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Immemorial sun steamer was a top-grade world-accompanying spirit treasure with the ability to gather pre-world essence sun power. It was immensely powerful.

A world-accompanying spirit treasure like this didn't require too much power of its owner to release a terrifyingly great power. But of course, as Ji Hao grew more and more powerful, the power released by the immemorial sun streamer would grow even more as well.

Ji Hao injected all the power contained in his first stream of Yu Yu's Dao of Qi into the immemorial sun streamer, after which, the streams of essence sun fire released by the streamer instantly transformed into beams of hair-thin fiery light. Being sliced across by a beam of fiery light condensed from essence sun fire, the leather armor worn by Polo Si was cut open easily as if it was actually a piece of tofu.

Polo Si was mastered in the skills of sneak attack and assassination. With these abilities, he was a legendary-level warrior. However, the feature of Yu Clan people' bodies was an unchangeable reality that they were all born with limited body conditions. No matter how hard Polo Si tried to strengthen his body, he could never improve his body condition to the level of Jia Clan warriors.

The fiery beam of light condensed from essence sun fire by the immemorial sun streamer sliced across Polo Si's waist. He screamed himself hoarse as his body was cut into two. Additionally, the wounds started to burn speedily and soon, half a foot long part of his body was burned into a puff of smoke.

"Help me!" Polo Si screamed desperately. He widely opened his pair of eyes, making him look like a fierce ghost while wailing in a great panic, "Help me! I can't die in here! I'm a direct descendant of Polo family. My father has his chance to take over the entire family, I can't die in here!"

"Surrender, or die!" Ji Hao looked at Polo Si coldly and said, while slightly waving the immemorial sun streamer held in his hands and temporarily stopped burning Polo Si's body. Although Polo Si's body was nearly burned out, powerful beings at the level of Divine-Magus all had surprisingly strong life-force. Even Yu Clan people were the same. Polo Si now looked extremely miserable, but if he could have some time and take enough medicine to cure the injuries, his body would regrow and be complete again. The new body surely wouldn't be as powerful and strong as the original one, but at least, no disability would be left on him.

"Surrender?" Polo Si hesitated.

Noble Yu Clan people naturally had their own pride to protect. Ji Hao wanted him to surrender, but he couldn't make the decision in a short while.

"Surrender, or I kill your master!" Ji Hao turned around and shouted at the four Jia Clan warriors, who were being beaten fiercely.

The four Jia Clan warriors paused for a second. These four extraordinarily powerful Jia Clan warriors, who hadn't yet fallen too deep in disadvantage even under the attacks launched by the eight Zhu Rong Country Divine Magi and a great magic formation joint-handedly, abruptly cast a roar towards the sky then ragingly threw their weapons onto the ground.

Four towering mountains were flattened entirely by the four weapons they threw out. Reluctantly, the four Jia Clan warriors took off their broken armors with badly darkened faces, then threw out the armors as well. After all this, the four Jia Clan warriors held their hands behind their heads and kneeled in midair.

The eight Zhu Rong Country Divine Magi gasped for a little while, then walked up without any hesitation and launched a violent wave of heavy punches and kicks on the four Jia Clan warriors. All these eight Divine Magi were commanders of Zhu Rong's personal army, but even together with the help of a great formation that was specially designed to trap and distract enemies, they actually didn't manage to take out these four Jia Clan warriors timely. This had truly made them feel quite embarrassed.

After beating these four Jia Clan warriors cruelly and giving them swollen faces with large bruises, Zhu Rong Long took out thirty-six 'fire boa god-trapping awls' that were specially crafted by Zhu Rong himself. These fire boa god-trapping awls were oddly shaped, each of them twisting and wriggling just like a raging boa, and the surfaces of these awls were thickly covered in fine barbs. Every awl was wrapped in a raging fire that was dark-green in color. Obviously, these awls were highly poisonous.

