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In heaven, Ji Hao and Mr. Crow had been walking quickly through a series of paths and corridors. About ten Gold Crow guards followed closely behind him while looking around curiously.

The palaces in this area were designed in an ancient style. Every tile and brick seemed to be telling the long history of the heaven. A faint divine light shone from the brickwork joints. Every inch of space in this area was filled with countless secret divine seals, that any outsider would die immediately if he or she approached it.

Ji Hao was a divine god, and had powerful treasures like the golden bridge, but still, he was only allowed to walk with his feet in this area, without daring to fly through the space. After all, this was the most important, core area of the heaven. The palace in this area was called 'Wisdom Star Palace'. All scriptures, history books, annals, and secret records were kept in this place.

"I've read almost every secret record in the Magi Palace and found nothing about Dragon Mother and her nine sons." While pushing open the front gate of the Wisdom Star Palace, Ji Hao laughed to Mr. Crow, "I guess, same like the records about Priest Hua and Priest Mu, their records are only open to a very small number of top-grade human leaders, or have been destroyed by some ancient human leaders on purposes."

"But, since the world was created and the heaven was formed, everything that happened in this world is recorded in this Wisdom Star Palace." Ji Hao walked into the palace. While moving between the thousands of meters tall bookshelves, he swiftly scanned across the jade name tags on each shelf with his great spirit power. "Dragon Mother was so powerful. There has to be a record of her in the heaven."

Dragon Mother moved as fast as lightning, that even Ji Hao couldn't see her movements clearly. Her strength was terrifyingly great, that even the Pan Gu bell was pressured by her. She was brutal and vicious, as she could even beat her own sons to half-death. She was exceptionally powerful, without a moral bottom line. Ji Hao had to figure out her history; otherwise, he wouldn't be able to stop worrying.

Qiu Niu and Ao Bai disappeared after returning to the heaven. Ji Hao searched through a small half of the heaven but failed to find even a trace of theirs. Ji Hao guessed that they were preparing some secret plan. Afterward, Ji Hao came directly to the Wisdom Star Palace to look for an answer.

With his spirit power, he read countless name tags. Since the world was created, many great events had happened, and numberless remarkable living beings emerged. The heaven kept a record of everything and everyone. The divine files in the Wisdom Star Palace were like a boundless ocean, and these name tags were even more than the natural stars in the sky.

The deeper Ji Hao walked into the palace, the older files he found. When he almost reached the ends of the bookshelves, he stopped abruptly and picked up a faintly golden, rolled-up divine page from a shelf. The page was made from an unknown material, as thin as cicada's wings. Layers of mists and clouds had been rolling inside the page, making it look like a tiny world, with endless secrets hidden in it.

Small silver divine characters were densely written on this page, telling many stories. The first line on the first page read, 'Before the world was created, in the Chaos, a linden tree sprouted an unknown period of time ago...'

This page was a record of Priest Mu. Ji Hao curiously read a few lines, then nodded and conveniently put this page into his sleeve. Soon, he found the record of Priest Hua from the next shelf, and also put it in his sleeve.

He focused his spirit power on the shelves in this area. With surprise, Ji Hao found out that back in the ancient time, tens of thousands of powerful beings were equally famous as Priest Hua and Priest Mu, but no human being knew the name of any of them.

"Maybe they have fallen, or..." Looking at those faintly glowing divine scrolls on the shelves, Ji Hao sighed in shock.

Suddenly, his eyes swept across a name tag, marked with Peng Ju, Peng Zhi, and Peng Jiao.

"The three 'Peng'?" Ji Hao recalled what the mysterious man said about being careful of the three 'Peng'.

"Peng Ju, Peng Zhi, Peng Jiao? The three 'Peng'? The 'Three Corpse Gods'?" Countless thoughts immediately popped up in Ji Hao's mind, all related to 'Cut the Three Corpse and become a saint!'

Without thinking, he picked up this divine record, but before he read the contents, he saw a name tag of 'Chaos Dragon' right next to the three 'Peng'. He put the three 'Pengs' record into his sleeve and picked up the record of the Chaos Dragon.

As he thought, this was a record of Dragon Mother. He read it carefully, and his heart began thumping.

At first, the dragon-kind didn't exist in Pan Gu world. Saint Pan Gu created the world, then countless Chaos monsters attacked him and attempted to steal Pan Gu world. Among these Chaos monsters, two were Chaos dragons. They were twins, a brother and a sister.

Saint Pan Gu crushed millions and millions of Chaos monsters. The male Chaos dragon died under Saint Pan Gu's axe, and the female dragon was injured severely, also by the axe. She almost died, but luckily fled away from the battleground, and wasn't killed by Saint Pan Gu right on the spot.

Numberless Chaos monsters died, and Saint Pan Gu fell. His tremendous spirit blood energy was gathered by the power of creation of Pan Gu world, and was ready to generate an incredibly powerful creature, which would inherit Saint Pan Gu's nearly invincible body.

But, the world was young, and the power of creation wasn't mature. This creature would have Saint Pan Gu's strength, but what would it look like? Even the God of Wisdom who wrote this part of the record didn't know what exactly happened back then. Therefore, the descriptions were vague. Simply speaking, at last, this spirit blood energy 'copied' the male Chaos dragon and generated the dragon ancestor.

According to the God of Wisdom's guess, among all Chaos monsters who attacked Saint Pan Gu, the two chaos dragons had the greatest strength. Therefore, Saint Pan Gu's spirit blood energy decided to 'copy' the body of the powerful male Chaos dragon, and hence, the dragon ancestor was created.

After being born, the dragon ancestor naturally had a favorable impression of the male Chaos dragon, who looked almost exactly the same as himself. He saved the female Chaos dragon, who was dying, and protected her, allowing her to survive in the dangerous ancient Pan Gu world.

Because of the passion, or the love that came in time, later on, they became a couple and had quite a few baby dragons.

Ji Hao read the record slowly and carefully. This record of Dragon Mother was quite detailed. Dragon Mother was born ferocious, that she often lost her temper and became hysterical, causing countless troubles. If the dragon ancestor weren't so powerful and strong, perhaps Dragon Mother would have been beaten to death by the ones who hated her.

But at last, according to this divine record, Dragon Mother was sealed and imprisoned by the dragon ancestor because she was 'atrocious and merciless', and caused a great 'misfortune'. The nine sons of hers, who inherited her ferociousness, were imprisoned in unknown ocean eyes as well.

What scared Ji Hao even more was that the dragon ancestor wasn't able to overpower her alone. He asked Donggong, Ximu, and Netherworld Priest to help, and only then finally managed to capture her alive and imprison her in an ocean eye.

"This old woman is so powerful!" Ji Hao gasped in shock. By now, he had a direct estimate of Dragon Mother's power.

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