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When Shaosi was sneakily looking at girls living in this area, she didn't pay any attention to the few rivers around Yao Mountain. That was understandable though; it was a heavily snowing day, which girl would go 'play' in rivers? Therefore, Shaosi didn't notice that the few great rivers around Yao Mountain were filled with malicious creatures long ago. Among the few rivers, the widest part had reached a hundred miles.

Water monkeys, giant turtles, water boas, spirit fishes, enormous loach and leech, all kinds of aquatic creatures had been hiding deep on the river bottom, with their eyes constantly sparkling with a dark-blue light.

Among all those oddly shaped and hideous aquatic creatures, an elderly man with a long fluttering beard that made him looked like an immortal being, was sitting on a rock on the bottom of a river, with a black jade jar held in his left hand. The pair of blue light spots sparkled especially quickly in his deeply hollowed eyes.

All of a sudden, when a fierce wave of attack was launched to Yao Mountain city from all four city gates, a black jade talisman held in the elderly man's left hand suddenly exploded. Next, a deep sound burst from the jade talisman, hearing which, all aquatic creatures gathered under water paused briefly, then turned around, looking at the elderly with dimly shining eyes.

"Up!" The elderly man stood up and gave a growl in a low and deep voice.

From the black jar held in his hand, thumb-sized black watery light spots flew out. The watery light spots expanded suddenly, such that a single watery light spot could transform into a whole lake of water with a radius of a hundred miles. All of a sudden, the amount of water that could fill hundreds of lakes, each with a radius of a hundred miles, surged into the few rivers. Instantly, black flood roared out of the few hundred-mile wide and tens of millions of miles long great rivers.

Countless aquatic creatures released dense clouds of watery mist. Fierce gales screamed across the few rivers while large clouds of black mist swooshed right into the air. Dark waves were stirred up, reaching directly to the sky. Treading upon those waves were incalculable oddly shaped aquatic creatures. Those aquatic creatures let out shrill and ear-piercing screams, controlling the water to surge towards Yao Mountain city and towns and villages around the city, which were all covered in snow.

Followed by a muffled boom, the water surfaces of the few rivers began rumbling, and within the twinkle of an eye, thousands of meter tall water wall stood up from the few rivers. Seeing this, people living in Earl Yao's territory couldn't help but cry out despairingly.

How could vulnerable human beings ever survive a destructive disaster like this? With the thousands of meters tall water wall and countless aquatic creatures controlling the water with their powers, not even Senior Magi could stay alive when facing this killing water. The ones who might survive probably could only be Magus Kings and powerful beings beyond that level.

More terrifyingly, once the water wall rose from rivers, hundreds of thousands of silhouettes, that had been releasing strong senses of powers dashed out of the water wall. Every single one of them was wearing a heavy armor with hands holding magic weapons, which also had been releasing intensive power vibrations. Treading on dark clouds, these creatures rushed towards the city gates of Yao Mountain City.

While rushing, some of them repeated the order they had just accepted with deep and strong voices, "Rush in, take all you can take and kill everyone in that city! Destroy this Yao Mountain city!"

These groups of warriors treading on dark clouds swiftly flew across the air. Even the weakest one of them was at the Senior-level. Under the effects of the power released by their leaders, who were Magus-king-level powerful beings, their bodies were lifted up by dark clouds, sweeping across the air as fast as fierce gales, directly towards the four city gates of Yao Mountain City like four sharp daggers.

The elderly man, who looked like an immortal being, was hiding among those aquatic creatures, concealing his own body behind those enormous aquatic creatures. While stroking his own beard, he gave a faint smile and said, "Among all cities that belong to earls and marquises in this Midland world, this magnificent city is definitely the top-ranked one."

"But, despite the great height of its city wall, what can ever change? Water and fire are merciless. I, River Earl Jade Dragon, have come in person, and have released my flood. This city wall is tall and can block all kinds of weapon attacks, but how can it hold off the raging water pouring down from the sky?"

Yao Mountain City's city wall was tall and thick, and was cast entirely from metal; this city wall was nearly indestructible. However, in River Earl Jade Dragon's eyes, such a huge city with such a tall and thick city wall had made this Yao Mountain City a deathtrap. As long as he could control the flood to surge into the city and block the four city gates, all living creatures in the city would become ghosts underwater.

"They don't even have a place to run to!" derided River Earl Jade Dragon while pointing his finger forward. Hundreds of spheres of watery light puffed out of the black jade jar, quickly gathering upon the city wall.

A huge number of aquatic creatures combined their powers and raised a water wall. By now, the thousands of meter tall water wall had already become hundreds of times tougher than iron. The water wall violently moved right on the ground. Wherever the water wall swept across, all hills collapsed, and all woods were shattered, while large areas of rich farmlands turned into mirror-like flats.

It was not hard to imagine that once the water wall swept across those villages and towns, all Earl Yao's people living in those towns and villages would be crushed into nothing.

"Just like this, rush over… leave no alive thing behind!" River Earl Jade Dragon said while stroking his beard. He clicked his tongue and continued, "What a nice city! If I can move it away and put it into my Jade Dragon river, it would be quite decent as my underwater city. What a shame, what a shame. Make this quick, no time to waste!"

The water wall swooshed over and was about to crush the first village.

The Heaven and Earth great formation was activated suddenly, as well as the twelve-star space-twisting magic formation.

Starlight poured down in great streams from the sky while countless earth meridians vibrated underground. Inexhaustible star power and earth power mixed together, being refined by the Heaven and Earth great formation, transforming into an incredibly pure divine power, and burst out.

Coverage of the Heaven and Earth great formation had reached ten thousand miles in radius. Within this area, all villages and towns in Ji Hao's territory were shrouded by a seven-colored layer of light. Countless enormous light streams reaching down from the sky, covering villages, towns and all of Ji Hao's people.

Along with a thunderous bang, the water wall bumped into the first village.

The village was enveloped by the seven-colored light, and within the light, a gigantic horned-dragon-horse was roaring towards the sky. In the very next moment, the water wall collapsed, and tens of thousands of aquatic creatures were shattered into bits by the resonant roar of the dragon-horse. Fresh blood and body pieces mixed with the collapsed section of water wall, dyeing the water surface blood-red.

This was the first time for the Heaven and Earth great formation to show its power. As a result, a hundred-mile section of water wall was destroyed.

Afterward, waves of powerful and resonant roars rose from upon numerous towns and villages without an end. Above every town or village, one or several gigantic silhouettes of legendary creatures had emerged. Those legendary creatures roared out towards the sky, while sections of water wall crashed down rumblingly one after another. Those aquatic creatures standing on the water wall were struck into pieces as well.

Within a few minutes, the fierce, seemingly destructive water wall was defeated and dispersed. River Earl Jade Dragon was completely stunned, looking at Yao Mountain City which was now covered with a splendid light. He couldn't help but rub his own eyes as if he couldn't believe what he had just seen.

"It, it wasn't this beautiful just now! This city… why… how did it change so suddenly?"

With his body flashing across the air, River Earl Jade Dragon turned around and immediately walked away. Swiftly, he transformed into a black fish, merging with the dispersing water streams and disappeared without leaving a trace.

The water wall was struck down, but those hundreds of thousands of heavily armored elite warriors had already rushed up to Yao Mountain City. Thirty-six muscular men, who had been releasing Divine-Magus-level strong power vibrations, rose into the air, with huge, black ice stakes holding in their hands, fiercely smashing towards the city gates.

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