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Thirty thousand miles away, in a great river…

A magnificent palace that was entirely made from black crystal was standing on the river bottom, with countless furious-looking aquatic creatures patrolling around it.

The inner space of this five-hundred meter in square crystal palace was actually extremely huge. In the square-shaped great hall, countless heavily armored warriors had been standing straight, with their eyes shining with a faint blue light and fierce cold sense of power releasing from their bodies.

Wuzhi Qi sat in a large chair in the hall, with a long table placed in front of him, and a few girls, who had shells of the mother-of-pearls carried on their backs, walking around him and quickly serving all kinds of delicate dished to him.

Picking up an exquisite, purely golden wine cup, he poured some wine into his mouth, then threw a piece of shark tongue, that was served by a girl, into his mouth. Afterward, Wuzhi Qi narrowed is eyes, with his neck weirdly and constantly stretching out and drawing back, like a spring.

"Yao Mountain City, Yao Mountain City… it looks just like a crappy city, but turned out to be so magical?"

While wolfing the food and wine, Wuzhi Qi could squeeze out some time and attention to murmur to those hundreds of thousands of elite warriors standing in the hall with a low voice, "What kind of city did Kua E build for Ji Hao, that little bastard? What kind of magic formation can hold off full-power attacks launched by the thirty-six boys of mine?"

"Have Kua E and his brothers stolen some powerful treasures that belonged to the ancient heaven out?"

Clicking his tongue, Wuzhi Qi continued, "Ever since the great war back then, the ancient heaven declined, even the five heaven gods disappeared. After that, lives in heaven became more and more difficult. Now Kua E and his brothers are poor enough to work for the humankind, only for food… what treasures can they still have?"

A seemingly very old turtle, who had a hideous, crocodile-looking face and a shell that was thickly covered in thorns, slowly crawled over. It popped out its large and sharp eyes and began taking in a high-pitched voice.

"Lord, something is definitely wrong with this Yao Mountain City, but as long as we are willing to spend money, we can always dig some information out of the mouths of that group of poor divine Gods. The most important thing now is to rescue our people who are captured by Earl Yao…As long as no one is hurt, we can always compensate them…"

"Compensate?! What compensate?!" Wuzhi Qi grabbed a vat of wine and violently smashed it on the old turtle's head, rudely interrupting him. He then glared at the old turtle and said with a malicious grin on his face, "In my entire life so far, I only gain extra advantages but never give out my money for nothing! This time, they had been lucky. I didn't think that they would have such a powerful defensive magic formation in their city, and let the thirty-six boys of mine fall in. But I think by now, Ji Hao has already died, and with those little kids in his city, I doubt that they dare to launch killing moves on my boys, do they?"

"Jade Dragon has a good negotiation skill. He can threaten and lure those kids. Hehe, I am planning to squeeze some benefits out of that Yao Mountain City!"

Till now, Wuzhi Qi still didn't know that Ji Hao had already returned to Yao Mountain City, and neither did he know that River Earl Jade Dragon was already sent into a blind alley by himself. He still thought that everything was going perfectly as he planned, that Polo Si had already taken Ji Hao out for him.

As long as Ji Hao died, the entire Earl Yao territory would lose its leader, and the sweetest thing was that Ji Hao didn't have any descendants. Thus, Yao Mountain territory would become an owner-less piece of land.

"My Huai Water army crossed the border, but little scums under Ji Hao's command actually attacked my boys and caused the deaths and injuries of millions of my elite warriors. Those are our Hua Water army warriors, they served for the entire humankind!"

"Eh, as so many boys of mine are killed or wounded. I won't be too greedy… I only want Yao Mountain territory as my compensation!"

Wuzhi Qi laughed so hard that his pair of eyes had been squeezed into a pair of curved lives. He slapped hard on the long table and laughed out loud, then yelled, "Damn right! Let's do this! Lie Mountain Xu and the other few silly kids, they are still sneakily planning this and planning that. I just don't like to play tricks, I prefer to make things straight by using pure, simple violence!"

The old turtle showed the whites of his eyes, then speechlessly lied on the ground.

