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Ji Hao's clone stood on an ear of the giant cauldron, smilingly looking around. He was enjoying the thriving life-force being released from Pu Ban people, as well as the scorching, strong, and pure faith power. Ji Hao felt intoxicated, as if he were drinking a strong liquor.

While sinking in this beautiful feeling, he saw an enormous battle flag rise from Emperor Xun's palace. Painted on the flag was a standing flying bear that trampled on mountains while holding a longsword in the mouth, as blood had been dripping down from the sword tip.

This was the flying bear blood battle flag of Gong Sun Family. Once it was raised, Gong Sun Family warriors would fight to the last drop of their blood.

In the old days, Emperor Xuanyuan gathered millions of human clans and raised a coalition force to fight against the non-humankind. Back then, numberless Gong Sun Family ancestors showered blood under this battle flag, building its eternal glory with their blood and flesh.

After the abdication of Emperor Xuanyuan, this battle flag was never raised again. This blood-stained flag was kept in the Holy Emperor Temple in You Xiong City. Except on the ancestral worshipping ceremonies, no one ever saw this flag, which represented the unyielding human spirit, again.

But just then, Emperor Xun had actually raised this flying bear blood battle flag. Who was he fighting against? Who was he fighting with?

He had already joined the non-humankind. In collusion with Yu Huo's clone, he was hurting the humankind. But, he raised this battle flag, which represented the indomitable, fearless spirit of human beings...Whatever he intended to do, Ji Hao felt ridiculous, hilarious!

Muffled drums could be heard. Along with the sky-shaking roars of the dragon warriors, the flying bear cavalrymen, who had been fighting intensely against the dragon warriors just then, retreated like an ebbing tide. Through the temporary teleporting formation, these cavalrymen returned to Pu Ban City at their highest speed and gathered around Emperor Xun's palace.

Other than the cavalrymen from Gong Sun Family, the family forces from Mi Family, Xiong Family, and the other branches of Gong Sun Family had also been approaching Pu Ban City from all directions. Apart from these families, which shared the same origination with Gong Sun Family, a large number of other families and clans who chose to follow Emperor Xun had also sent their armies to Pu Ban City following the war drums.

The sun shone upon Pan Gu Motherland. Through the sunlight, Ji Hao saw that numerous troops quickly gathering to the city. Pu Ban people stopped cheering abruptly. Hearing the muffled, aggressive war drums, countless people turned to Emperor Xun's palace with worry.

Emperor Xun raised the flying bear blood battle flag. What was he doing? What did he want? Who was he fighting against?

High up in the air. Ao Hao and the other dragon commanders contacted each other through a secret magic. Next, with confusion and sadness, these dragon warriors, who had lost tens of thousands of brothers carefully escorted the people from Xiong Shan's Clan and the other clans back to Yao Mountain City.

These dragons weren't so smart, but still, they clearly sensed the change of atmosphere in Pu Ban City. Instinctively, they felt that a mad dog had been grinding its teeth, drooling and preparing to give everyone a crazy bite.

Emperor Xun's order was ridiculous. He ordered his people to kill everyone who sided against him, but he didn't even figure out exactly how many people were against him. But after all, he was supported by Gong Sun Family elders. When a certain number of warriors gathered around his palace, a clear military instruction was given from the palace.

Following at thunderous growl, a fierce aura of killing reached straight to the sky. Along with shrill whistles, Emperor Xun's army turned around, heading to Chong Mountain.

The enormous army was like a wriggling black dragon, baring its teeth and stretching its claws. Other than this army which was under Emperor Xun's direct command, countless troops from the clans and families which chose to follow Emperor Xun had also been heading in the same direction from Pu Ban City.

Standing on an ear of the cauldron, the expression of Ji Hao's clone changed suddenly.

Chong Mountain was the base You Chong Family, Si Wen Ming's hometown. Si Wen Ming's father, Si Xi's first title was Earl Chong. He was You Chong Clan's leader. You Chong Clan was one of the most influential human clans. Billions of people from Si Wen Ming's family gathered around the You Chong clan.

Si Wen Ming stayed in the sun world for forging the nine cauldrons. Therefore, the clan was now managed by a group of elders.

Recently, some clan leaders and princes who chose to support Si Wen Ming had moved to Yao Mountain City with their people, while some other supporters of Si Wen Ming moved their people to Chong Mountain, based on the nearby principle.

By now, a great number of clans which chose to support Si Wen Ming gathered around Chong Mountain. Emperor Xun's army marched to Chong Mountain, and would definitely start a bloody battle, which would be a great consumption of the life-force of the humankind.

"Emperor Xun, how dare you?" Ji Hao growled through gritted teeth. He leaped up and transformed into a golden light beam, flying to Emperor Xun's palace.

Once Ji Hao moved, three faint light streams rose from Emperor Xun's palace, turned in the air and darted to Ji Hao. As the lights flashed across the air, three men showed up before Ji Hao's face and blocked his way.

"Emperor Ji Hao, please stop. You are a divine emperor. I'm afraid that you should not interfere with what's happening between human beings." A young man in a coarse long robe wielded the lotus held in his hand while speaking. Tens of petals fell off and immediately composed a complicated formation in front of Ji Hao.

Ji Hao's clone felt the air turned especially sticky. An enormous power was released from the lotus petal formation, disabling this weak clone from moving. He looked at the three priests in surprise, then sneered with his teeth clenched while asking, "What do Priest Mu and Priest Hua want? The non-humankind armies are arriving, and Pan Gu world is facing a true disaster..."

The young man who blocked Ji Hao's way smiled and gave a reply, "How can we understand what our Shifu wants? What does the true disaster of Pan Gu world have to do with you, emperor Ji Hao? You can simply return to the heaven, shut the door, and enjoy your life every day. You shall have no worry. Emperor, why do you have to be a part of this whole thing?"

Ji Hao looked at the three priests with narrowed eyes. Their bodies were glistening and a strong power of Dao could be sensed from them. Judging by the power waves releasing from their bodies, they were Priest Mu and Priest Hua' disciples indeed. But somehow, Ji Hao felt strange about the expressions on their faces.

"Your peaceful world is under..."

Ji Hao intended to feel out these three priests, but once he began taking, a middle-aged priest behind the young priest suddenly raised a finger. Along with an extremely shrill swishing noise, this clone's head exploded. This clone was condensed from a strand of essence sun fire, yet he was killed even before he could see how the enemy attacked.

In the divine palace, Ji Hao was still working on clearing the blood-red soul power in his spiritual space. He twitched suddenly as he sensed a piercing pain from his soul.

He opened his eyes and turned to where his clone died.

"The water is muddy and deep this time. If recklessly stepped in, you'll die." The middle-aged priest proudly raised his head, looked at the heaven's direction, and said.

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