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After Ji Hao had left, Shaosi took over the central hall of Earl Yao's mansion.

The magic wand for controlling the Heaven and Earth great formation was floating beside her. With a single through of hers, the great formation could be triggered. However, Shaosi's attention was not entirely on the blueprint of the twelve-star space-twisting magic formation.

Human Magi rarely cultivated their souls and primordial spirits. Consequently, they surely didn't have spiritual powers. But with the help of this magic formation, Shaosi was able to look down at the earth almost with a visual angle of a God. The magic formation covered the entire area with a radius of three thousand miles, and within this great area, even the moving track of a drifting snowflake could be completely under Shaosi's control.

"Hm, this girl looks quite pretty, but her lips are so thin. She seems like a mean person, can't take the risk. She's not the right one to be my sister-in-law."

"Eh? This girl looks so sweet, beautiful as well. She has been working so diligently, but what a shame, she already has a lover!"

"Oh my, so ugly, how horrible would that be if she becomes my sister-in-law? How could a woman be so ugly?"

Invisible starlight rippled across the area with a radius of three-thousand miles. With the power of the magic formation, Shaosi was sneakily observing all girls living in Yao Mountain territory who had achieved age fit for marrying, one after another. From appearances to body shapes, from personalities to habits, Shaosi wanted to know all about them.

By now, over one hundred million people had been living in Yao Mountain territory, and the number of girls who were at the age of fifteen to eighteen was at least ten million. Shaosi gnashed her teeth and silently swore that she would certainly find over a hundred perfect girls for Taisi, her blood elder brother.

'As a race of human beings, only my brother and I are left alive among all Netherworld people. The children I will have with Ji Hao…'

Thinking of this, Shaosi's face blushed. 'The children I will have with Ji Hao will surely inherit the Gold Crow bloodline. Only my big brother's direct descendants can inherit the special abilities of our Netherworld people.' thought Shaosi with her teeth gnashed.

'Therefore, brother, you have to strive. Within the coming three years, the number of our Netherworld people must be raised to at least a thousand. The number of males has to reach hundreds. Otherwise, how can we expand and strengthen our family?"

"Taisi, you have to make great efforts on this. Hm, this girl seems nice, and according to Shifu, a girl with such a body shape might have many children!"

Shaosi's eyes suddenly shone. She grabbed a leather scroll over and hurriedly wrote down the names and personal information of those girls that she found perfect for Taisi from all aspects

"This magic formation given by Ji Hao's Shifu is indeed magical. It actually has such a great function. I didn't think that…Hm?"

While pleasurably and sneakily observing all those girls living in this territory through the magic formation, Shaosi's look changed slightly. She immediately gripped the magic wand floating beside her, and in the meanwhile, she shouted out in a harsh tone, "Take precautions! Prepare for a battle! Everybody, be careful!"

With the help of the magic formation, not even a slight gust of wind or a grass could hide from Shaosi. Through the magic formation, Shaosi's voice reached to the ears of everyone under the coverage of the magic formation. She gave out the warning in the mansion, and all warriors and warrior commanders under Ji Hao's command heard her voice simultaneously.

In Yao Mountain City, on the fence wall of Earl Yao's mansion, 'Zhu Rong Long' and three-thousand elite warriors had been patrolling around the fence wall round by round. A faint and scorching-hot sense of power had been releasing from his body. Looking from a great distance, he was exactly the same as the real Zhu Rong Long.

In fact, this 'Zhu Rong Long' was an ordinary disciple of Ji Hao, named Wood Luo. It had even been less than a year since Ji Hao took him as a disciple. Recently, he just started to practice absorbing natural powers that was taught by the three scriptures given by Yu Yu, as an elementary part. He had only reached a mid-level and was still quite far away from the higher level.

With the disguise crafted by Ji Hao, he transformed into Zhu Rong Long and walked around in the fence wall. To be honest, this boy felt rather proud of doing this. Although he was still weak, the three elite warriors behind him were solid.

