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Clouds and warm mists began rising from the cauldron, as if it had a potful of steaming boiling water in it. Countless fist-sized swords, blades and spears dazzled brightly, while slowly hovering around the cauldron.

Yu Yao paused in the midair, hands covering his erect eye tightly. Earlier on, a flying sword hit him and broke his three defensive treasures and twelve powerful magic talismans in a row, then penetrated his erect eye and shredded his brain.

His thoughts were shredded as well.

He was the conqueror of a rich great world, a ruler of that world's Dao of nature, with a title of Yu. He hadn't gained a full control of that world's great Dao of nature, but he was a genuine world conqueror.

Powerful intelligent creatures didn't exist in that great world. Instead, the creatures in that world were mostly strong beasts like lion eagle beasts. These beasts were brave, combative, and vast in numbers. They could serve as the best slave warriors...With nothing but money, power...and...

Suddenly, Yu Yao lost his eyesight. Unwillingly giving a sigh, Yu Yao fell heavily from the sky. The ruler of a great world fell. His soul screamed with fright as it transformed into a thin beam of light, flowing into the cauldron.


The Yu Clan man figure on the cauldron's surface gradually turned clear. As more and more Yu Clan souls merged into the cauldron, the figure slowly turned as clear as the Jia Clan warrior and the lion eagle beast figures, looking like an embossment.

A heavier suppression was laid on all Yu Clan beings in this world. A large number of Yu Clan nobles who were far away from the city and had survived the wave of sword light launched by Ji Hao felt their bodies suddenly turn strangely heavy, aching and limp, as if a giant mountain was lying on their bodies. They couldn't even fly anymore, drifting down to the ground uncontrollably. Standing on the ground, they gasped for air and felt so exhausted.

"No, no, this isn't good...Go, go now!" Some high-grade Yu Clan nobles screamed in haste as they hurriedly ran away from the battlefields with their people, drawing back to the north where Liang Zhu City was located.

These Yu Clan nobles had figured it out as well. This monster-like giant cauldron was generating some weird kind of seal through devouring its targets' souls, so it could attain a magical power to kill and suppress a whole species, just like what it had done to the lion eagle beasts, Jia Clan warriors, and the Yu Clan nobles who used to stand high above the whole world.

In the future, as long as this giant cauldron kept standing in the city, all Yu Clan and Jia Clan beings who approached Pu Ban City would be killed immediately by it... Even if they stayed far away from the city, their powers would be suppressed largely by the cauldron, and the closer they got to the city, the greater the suppression would be. Because of this cauldron, the nature-given fighting capacity of Jia Clan and Yu Clan beings could no longer put them in a dominant position against the humankind.

'Fortunately, they only have one bloody giant cauldron like this!' Some Yu Clan nobles thought.

If human beings had two or three cauldrons like this, and if all cauldrons' suppression powers could be combined...Pan Gu Motherland would become a forbidden area to all Yu Clan and Jia Clan people. If that happened, how could they fight on this land? How could they plunder resources from this world? They wouldn't even be able to set a foot on this land.

'Fortunately, they only have one bloody giant cauldron like this'?

Ji Hao stood on an ear of the cauldron and glimpsed at the non-humankind army, which had been fleeing in a flurry. Sadly, he was merely a weak clone of Ji Hao, and the cauldron had just begun to connect with the natural stars and earth meridians, and couldn't yet affect a larger area. Otherwise, all of those non-humankind beings would have to stay here forever, and none could ever leave.

Glancing across Pu Ban City, Ji Hao saw Emperor Xun in his palace, wearing his pheasant feather skirt and wielding a golden spear while yelling at the giant cauldron hysterically. Ji Hao sneered as he scornfully swept across Emperor Xun with a glimpse. His eyes didn't pause for a moment on Emperor Xun.

Fire and smoke rose from some areas in Pu Ban City. When Emperor Xun and Yu Yao's army launched offensives against thousands of clans, quite some spirit creatures in the city seized the opportunity to loot in a burning house. Ferocious water-kind spirit creatures rushed out of the river and lakes, terricolous spirit creatures came out of mountain areas and forests. They burned villages, murdered people, rampantly plundered; they were all thrilled.

"You're all here, good. We'll have to do this sooner or later anyway."

Smiled coldly, Ji Hao locked his fingers together and slapped on the giant cauldron.

The cauldron gave a deep buzz, following which, the natural stars in the sky shone brightly, pouring down streams of misty starlight from the sky. The hazy and soft starlight streams suddenly 'tightened up' and 'buzzed', turning as sharp and tough as blade edges, the moment they touched the ground.

Swish! Countless starlight streams swept across Pu Ban City at lightning speed.

The starlight did no harm to human beings, but shredded every spirit creature they touched into pieces, generating a series of shrill howls. The fishes, turtles, or shrimps from the water, the tigers and poisons snakes from the forests, the enormous stone giants, mysterious ghosts and spirits, all died under this strike. The cauldron buzzed again. This time, a thunderous boom could be heard from underground, as a tremendous earth power erupted and shattered the corpses of all dead spirit creatures.

Countless souls rose into the sky, weak or strong, all involuntarily flying to the cauldron.

In ten minutes, the cauldron's surface sparkled, while the figures of countless kinds of fierce beasts, poisonous bugs, spirit creatures, rare animals, and evil ghosts quietly emerged on it.

Flood dragons, poisonous snakes, wolves, evil ghosts, water monsters...Millions of figures emerged from the cauldron's surface; some were blurry, some were clearer. Sonorous tinkling noises could be heard from the cauldron without an end; following every tinkle, a strand of starlight would descend from the sky and fall into the cauldron.

An indescribable forcefield was created by the cauldron, immediately covering the ten-billion miles wide area.

In forests, mountain areas, and all rivers and lakes, all spirit creatures which had the figures of their species left on the cauldron, including the powerful spirit creatures, the mystic ghosts and spirits, and even the tiniest spirit shrimps, crabs, and pond loaches in the water, sensed a heavy pressure falling directly on their hearts. It was as if a natural disaster would strike at any moment, and a giant hand would suddenly descend from the sky and crush them.

Even the most brainless spirit creature now understood this — They should stay peaceful, because if they ever hurt human beings again, they would definitely be torn into a thousand bits.

The giant cauldron's surface glowed splendidly, with all kinds of spirit creatures running about, chasing each other. The cauldron now looked quite colorful and beautiful.

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