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A deep growl came deeply from the core of the Heaven and Earth great formation.

Thirty-six hazy silhouettes of world-huge turtles quickly emerged from the multicolored, splendid starlight. These giant turtles were around five kilometers tall, each carrying a towering mountain on its back. The mountains carried on their backs were coiled around by a pure and dense power, giving a feeling of extreme toughness and indestructibleness.

The thirty-six Divine Magi dashed out of the group of enemies and smashed their large stakes down simultaneously. Those large stakes, which were condensed from dark ice, heavily struck down. However, all thirty-six large dark ice stakes were blocked accurately by the silhouettes of mountains carried on the back of those giant turtles. The turtle silhouettes slightly shook, causing the large dark ice stakes held in those Divine Magi' hands to blast out altogether. Over ten Divine Magi had their palms injured by the explosion of their stakes, blood splashing out all over.

"These turtle shells are so tough!" One of those Divine Magi yelled out in shock. Simultaneously, they reached their hands into the air and clenched their fingers. Surging waves of water power swooshed over and speedily condensed in their hands. Within the blink of an eye, another purely dark ice stake was gripped in the hands of each of them.

In Earl Yao's mansion, Shaosi, who had been watching all this threw the space-twisting magic formation, knitted her eyebrows and said, "Wuzhi Qi?"

These Divine Magi were all waring heavy armors, and even their faces were firmly covered under facial masks. Therefore, no one could see their faces. Their hands were covered in gloves as well. Not even a slight area of skin of theirs was exposed. Therefore, there was no way to identify them.

Nevertheless, they were holding large stakes condensed from dark ice. It seemed that among the entire human world, only Wuzhi Qi was good at such a special magic. And just now, countless aquatic animals had shown and launched their attacks. Wuzhi Qi was a powerful creature dwelling in Huai Water. Because of the support given by Gong Gong family, he was somehow seen as the ruler of the entire Huai Water. Huai Water was an extremely important water vein in Midland, having millions of branches. If anybody was powerful enough to call out so many aquatic creatures and launch a surprise attack in Midland, that person had to be Wuzhi Qi.

"You damned thing!" Shaosi cursed with her lips bitten by her teeth. Abruptly, she shouted out, "Taisi! What are you doing?! Use the most powerful curse, do not show any mercy! Kill all those enemies outside the city!"

When the surprise attack was launched, Taisi had been squatting outside the central hall of Earl Yao's mansion, quietly looking at two groups of ants fight each other. His body was wrapped in a faint layer of black mist. Randomly, he would curse a few ants to death.

In the middle of Taisi's eyebrows, a weird black and white spell symbols had been sparkling. Every single ant that was cursed to death by him would make this spell symbol shine slightly brighter. Meanwhile, the black mist surrounding Taisi would grow slightly dense as well.

Hearing Shaosi's shout, Taisi instantly quivered. He raised his head and looked at the Heaven and Earth great formation which was already fully activated. Abruptly, he yelled out angrily, "What? Are some people truly bold enough to attack us?! Do they still think that we are a group of Magi Palace apprentices and they could do whatever they want to us?"

Yelling for a short while in anger, Taisi's pair of eyes suddenly turned pure black, without any luster, seeming to devour everything in this world. He swung his hand backward and took out an altar made from white bones, then placed the Nail Head Seven Sword Book on the altar with his teeth gnashed. After that, he madly twitched his limbs and began singing and dancing around the altar; his body twitching like a man with epilepsy.

Behind Taisi, a dark, dreadful silhouette gradually emerged. The thousands of meter tall, dark silhouette glanced at Taisi, then raised its head up, as slowly as if it had hundreds of mountains pressing on his head. It then cast a quick glance at the hundreds of thousands of enemies who had been madly rushing over, attempting to break into the south city gate.

Suddenly, a mouthful of blood spurted out of Taisi's mouth. Huge streams of earth power and star power swooshed into his body, transforming into a dense black mist and continuously surging into the body of that dark silhouette.