Wuzhi Qi poured another cup of wine into his mouth, then grabbed a random girl over, held her in his arms and squeezed her body with his pair of hands, making that girl giggle constantly. While jauntily playing with that girl, he cursed a bit confusingly, "That bastard, Jade Dragon, what's been taking him so long? He only needs to treat a few silly kids who haven't even seen the world yet. What is he doing?"

Back at the Yao Mountain City, on top of Yao Mountain, Ji Hao stood on top of an altar, looking at the group of Divine Magi who were now sealed by the great formation.

"Kill them all!" Ji Hao raised his right hand and swung it down.

In Earl Yao's mansion, Shaosi was holding the magic wand in her hand and ejecting her power into it. The Heaven and Earth great formation was fully activated and had been releasing its power. Roaring streams of star power descended from the sky, transforming into nearly touchable, dense power streams, surging inside Yao Mountain City.

Earth power rose from underground, also transforming into dense and nearly touchable power streams, blending with the star power streams.

Star power and earth power combined, along with which, hundreds of seven-colored swirls emerged from the sky, slowly rotating. From those swirls, faint thunders came one after another. Near all four sides of the city wall and from the top of the thirty-six watch towers, the divine thunder towers set by Kua E and his brothers sent out fierce thunderbolts, ceaselessly into those swirls. Suddenly, all seven-colored clouds in the sky were ignited.

Countless seven-colored divine thunderbolts struck down from the heaven while tailed by long streams of light, looking like a rain of shooting stars.

When these thunderbolts firstly emerged, they were still multicolored, but as they swiftly struck down towards the ground, all seven colors mixed together and at last, turned pure black, as if they could destroy and devour everything in this world.

These thunderbolts were called 'perishing divine thunderbolt' by the ancient heaven and were the most powerful kind of thunderbolts. They had a destructive power that could make anyone and anything, including both the bodies and souls, cease to exist. Back in the era of ancient heaven, once the perishing divine thunderbolt was put into use, it would be considered as a no-return situation. No excuse, reason or cause could change anything anymore under such a situation.

The thunder rumbled, fiercely striking onto the bodies of those Divine Magi who already had forty-percent of their life-force drained earlier. Black thunderbolts dazzled across the air and instantly wrapped their bodies up. No one could see their bodies clearly anymore.

Shrill howls could be heard ceaselessly. These Divine Magi tried to activate their powers and run, but as they were stuck in the twelve-star space-twisting magic formation, no matter how hard they tried, they would always be sealed in their current spots, and couldn't move even an inch.

Thunderbolts struck down wave after wave, crazily damaging their bodies and consuming their life-force.

Ji Hao stood on top of Yao Mountain and gasped deeply. The great Gold Crow power coming from the nine Gold Crows rapidly surged into Ji Hao's body and temporally raised his power by over a thousand times. He then released his primordial spirit from his body, gripped the immemorial sun streamer and wielded. Immediately, countless extremely thin beams of essence sunlight were rolled up by an invisible power, slicing on those sealed Divine Magi' bodies.

Wuzhi Qi, who was sitting in the crystal palace and had been enjoying a banquet, suddenly burst into shrill howls. He leaped up from the seat, looking at the direction of Yao Mountain and screamed hysterically while vomiting blood, "My boys…You died so miserably! Not even a single trace of your souls managed to break away?! Yao Mountain City, and people in there, I will fight you to death!"

Wielding his hands, he released a dense sphere of watery mist, within which, the images of Yao Mountain City clearly showed.

Wuzhi Qi looked at Ji Hao, who was standing on top of Yao Mountain, in astonishment. He stared at the immemorial sun streamer that had been waving quickly upon Ji Hao's head, murmuring to himself in shock, "Ji…Ji Hao! You, you, you're not dead!"

"My holy ancestors' souls! You killed the thirty-six boys of mine! This, this… I'm suing you in front of the human emperor!"

Wuzhi Qi growled out and the crystal palace abruptly rose, transforming into a black stream of mist, swiftly flying towards Pu Ban city.

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