The top of the head, the backside of the neck, heart, limbs and the other vital body parts; Zhu Rong Long stuck nine fire boa god-trapping awls in the body of each of these four Jia Clan warriors. Those countless barbs on the awls clashed against the tough muscles and bones of these Jia Clan warriors, ceaselessly causing ear-piercing noises.

Once those fire boa god-trapping awls were pierced into their bodies, the faces of all the four extremely powerful Jia Clan warriors darkened immediately, as they torpidly fall to the ground, lying on the ground like puddles of slush.

"Damn you!" Polo Si screamed out hysterically, "Damn you all!"

Ji Hao snorted coldly. His primordial spirit transformed into a cyan stream of light and returned to his body. He then pointed his finger in the air and instantly, a purely black altar for cursing appeared on the vehicle. As he waved his hand, the upper part of Polo Si's body rose up into the air and landed on the altar. Tens of purely black and sharp bone thorns thrust out of the altar, penetrating all vital body parts of Polo Si, firmly sealing him on the altar.

Ji Hao was worried that Polo Si might have some other means to escape. Therefore, he took out the mountain and river stamper once again and put the stamper, which had already shrunk to the size of a fist, directly on Polo Si's forehead. The immensely great power of gravity surged straight into Polo Si's body, oppressed his soul and made him unable to do anything but show a miserable look.

"Kid, look at me now. I cannot escape like this." said Polo Si while wailing, "Take this damned stamper away, what kind of treasure is this? Damn it, it has a sense of a pre-world power… Is it a pre-world treasure?"

Ji Hao sneered, then rudely ripped off the silver ring worn on the middle finger of Polo Si's left hand.

Polo Si screamed out right away in sorrow. Despairingly, he looked at the sky, showed his teeth and roared in a hoarse voice, "These are my personal properties! Damn it! You can't do this! This is what bandits…"

Bang! Man Man wielded her hammer and gave a merciless strike on Polo Si's mouth.

All of Polo Si's teeth were smashed into bits. But his spirit blood was sealed inside his body, because of which, he couldn't heal his broken face, and neither could he let another word out.

"Ji Hao, look, how many good things are in there?" Man Man yelled with a pair of brightly sparkling eyes. She threw her hammer away and hung on Ji Hao's arm like a monkey.

Ji Hao smilingly nodded, then released a stream of Yu Yu's divine light. The seemingly soft divine light wrapped up this exquisite ring that was shaped as three coiled rose flowing branches and began milling it. Along with a sizzling noise, silver light spots started flying out of the ring without an end, and soon, the seal of soul left in the ring by Polo Si was crushed by the Yu Yu's divine light.

Ji Hao sent a stream of spiritual power into the ring, after which, he couldn't help but be shocked by the immense inner space of the ring.

The inner space of the ring was incredibly huge, even nearly a hundred times bigger than the hall inside Ji Hao's vehicle that could contain thousands of people. Inside the ring, shockingly great amounts of black magic crystal pieces were piled up. Those brightly shining crystals with smooth luster were all water magic crystals.

At first sight, Ji Hao found that at least ten million pieces of water magic crystal were piled up in this place. This was a stunningly great fortune for Ji Hao.

Apart from those water magic crystals, a box cast from black metal was floating in the middle of the space. Three-hundred and sixty thumb-sized grits were placed in the box. Dense water powerful ceaselessly surged out of these black grits. With a single slight touch, Ji Hao's spiritual power was frozen and shattered by these black grits.

"Pre-world divine material… divine water grit? Three-hundred and sixty… what a fortune!" Ji Hao exclaimed surprisingly, "Such a shame, why aren't these pre-world divine fire material? Those would be rather useful to me."

"Divine water grit?" Zhu Rong Long walked over and shouted out in shock, "In these days, pre-world divine water grit can only be found in the deepest ocean eyes of the Northern Dark Ocean, and this kind of divine material is monopolized by the Gong Gong family!"

Ji Hao's face instantly turned dark.

Remaining silent for a short while, Ji Hao scanned across the broken ground below with his spiritual power, then suddenly growled out.

"Turn around, go back to Yao Mountain City!"

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