The hazy silhouette became clearer than before. He locked his hands together, the ten fingers twisting like wriggling snakes. Following his moves, a complicated and ancient styled spell symbol emerged from the air. Taisi silently pointed his finger at the spell symbol and next, bodies of those hundreds of thousands of enemies who were rampantly rushing towards the south city gate paused suddenly. Ninety percent of those Senior Magi fell on the ground as their legs had gone soft and they could barely remain standing still.

Life-force started to be drained ceaselessly from these Senior Magi' bodies. No matter how hard did they tried to activate their powers, they couldn't hold off the great, terrifying negative power coming from unknown sources. Their life-force was running away speedily, and within the blink of an eye, ninety percent of these Senior Magi had turned into dying old people, their lives looking as if it could end at any moment.

On the contrary, Taisi, who normally seemed to be so weak and tired that even a gust of wind could blow him away, now had his energy raised to an extreme level. Along with a series of booms, many of his meridians were forcibly activated by the strong life-force that had suddenly surged into his body, and countless Magus Acupoints were forcibly woken up by the great power that he gained just now.

Within the short span of a few breaths, over a million Magus Acupoints in the tens of thousands of activated meridians of Taisi were all awakened. Thus, after Ji Hao, he became the second lucky person who had achieved the peak-senior-level!

The dark silhouette behind Taisi's body had absorbed a great amount of life-force and turned into a seemingly touchable being. His pair of eyes were purely dark, lusterless like Taisi's, seeming to devour the whole world.

He cast another glance outside the south city gate. This time, the life of many among those Magus Kings started to lose quickly. These Magus Kings activated all kinds of jade talismans and amulets to try to fend against this strange attack, but still, their life-force was continuously lost at a crazily high rate.

Taisi suddenly thudded his head against the ground while mumbling a strange spell. Next, he pulled out a black jade dagger and fiercely cut all five fingers of his left hand off. His fingers then transformed into five blood-red light streams, injecting into the Nail Head Seven Sword Book.

He then flicked his wrist, and the five fingers grew back. Taisi gnashed his teeth and cut off his entire arm, which also transformed into blood-red light and swooshed onto the altar. At the same time, Taisi said, "Bless me, my ancestors' souls, kill all these people! This is my future brother-in-law's territory. Whoever wants to lay his hand on this piece of land will have to tread upon my body first!"

Taisi screamed in a high-pitched voice while his eyes were filled with craziness.

Nail Head Seven Sword Book abruptly transformed into a gray and seemingly evil stream of mist and puffed up into the sky. A wave of weird, indescribable shadows flashed across the air. Meanwhile, outside Yao Mountain City, the thirty-six Divine Magi had raised their dark ice stakes high simultaneously, smashing down at those gigantic turtle silhouettes which were guarding the Heaven and Earth great formation.

All of a sudden, three Divine Magi howled out together. Along with their voices, the armors worn by them speedily turned rotten and air-slaked, decomposing into tiny grains like an iron block that was soaked in concentrated acid for years, drifting away along the wind. Under the disintegrated armors, three black apes showed their bodies. Their shining black fur was speedily turning white and withered as if the time had suddenly ticked away from their bodies and within the short span of a few breaths, they became hoary and old.

Taking a deep breath, the powerful Divine Magi spirt blood flew all over their bodies, and the gray and withered long fur of theirs rapidly turned back to shining and black, their shriveled muscles swelling back up as well.

Nevertheless, Taisi chopped a leg of his off and violently threw it onto the altar. The power of the Nail Head Seven Sword Book was instantly boosted up. As the dark silhouettes behind Taisi pointed his right hand forward, a black stream of mist swished into the Nail Head Seven Sword Book.

The three cursed Divine Magi screamed out simultaneously as their life-force flew out vigorously, like the flood breaking out of a sluice valve. Their powers were drained immediately, which caused them to fall down from the sky and heavily thud on the ground.

A wave of chains which were condensed from seven-colored light streams roared out of the city, tying the three Divine Magi up and dragging them swiftly into the city.

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