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The fiery cloud roared while the twelve fiery flood dragon hoppingly flew forwards along with Tie Lang's loud growls, pulling the flying-dragon-shaped line of vehicles, swooshing across the air.

Mr. Crow released golden-red fiery lights from his entire body, spread his wings that were around seven hundred meters wide, bringing up a long streak of rainbow while flying above the vehicles. From time to time, he would raise his head and give a resonant caw towards the sky. The sky-shaking caws let out by him shattered all surrounding clouds, and thus, all dark clouds and fierce winds turned into a warm airstream, dissipating in all directions.

Ji Hao sat straight in the vehicle, expressionlessly looking at Polo Si and the four Jia Clan warriors who had been kneeling on the ground.

"In fact, I wanted to keep you to give Emperor Shun your testimonies when I sue Wuzhi Qi, However, after all, you're hired by Wuzhi Qi. Rather than keeping you alive and taking the risk of you bringing a false charge against me, I'd rather take your heads to Emperor Shun as evidence."

Polo Si detected a strong intent of killing from Ji Hao's words. Hurriedly, he raised his head and screamed out, but before he begged for mercy, Ji Hao wielded his arm and pulled out the Flame Dragon Sword along with a raging fire.

Clang! Blood ejected up nearly a hundred meters high. The heads of Polo Si and his four Jia Clan warriors flew up into the air. Ji Hao then rubbed his hands and waved, releasing a stream of Yu Yu's divine light. The water-clear divine light wrapped the five heads up and slightly twisted. Instantly, a wave of wail was generated as their souls were destroyed by the divine light.

After attaining the first stream of Yu Yu's Qi of Dao, Ji Hao's power had been improved immensely. In addition to Gold Crow Pupils as one of his special abilities, he had gained another magical eye power. Within each of his eyes, a faint cyan-colored lotus had been spinning slowly. Ji Hao raised his head and looked at the sky. Just as he thought, he saw a great spree of black and white light, which was nothing else but a natural reward, falling down like a storm onto his body and the Flame Dragon Sword.

The natural rewards falling on his body merged with his primordial spirit. Right after that, a warmth and sweetness came from his primordial spirit. The degree of integration he had with the great Dao of nature seemed to rise again. Meanwhile, Flame Dragon Sword let out a quick buzzing, its edge seeming to become sharper, as some faint and mysterious patterns showed on its body.

Taking the Flame Dragon Sword back, Ji Hao slightly flicked his finger on the sword edge, making sharp streams of sword power spread out. It seemed that the sharpness of Flame Dragon Sword had risen by hundred percent than before. This was the change made by the natural reward.

"Great!" Ji Hao praised and waved his hand. Following his move, the five dead bodies, which still had large streams of blood ejecting out of them, suddenly paused. All the life-force contained in the five bodies was wiped out, and not even a single drop of blood could gush out from the broken necks of theirs.

The vehicle was wrapped up by a fiery cloud, continually moving towards Pu Ban city. As they were about to arrive at the border of Pu Ban city, a loud wave of buzz unexpectedly came from the air in the front. Great streams of natural power swooshed up like a tsunami, brought up a visible, white and fierce gust of wind, roaring towards all directions.

High up in the air, large groups of Divine-Magus-level powerful beings were fighting. Every punch or kick launched by them seemed to nearly tear the entire sky apart. The fierce winds brought up by their moves stirred up the natural power, which was rather stable before. As a result, a small half of the sky in that area had turned black.

"Eh? Some people are fighting in Pu Ban city?" Man Man curiously stood on the vehicle and looked over. Two red streams of light were released from her pair of eyes from a great distance away, then scanned across the space. She abruptly yelled out, "Ji Hao, its uncle Ji Xia fighting against some other people!"

Ji Hao didn't want to step into a chaotic fight like this at all. In the area of Pu Ban city, there was actually a group of Divine Magi fighting against each other. Obviously, this was an entangled troublesome situation. Therefore, Ji Hao didn't want to be involved. But unexpectedly hearing Man Man say that it was Ji Xia fighting against some other people, Ji Hao instantly quivered and transformed into a stream of fiery light, dashing out of the vehicle. He gave a resonant shout and reached up within a twinkle of an eye.

The place where the group of Divine Magi was fighting was hundreds of kilometers high above the ground. Ji Hao raised his head with his pair of eyes sparkling in a divine light. He saw Ji Xia and over ten Gold Crow clansmen, the ones he had known since he was a little boy, fighting intensively against over sixteen Divine Magi. A raging fire was blazing around them, even reaching to the heaven. Those were all uncles living in the neighborhood and had been the closest to his family.

