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On Pan Gu Motherland, all spirit creatures which had the figures of their species left on the giant cauldron that stood in Pu Ban City felt a heavy, strange pressure weighing on their hearts, even though some of them didn't see the cauldron and didn't know what happened in Pu Ban City. They felt as if they were suffocated and locked by invisible chains and shackles.

They felt like sitting by the vent of a volcano. The volcano looked peaceful, but contained a devastating power that could immediately generate a raging fire to incinerate them if they did anything wrong.

Spirit creatures trembled with fear, while the human beings in Pu Ban City lighted up with pleasure, applauding with boiling blood.

Ever since Emperor Shun abdicated and this ridiculous Emperor Xun ascended to the throne, the entire humankind was shrouded in a miserable and gloomy atmosphere. Ruled by Emperor Xun, the human society was moving in reverse, and the group of Gong Sun Family scums around him were doing whatever they wanted. The hearts of Pu Ban people were covered in dark clouds, and no one could see the future of the humankind.

Because of the dark clouds in their hearts, these people didn't have the motivation to do anything. They became overcautious and indecisive; they were scared and their spirits and life-force declined. Consequently, even the strong and healthy young men in Pu Ban City became like timorous, ninety years old men.

When Emperor Shun was on the throne, people in Pu Ban City lived a thriving life, but under Emperor Xun's rule, the life-force of Pu Ban City dropped sharply. The entire humankind had become gloomy and lifeless in a downfall.

However, a raging fire was started from the cold hearts of these people when this giant cauldron appeared in Pu Ban City and these people saw it and read the inscriptions on it, watching the world history which was shown on it, from Saint Pan Gu creating the world to human ancestors breaking open a way through brambles and thorns.

Their blood surged in the vessels, while passion boiled in their chests. The darkness which loomed on Pu Ban people' hearts was gone. At the moment, they were laughing and loudly singing the praises of wise human ancestors and emperors.

Before the cauldron appeared, the powerful beings with sharp eyes might have found the entire Pu Ban City covered under dense dark clouds when looking down from the sky. But now, a red light was rising straight from the city, shining upon the whole world, even turning the sky red.

Strands of strong and highly concentrated faith power rose into the sky and transformed into faintly visible light streams, flowing into the cauldron. A rumbling buzzing noise could be heard from the cauldron. While absorbing the faith power from millions and millions of human beings, the cauldron gradually released a magnificent light. Its influence on the non-humankind grew stronger and stronger, and its range of influence grew larger and larger. In the meanwhile, the cauldron was connected with the hearts of all human beings, that every human being who saw it now felt the cauldron standing right in his or her heart, to steady and strengthen the heart and make it unshakable.

The humankind had an inexhaustible creativity with a giant population. As long as all human beings held an unshakable faith, the humankind would be the strongest and most powerful species in Pan Gu world with the greatest potential!

Ji Hao stood on an ear of the cauldron, feeling strands of faith power merging into streams, into great rivers, and ultimately into oceans, then flooding into the cauldron like a tsunami at last. At the moment, his power was connected with the cauldron. The strong faith power transformed into a scorching hot power stream and overwhelmed his clone. Through this clone, the real Ji Hao, who stayed in the heaven, also felt this incredible, scorching power.

Pure, heavy, simple, and gentle, the faith power from human beings was like mountain ranges that extended for millions of miles, without sharp edges but indestructible.

Sitting in the divine palace with crossed legs, Ji Hao smiled. The scorching, mighty power flew into his spiritual space and suddenly calmed the soul power storm which was left by Master Spirit-Slaughter in his spiritual space, and had troubled him for long. Flushed by this scorching power, the soul pieces in his spiritual space disintegrated rapidly while screaming.

Ji Hao had the Pan Gu bell, a giant amount of saint power, and the mill of great Dao...But, with all these together, he only managed to wear out the blood-red soul power bit by bit. However, the tremendous faith power naturally generated a scorching hot power, and when it flushed through his spiritual space, the tough blood-red soul power was crushed.

Great, marvelous, incredible!

The faith power from numberless weak human beings turned out to be so magical and formidable! Human beings were truly the owners of the natural fortune of Pan Gu world!

Sensing the quickly fading blood-red soul power inside his spiritual space, Ji Hao laughed out loud. The soul pieces disintegrated, making his embryo of Dao stronger and stronger, and gave him a deeper and deeper understanding of the great Dao. Both his cultivation and power had been improving as well!

Standing on an ear of the cauldron, Ji Hao's clone laughed out loud as well. He punched the cauldron's ear and made it buzz sonorously. Waves of strong and hot power swept across the world, echoing the cheers of millions of human beings as it illuminated the world with a splendid light and wiped out all evils.

Ao Hao and the other dragons who came to reinforce the attacked clans burst into resonant roars. The efficacy of the evil dragon-slaying magic was gone, and their wounds began healing. Hearing the tsunami-like cheers of human beings, they roared in surprise!

They didn't think that these weak and fragile human beings could actually generate such a thunderous sound!

Dragons and human beings were all Pan Gu's descendants, but Ao Hao and his dragon warriors were seriously shocked by the frightful power that suddenly erupted from these human beings.

Emperor Xun was also badly shocked. Dumbly standing in his palace and hearing the cheers from his 'insignificant people', sensing the overwhelming power spreading wave by wave, he felt that his throne was even shaking.

"How dare these bloody lowly things do this? How dare they cheer and laugh like this without my permission? How dare they not cheer for me?" Emperor Xun roared hysterically, "What do they want? Are they rising in rebellion? How dare they? Are they against me? They must be against me!"

Emperor Xun suddenly lunged the golden spear in his hand and killed a maid who was kneeling on the ground, then hollered, "Give out my order. Gather all warriors who are willing to follow my lead and destroy everyone sided against me! No matter which family or clan they are from, whether they are emperors' descendants or not...kill everyone who refuses to obey me! Men, women, children, old people, kill them all!"

In a secret room, about ten priests were sitting with crossed legs. They heard Emperor Xun, but showed no sign of stopping him.

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