Taking so many powerful warriors who were all way more powerful than himself and swaggering around on the fence wall, this felt truly not bad. Especially when people walking in or out of the city politely and respectfully bowed to him, the boy felt even better.

Abruptly, a middle-aged man wearing a servant's short-sleeves shirt quickly approached the fence wall where Wood Luo was walking on, from the direction of the city gate.

Wood Luo's face instantly turned dark. Yao Mountain City had strict rules that civilians of this city were only allowed to walk on appointed roads. For important areas like the city wall, civilians stayed away from these areas for at least five-hundred meters away, not to mention servants, who were in even lower positions.

"What are you doing? Step back, do not come close! Or you will be killed!"

Wood Luo stood on the fence wall and shouted at the middle-aged man while pointing at him with the finger,

All disciples of Ji Hao who had been learning in his dojo had engraved the rules of Yao Mountain city in their minds. Their parents and families were all slaves, but after they joined Ji Hao's dojo and became Ji Hao's disciples, the lives of their families had been changed thoroughly.

Wood Luo was Ji Hao's own disciple, and all those important unfilled positions in Yao Mountain Territory were prepared for disciples like him. Their families were all slaves, but because of them, who had been taken by Ji Hao as disciples, their families became civilians again and gained the qualification of living in Yao Mountain City.

For the above reasons, all Ji Hao's disciples and their families saw Ji Hao as a God and even worshiped him. Those the rules set by Ji Hao were just like the rules of heaven in their hearts, and not a single person was allowed to violate those rules.

Wood Luo pointed at that middle-aged man and shouted loudly out. Behind him, tens of elite warriors had already picked up their longbows and put arrows on the bowstrings, targeted on that man.

The middle-aged man remained walking quickly towards the fence wall. While walking, he laughed loudly towards Wood Luo and said, "Lord, Lord, I'm coming to offer a treasure. Just now, in the woods outside the city, I found……"

Before the middle-aged man finished his words, Wood Luo had already given out his order, "Kill him!"

Wood Luo's mind was simple, no matter what this man wanted to do, whether to kiss his ass or truly come to offer some precious treasures to him, he would have to die as long as he dared to approach the fence wall!

That was one of the rules of Yao Mountain city set by Ji Hao himself; the rule was unbreakable, it should brook no offense!

Following his order, tens of warriors pulled their longbows open and released a wave of arrows, flying towards that middle-aged man along with a shrill swishing noise.

The middle-aged man let out a resonant growl and suddenly, his skin blasted out, from which, an especially strong silhouette dashed out. As he roared out, Wood Luo and the group of elite warriors standing behind him all started vomiting blood.

This man's roar was as strong as thunder, nearly vibrating Wood Luo and warriors behind him straight into pieces. Fortunately, they all had jade talismans crafted by Ji Hao carried with them. Detecting the attack, these jade talismans exploded and directly drew the tremendous power of the Heaven and Earth great formation, covering Wood Luo and his warriors up with a thick layer of multicolored light screen. Thus, the strong effect of the man's rumbling roar was finally stopped.

Buzz! Twelve silver light streaks flashed across the air.

Yao Mountain City suddenly came alive. Countless divine spell symbols emerged from the city wall and the ground. Meanwhile, multicolored, huge streams of star power, which normally were hiding, now poured down from the heaven like flooding rivers along with an earth-shaking noise. They then transformed into numerous water-tank-sized, multicolored divine thunderbolts, striking the middle-aged man's body.

"This…" The middle-aged man shouted out in anger as tens of divine thunderbolts accurately struck on his body, making him madly roll on the ground. Nevertheless, facing those fierce multicolored divine thunderbolts which were powerful enough to kill Magus Kings, this man only took a few quick gasps but didn't seem to be harmed at all.

Deep growls abruptly came from the city gate. The skins of tens of servants ruptured and from inside their bodies, silhouettes which were much taller than themselves dashed out.

"Kill! Kill every last person in this city!" roared all of them.

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