Apparently, Ji Xia and his clansmen couldn't rival all those Divine Magi. However, the flag held in Ji Xia's hands, that was pure red in color and had been releasing clouds of dense black smoke was tremendously powerful. As Ji Xia slightly waves it, tens of millions of Fire Crows would roar out of the flag along with a sky-devouring fire. These Fire Crows rampantly attacked those Divine Magi with their sharp claws and beaks, making those enemies suffer unspeakably.

During this short span of time when Ji Hao was watching the fight, two Divine Magi had their eyeballs dug out by Fire Crows and let out hoarse howls while another one accidentally let a three-legged Fire Crow scratch his chest, tearing a large piece of muscle and bone away.

Tens of millions of Fire Crows cawed together in rage. That eye-piercing sound gave Ji Hao a sharp pain in his ears. This thunderous caw given by these Fire Crows could even turn into a dreadful soul-attack.

Those Divine Magi who encircled Ji Xia and his clansmen were struck severely by the ear-piercing waves of caws let out by tens of millions of Fire Crows. As a result, their battle effectiveness had reduced by at least thirty percent. Facing the crazily fierce attacks launching by countless fearless Fire Crows, more and more weaknesses showed in their movements. From time to time, they would suffer a fierce scratch that might rip their skin open and even break their bones and tendons.

Among those Divine Magi who had been attacking Ji Xia, an elderly Divine Magus with white hair was also holding an enormous flag. He gripped the flag pole with both of his hands and quickly shook it. The flag dazzled with a fiery light while ninety-nine fiery dragons descended from the air, tangling with those Fire Crows.

These Fire Dragons were enormous in shape, around five-thousand meters long, and had hideous looks, with a sharp sense of power releasing from their entire bodies. With a random wave of their claws, hundreds of Fire Crows could be shattered, and with a flip of their tails, thousands of Fire Crows could be crushed.

Nevertheless, those Fire Crows would never die out. As one Fire Crow was killed, more would come out, and no matter how many Fire Crows those dragons killed, innumerable Fire Crows could still be seen in the sky, crazily attacking those Divine Magi and fiery dragons. Especially some three-legged Fire Crows, which had a golden-red luster on their feathers, could even rival those fiery dragons without falling in disadvantage.

Hundreds of three-legged Fire Crows surrounded a fiery dragon, crazily attacking it. The sharp claws of these Fire Crows tore the dragons' scales apart, ripping huge spheres of essence fire out of their bodies. It made these dragons, which were condensed from the essences of fiery dragon' souls, wail in pain. But no matter how hard these dragons tried, they could never break out from the siege of these Fire Crows.

"Do you think that our Gold Crow people are all pushovers?" Ji Xia abruptly roared out, "Open your eyes widely, and look at how our Gold Crow Clan men teach you, a bunch of cowards, a lesson!"

Following his resonant roar, Ji Xia held the Fire Crow Flag with his left hand, and the right hand gripped the long dragon-bone spear. Next, he suddenly lunged the spear forwards as his body flashed across the air, moving over ten miles away, along with a dazzling stream of fiery light brought up by his spear. Three Divine Magi, who were fending against Fire Crows, didn't manage to react timely and all were pierced by Ji Xia's dragon-bone spear right in the middle of their chests.

The dragon-bone spear easily pierced into their chests. An eye-piercing fiery light blasted out from their chests, nearly blowing them up entirely, only leaving three red-crystal-like spines keeping their bodies together.

The three Divine Magi howled out in pain and stepped back immediately. At the same time, they boosted up their spirit blood, healing their wounds as quickly as possible.

However, eighteen Divine Magi with long spears and heavy axes holding in their hands rushed up from behind Ji Xia, circled the three injured Divine Magi up and launched another fierce wave of attacks, violently broke their bones and tendons.

The other Divine Magi were enraged badly, hurriedly launching heavier attacks. Ji Xia and his clansmen began letting out muffled moans as well, while attacks launched by the enemies ceaselessly landed on their bodies. Blood spurted out from their bodies as well, and nearly transparent bones were exposed in many parts of their bodies.

"Abba!" Ji Hao let out a great growl, resounding across the sky. At the same time, he let out the Flame Dragon Sword, nine dragon fire pearl, mountain and river stamper, soul-shaping clock and that immoral sun streamer, which was the most powerful one and Yu Yu had warned him to not use it too easily, all together.

An indescribably bright light dazzled the entire area while Mr. Crow gave a long and resonant caw, letting out a raging stream of flame from a distance away.

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