his body, gave a great howl in pain while the mountain and river stamper landed straight onto his head. Divine Magi had especially tough bodies, yet, the mountain and river stamper generated a thunderous bang against his head. Along with a dazzling wave of fire sparkles, it dented a half of his head and forced streams of blood out.

Those small black smoke snakes that blocked his eyes, ears, mouth and nostrils were shattered right away by the mountain and river stamper. The soul-shaking clock's chimes lingered in his body, violently shaking his soul. Half of his head was damaged already, and before he could heal his wound, the clock chimes reached over without an end. This Divine Magi howled out once again and as his body swayed, the Flame Dragon Sword had already pierced into his chest.

"Watch out everybody!" The elderly Divine Magus with the fiery dragon flag held in his hands roared out. Ninety-nine fiery dragons coiled around his body, because of which, he wasn't affected too much by the soul-shaking clock. But at that moment, Ji Hao wielded the immemorial sun streamer with all of his powers. Extremely thin beams of essence sun fire swept across all over the sky. Within the blink of an eye, over ten fiery dragons were sliced into pieces, while over ten Divine Magi had their limbs cut off by essence sun fire. The dreadful lethality of the immemorial sun streamer made this elderly Divine Magus unable to help but yell out to warn the others.

Followed by a quick series of clangs, the nine dragon fire pearl zipped fiercely around, striking the heads of many Divine Magi like a bullet.

The flame surging out of the nine dragon fire pearl could do no harm to those Divine Magi as they were all Southern Wasteland people and all possessed the special ability to manipulate fire. However, the nine dragon fire pearl had stunning rigidity. Therefore, when the fire pearl knocked on the heads of those Divine Magi at lightning speed, those Divine Magi only felt countless stars dazzling before their eyes and for a short while, they didn't even know what to do.

The Flame Dragon Sword roared, mountain and river stamper smashed down over and over again, and the nine dragon fire pearl struck everyone's face swollen. Even worse, the dagger-like sharp light beams condensed from essence sun flame had been slicing all over the area. With these extremely powerful treasures, those over fifty Divine Magi had all been pushed into an unprepared situation by Ji Hao alone.

Ji Xia and the other Gold Crow clansmen immediately rejoiced with wild excitement. They rushed up and launched a crazy wave of fierce attacks on the few Divine Magi who were the nearest to them, making the few Divine Magi howl out hoarsely. After a violent series of attacks, these Divine Magi were totally out of shape and nearly died due to exhaustion of life-force.

From the vehicle, Zhu Rong Long and the other seven Divine Magi trod on fiery clouds, flying over with tens of Zhu Rong Country's Magus Kings. Seeing those people who were beaten up by Ji Hao, Zhu Rong Long growled out in range, "How dare you! How dare you offend Earl Yao?! Kneel, kneel down now and apologize to Earl Yao! Otherwise, you will all die!"

Zhu Rong Long shouted out resonantly. That divine fiery power of his, which only belonged to possessors of the Fire Gold bloodline spread out fiercely and overwhelmingly suffused the entire space. It made all those Southern Wasteland Divine Magi widely pop out their eyes in shock, not knowing how to react for quite a while.

What actually happened just now was Ji Hao rushing over and directly launching attacks on them with a few dreadfully powerful treasures. Ji Hao had nearly beaten a few of them to death, but how was it their fault?!

The elderly Divine Magi with a fiery flag held in his hands looked at Zhu Rong Long stunned. He had been living in Pu Ban city for many years, and of course he knew about Zhu Rong Long. Zhu Rong Long was the leader of Zhu Rong, the Fire God's guards when Zhu Rong was in Pu Ban city. He was one of the most trusted subordinates of Zhu Rong!

And who was Zhu Rong? Zhu Rong was the dominator of the entire Southern Wasteland, and all Southern Wasteland clans were at Zhu Rong's beck and call. Any clan that dared to go against Zhu Rong would be exterminated without a doubt.

"Lord Long!" The elderly Divine Magi leaned his body and dodged the Flame Dragon Sword that was coming at his chest, then shouted out in a loud and clear voice, "This group of scoundrels attacks out Southern Wasteland Market and injured many boys of mine. We spent quite an effort to locate them, and now we're trying to arrest them!"

"Bullshit!" Ji Hao yelled in a harsh voice, "How can my, Earl Yao's father be a scoundrel?! You bunch of bastards, are you colluded with the non-humankind and trying to murder my father to hurt me, and to take revenge for those non-humankind who had died miserably in Evil Dragon Bay?!"

Hearing Ji Hao, the elderly Divine Magus and all the other Southern Wasteland Divine Magi all stared dumbfounded at Ji Hao, unable to say a word.

Could he be more ridiculous?! Ji Xia had indeed injured a lot of people back in Southern Wasteland Market. Although no one was killed, considerable damage was actually done to the Southern Wasteland Market. For what he did, these Southern Wasteland Market guards were trying to get him arrested, and this was completely reasonable; even Emperor Shun didn't say anything about this.

How on earth did it become that they colluded with the non-humankind and intentionally tried to hurt Ji Hao to take revenge for the non-humankind?! This was such a heavy and serious accusation that they didn't seem to be able to cope with it!

The elderly Divine Magus leapt up as if his butt was burned by fire, then yelled at Ji Hao loudly, "Earl Yao, you have to be reasonable! How did we collude with the non-humankind?!"

While speaking, the elderly Divine Magus's voice dropped lower and lower. Ji Hao had already trod on a fiery cloud and flew up to Ji Xia, quickly kneeled on the fiery cloud and kowtowed to Ji Xia for a few times, then said, "Abba, how did you and all these uncles come? I was planning to send my people to get you. Ahyaya, how did you all become Divine Magi? It's only been a few years since I saw you the last time!"

The group of Southern Wasteland Market Magi shut their mouths, all looking at the elderly Divine Magus with weird looks.

"This…" The elderly Divine Magus who was holding a fiery flag came from Fire Dragon Clan, and Yao Kaiyuan was one of his direct descendants. Therefore, among all these people, he tried the hardest to capture Ji Hao, he was also the one who fought the hardest.

Nevertheless, how could any of them know that Ji Xia was Ji Hao's father?

The Elderly Divine Magus felt like he had suddenly stepped on a giant pile of bulls*it when he was happily walking on a broad road; what and unforeseen disaster?!

"Who dares to bully Man Man's uncle Ji Xia?!" Man Man rode on Mr. Crow's back, swiftly zipped over and growled with an extremely domineering tone, "Are you rising in rebellion?! Are you trying to be the enemy of Zhu Rong family?! Zhu Rong Long, chop them all!"

The group of Southern Wasteland Market Divine Magi instantly lowered their heads, daring not to say a word.

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