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Feng Xing's threat calmed all the Ink Ape Clan warriors down.

Just now, Feng Xing wounded their necks with those sharp arrows and the arrows blasted out inside their necks. By depending on the strong life-force of Senior Magi, they could still recover from this. But if the arrows pierced into their eye sockets and the explosive force harmed their brains and souls, they would be truly dead.

Being wounded in this not so significant conflict was not a big deal, but sacrificing their own lives for this would be too unworthy.

Even though their brains had been all nearly burned by the rage and alcohol, these Ink Ape Clan warriors quieted down anyway. They glanced at each other, not knowing what to do. They had no idea about how they should call an end to this.

When Shaosi first launched the move, Ji Hao had already come nearby.

He concealed his body with a nine secret words magic, standing not too far away from Shaosi, watching those Ink Ape Clan warriors capriciously doing what they wanted. The flames of anger had swooshed right up to his head from his heart.

If it were not for that he didn't have any trusted clansmen in Pu Ban city, he did not need to reply about these unruly warriors at all.

These warriors were so rampant, even to an extreme level. A couple of hours ago, they were just taught a lesson by Ji Hao. But right after that, they abducted the middle-aged slave warrior and his daughter, along with other non-humankind young girls, brought them here and attempted to let off their desires on them.

Ji Hao had no prejudice to behaviors like seizing and forcibly occupying women from the enemies' sides. He didn't have mysophobia in morality, and in such a world, things like this just couldn't be more common.

However, these slave warriors and their families were Ji Hao's responsibilities. Ji Hao was responsible for escorting them back to Pu Ban City if anything happened to them and any loss was caused during their journey back, Ji Hao would have to take the blame.

Regarding principles, these Ink Ape Clan warriors had violated military rules by intentionally encroaching the interests of Alliance of Human Clans.

In smaller terms, they hadn't been showing any respect to Ji Hao and his teammates. By doing so, they violated the dignities of Ji Hao and his teammates and caused negative effects to Ji Hao's authority.

Seeing Feng Xing overawe these unruly warriors, Ji Hao dispelled the magic. His body gradually showed up in the air. Trodding on a fiery cloud, he floated in the air over ten zhang high from the ground, while clapping his hands slowly and loudly.

"Go on, go on and beat them! Shaosi, do not worry, beat them to death… just beat them to death!" shouted Ji Hao harshly, "Feng Xing, haven't you eaten anything? Wrist gone soft? Heart gone soft as well? Why did you shoot them on the necks? Just kill them straightaway!"

Suddenly, a raging fire roared out from Ji Hao's body, within which, the pair of fiery wings spread out behind Ji Hao's body over ten Zhangs wide. In coordination with Ji Hao, Mr. Crow released great streams of flame from his beak while expanding his body to hundred-zhang, floating upon Ji Hao's head and letting out ear-piercing, resonant caws.

An intense, violent and fierce sense of power instantly filled the entire space up. A dreadfully great heat had almost melted the ground.

Ji Hao looked at those Ink Ape Clan warriors and continued in that harsh tone, "You think you all are quite powerful? Believe that you're bold? Come on, pick up your swords and carry on! I swear on all ancestors' souls of the Gold Crow Clan, that if I let anyone of you live, I will become your grandson!"

He then wielded his right hand and following his move, a zhang-wide flame palm swooshed out thunderously, fiercely smashing on the bodies of a few Ink Ape Clan warriors. The flame surged up while the great heat spread out. Consequently, the few poor warriors fell to the ground, howling hoarsely. The fire burned their entire bodies black, such that their skins were now thickly covered in black and glowing red blisters.

"How many of your Ink Ape Clan warriors are in this troop responsible for escorting slaves and slave warriors? All come over here!" Ji Hao yelled loudly, "Get them all here! I'll let you die one by one!"

He proudly held his head high, raised that tablet representing his identity as a Magus of the Magi Palace, and continued in a cold voice, "With the price of all credits I earned in this war, I will kill every last one of you unruly scums. Guess, will I be punished by the Magi Palace?"

