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The sunlight illuminated the world and also lightened these three priests' bodies. Through the sunlight, Ji Hao clearly 'heard' this middle-aged man, who killed his clone. He's tone was flat, yet the words were aggressive. Ji Hao felt that this middle-aged priest was highly confident, and this extreme confidence was given by his power and strong background.

In Ji Hao's spiritual space, countless blood-red soul shreds had still been releasing an evil power, disabling him from controlling his embryo of Dao freely.

Pondering shortly, Ji Hao let a golden beam of light flash across his forehead. Another clone was released from his eye of Dao, walking to the Central Hall in the heaven with airy steps. Just then, his first clone was killed, but the clone's death hardly hurt Ji Hao. Ji Hao felt no worse than being pricked by a needle.

But, why did the three priests dare to attack a clone of a divine emperor? This was worth pondering. Ji Hao didn't believe that under the current circumstances, Priest Hua and Priest Mu would challenge him again, as they were busy enough defending themselves right now, weren't they? After all, ten Pan Yu saints were still in their peaceful world. How could they have the spare time and energy to make more troubles?

In the Central Hall, Ao Bai was sullenly looking at Dong Gong's Hao Tian mirror.

In the glowing mirror, Ao Hao and the other dragon kings, as well as their warriors had been escorting the human beings back to Yao Mountain City. Because of these human beings, the dragon troops had slowed down, that even the nearest troop needed at least half a year to arrive at Yao Mountain City.

Ao Bai's face turned blue in anger. His hands had turned into a pair of dragon claws. The sharp claws clanked against each other, sending up fire sparks as he counted the losses. Tens of thousands of pure-blood dragon warriors had died, and this severe loss nearly gave him an unbearable heartache, which almost made him faint.

What about the gains? There were gains. Ao Hao and the other dragon warriors killed a giant number of Jia Clan warriors and lion eagle beasts. The world sensed their contributions and gifted them some natural rewards power. However, the natural rewards power Ao Bai earned this time was far less than what he owed the world for ascending to the throne. Therefore, generally speaking, the losses that the dragon-kind suffered this time were way greater than the gains.

In the Hao Tian mirror, the evil efficacy of the dragon-slaying magic had been neutralized by the mighty power of the giant cauldron, but the dragon-slaying magic still affected these dragon warriors badly. Including Ao Hao, all dragon kings on battlefields were pale, as if they had lost too much spirit blood.

"Dragon-slaying magic...Dragon-slaying magic...Chu Wu Clan people are truly developing this secret dragon-slaying magic!" Ao Bai purposely glanced at Qing Qiang and said with a deep voice, "Is there anything in the world they dare not to do? If they have a dragon-slaying magic, they may also have a..."

Qing Qiang snorted. She knew that Ao Bai was trying to drag the phoenix-kind into the trouble too, but he was right. The dragon-slaying magic was truly nasty. Since Chu Wu Clan people had already secretly developed this dragon-slaying magic, inevitably, they might have had been preparing to do something to the phoenix-kind too with a secret phoenix-slaying magic.

Throwing a glance at Ao Bai, Qing Qiang responded coldly, "Chu Wu Clan people are heinous. They should be punished by the heaven."

"Chu Wu people have willingly become devils. They don't see themselves as human beings anymore. As they have committed such a serious crime, they should indeed be punished by the heaven. But, what's most important at the moment is we should stop Emperor Xun's army from intruding Chong Mountain." Once Qing Qiang finished her sentence, Ji Hao's clone came into the hall and joined the conversation with a deep voice.

"Emperor Ji Hao, you are absolutely right." Dong Gong approved immediately. "Most of the human beings supported Si Wen Ming. People want him to take over the crown...If Emperor Xun recklessly assaults Chong Mountain, the human-kind would suffer a huge loss. Not to mention that, as the owners of the heaven, if we stay aside and ignore this, I'm afraid that the world would be enraged, and we would all be punished."

"Emperor Xun!" Ao Bai's face turned darker and darker.

This time, the dragon-kind lost tens of thousands of pure-blood members, and Emperor Xun was the cause. Did he collude with the non-humankind and raise a coalition force to attack the clans which supported Si Wen Ming? If he didn't act so wildly against the human society, how would this chaotic war happen? How would the dragon-kind suffer such a huge loss?

"Ignorant kid, how dare he?" Ao Bai used to be like a graceful scholar, but at the moment, the fire of anger rose from his heart. Following a series of bone creaking noise, a pair of colorful dragon horns grew out of his forehead, while his body swelled to tens of meters tall. His head was quickly shifting shape into a ferocious dragon head from the head of an elegant young man.

He was Bixi, the most strengthful one among the dragon ancestor's nine sons. He shifted into a half-dragon half-human shape, with his body covered in thick, shield-shaped dark scales. A scorching, brutish power spread from his body as he roared thunderously towards the sky. He pulled out a large long-handled hammer, then stormed out of the hall.

"I'm killing Emperor Xun right now!" Ao Bai gritted his teeth tight and caused a creaking noise. While marching out of the heaven, he growled, "Boys, follow me to Pu Ban City...Since we're already a part of this war, let's finish this! Let's end those scums' lives, crush every one of those bloody Gong Sun Family kids...If Xuanyuan kid wants an explanation, I will talk to him!"

Raising his head, Ao Bai trod on a dark cloud, hollering while flying out of the heaven, "When have we dragons ever suffered such a loss? Let's kill Emperor Xun first, then destroy Chu Wu Clan...I'm a divine emperor now. I do whatever I want! Whoever dares to go against Master Bixi will die under my hammer!"

In the Central Hall, Ji Hao was speechless, while Zhu Rong chuckled and Qing Qiang rolled her eyes. Dong Gong smiled and said, "Dragons... They have always been so straightforward. Hehe, hehe, simple and frank, quite adorable!"

Ji Hao, Zhu Rong, and Qing Qiang each threw a sideways glance at Dong Gong at the same time. What did he say? 'Frank and adorable'? Like the ones who could bear all the blames?

"I just wanted to remind Emperor Ao Bai that some people around Emperor Xun aren't so simple...But, he just rushed out like that. Eh, it's a good thing though. Emperor Xun is turning this world into a mess. We can't let him." Ji Hao sighed and said slowly.

"When our kids are misbehaving themselves, we should just beat them, like I did to my oldest son, Tonggong, when he was little… He used to be very naughty. Every time, I would hang him under a roof and lash him with a dragon-skin whip...You need to do it for a couple of times, and you need to beat him like you're killing him every time. As long as you don't truly beat him to death, the kid will soon become obedient and capable." Standing aside, Zhu Rong coughed and said with laughter.

"Hehe." "Haha."

Ji Hao, Zhu Rong, Dong Gong, and Qing Qiang all chuckled quite meaningfully.

From the Hao Tian mirror, they saw Ao Bai and all dragon warriors in the heaven swarming out with wrath, heading straight to Pu Ban City.

Thinking back about the moves made by the three priests from Emperor Xun's palace, Ji Hao was a little heavy-hearted. The three priests were powerful. Ao Bai wouldn't fall in disadvantages when facing them, would he?

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