"If I kill you bunch of scums out, would your elders turn against me because of you idiots? I assure you if your Ink Ape Clan still can't tell what's right and what's wrong, in the future, all your kids that you sent into the Magi Palace as apprentices would be…"

"Hehe." Ji Hao didn't finish his sentence, only giving a weird and creepy sneer.

The looks of all Ink Ape Clan warriors changed instantly. They glanced at each other, exchanging thoughts with their eyes, but dared not to make any sound.

Ji Hao threatened to kill them all, that didn't make them fear. They didn't believe that Ji Hao, a mere kid, and the few teammates of his, would be able to kill all Ink Ape Clan warriors who were responsible for escorting slaves this time.

But Ji Hao threatened to do bad things to the young ones of their Clan, who were in the Magi Palace as apprentices!

This had just hit the nails on their heads. Anyone knew that the Magi Palace possessed a special position in Pu Ban city, and every single kid who was sent to the Magi Palace was a true elite among elites. Those youths were all top-ranking talents. All clan elders would try anything to send more kids to Magi Palace, and all youths educated by the Magi Palace were a lot stronger than ordinary clansmen. More importantly, those kids could learn a lot of 'knowledge' from the Magi Palace which their own clans did not have!

If comparing two clans which were equally powerful, but one of them had youths who were educated in the Magi Palace constantly coming back to the clan, while the other one did not, in a hundred years at most, the former would be able to easily swallow the latter up.

Ji Hao's unfinished sentence made these Ink Ape Clan warriors lose in wild thoughts — Did he mean that in the future, all Ink Ape Clan kids in the Magi Palace would…'die'?

A slight cough came from afar. Two middle-aged men who were wearing leather armors were walking towards Ji Hao quickly. From a great distance, their faces were already filled with big flattering grins, while their waists were bowed.

"Lord Ji Hao, it's all because of these reckless things who knew nothing. We are deeply sorry that they have offended you!" said one of the two middle-aged man who had walked up to Ji Hao and bowed deeply to him. "We failed to discipline them well. These idiots are way too unruly, but please, please don't blame them. We will certainly, severely punish them after we get back." continued this man.

Shaosi silently moved to Ji Hao's side, coldly staring at the two men, with the long spear held in her hands and the round-shaped shield rotating slowly around her body.

Shaosi's frigid gaze made both of them quiver. They knew that Ji Hao was the leader. Therefore, they squeezed a bigger grin out of their faces, ceaselessly apologizing for the offense done to Ji Hao and his teammates by their clansmen. Their humble behavior and languages even made those Ink Ape Clan warriors, who were on the scene and watching this, blush with shame.

However, none of those Ink Ape Clan warriors said anything. It was obvious that these two men were holding high positions in the Ink Ape Clan.

"You are…" Ji Hao looked at these two men. They were not from Ji Hao's troop, and therefore Ji Hao truly had no idea about their identities.

The two of them hurriedly told their names. One was named Mo Shan, while the other one named Mo Shui. They were blood brothers, also big warriors of Ink Ape Clan; their positions were roughly equal to the position of the warrior leader of Gold Crow Clan.

Among all Ink Ape Clan warriors who were responsible for escorting slaves and slave warriors this time, Mo Shan and Mo Shui were the highest commanders.

Ji Hao coldly looked at them, giving vent through a torrent of yells at them.

Mo Shan and Mo Shui maintained that humble manner, continuously bowing and apologizing to Ji Hao while listening to whatever Ji Hao yelled. They just bore all Ji Hao's words, as if they were not capable of getting angry.

After a grave wave of tongue-lashing, Mo Shan and Mo Shui directed all Ink Ape Clan warriors back to their own positions. All of them were as obedient as battle beasts.

Ji Hao looked at the backs of Mo Shan and Mo Shui, which were moving away and becoming hazier and hazier, and abruptly gave a few sneers.

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