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An extremely faint golden light beam descended from the sky. The clone, which Ji Hao created with difficulty by using a slight amount of spirit power that he could spare, landed on the cauldron through the sunlight.

Standing on an ear of the cauldron, Ji Hao scornfully sneered to those desperately fleeing Ji Clan warriors. "You've already come, don't leave in such a rush. You haven't tasted the true power of this giant cauldron yet." He murmured.

"Up!" He gave a deep growl and cast a spell to the cauldron. The million-miles-tall cauldron quaked slightly and shone with a blinding cyan-colored light. A heavy buzz echoed through the hearts of all human beings who were able to see this cauldron. Then, countless human beings whose blood was boiled by the stories of wise and brave human ancestors each gave vent to a sonorous shout.

Hearing this thunderous shout and affected by the cauldron, millions and millions of human beings turned their eyes towards the fleeing Jia Clan warriors.

How could they forget about these Jia Clan warriors? These four-eyed monsters invaded Pan Gu world, slaughtered numberless human beings, and plundered measureless resources. They committed all kinds of crimes and trampled across the whole world. Deep down, every human being had a bone-deep hatred towards these Jia Clan warriors, filled with wrath and grievance.

The cauldron buzzed once again and turned the hatred and the wrath in the hearts of human beings into strands of scorching power, flowing back into the cauldron. Following a series of tinkling noise, dazzling blades, spears, and swords flew out of the cauldron. These fist-sized weapons emitted an eye-piercing light and formed a giant swirl in the air, spinning swiftly.

"Go!" Ji Hao roared out as he pointed his finger at the millions of weapons above his head.

High up in the sky, countless natural stars shone in broad daylight. The sparkling star powers poured down in streams and landed on the hovering weapons which rose from the cauldron. With the star powers, these weapons flashed across the space and teleported right behind the fleeing Jia Clan warriors.

The thick armors, powerful defensive treasures, and strong bodies all failed to stop these weapons. Following the puffing noises, the chests of countless Jia Clan warriors were penetrated, and blood spurted out of their chests. All wounded Jia Clan warriors turned around and took a glance almost at the same time, seeing Ji Hao's clone who stood on the cauldron.

From such a long distance away, Ji Hao's clone looked so tiny. It was condensed from a thin beam of golden light, hazy and translucent. However, all of these dying Jia Clan warriors clearly saw his face.

"Back!" Ji Hao again gave a resonant roar. Following his voice, the countless weapons instantly tore apart the space and teleported back into the cauldron. Every single one of these weapons had brought back a Jia Clan warrior's soul, struggling, screaming, and begging Ji Hao for mercy. Some of these souls were even willing to serve Ji Hao forever and ever, as long as he spared them.

The cauldron quaked slightly and shredded all the Jia Clan warriors' souls. The Jia Clan warrior figure on its surface turned clearer and clearer, looking like vivid embossment running around on the cauldron and attacking the lion eagle beast from time to time.

From the sky, hundreds of millions of Jia Clan warriors fell. Their bodies remained unharmed, yet their souls had been destroyed. Yu Yao and a group of Yu Clan nobles tremblingly watched this frightful scene. How could this cauldron be so powerful? How could it?

According to the information provided by the twelve families in power from Yu Dynasty, the human beings in Pan Gu world were weak, weren't they? Weren't they weak and fragile? Couldn't Yu Clan people do whatever they wanted to human beings? Why would they be so hard to defeat? Why would they have such a powerful treasure?

And judging by the power of this cauldron, it wasn't a pre-world spirit treasure, neither was a pre-world supreme treasure. From the first glance at this cauldron, any Yu Clan treasure master would immediately know that its surface was still warm because of the firing. This cauldron was in an ancient style and released a prehistorical power, but, it was clearly a newly forged after-world treasure.

How could it be so powerful? How could it? And where was it from?

"Go, go, go!" Yu Yao's entire body was shivering in fear. He had forgotten about the secret deal he made with Yu Huo's clone, and the secret deal with Emperor Xun regarding slave trade. At the moment, he wanted nothing but to leave, the faster the better, the further the better...He just wanted to stay away, far, far away from this giant cauldron.

The souls of countless Jia Clan warriors had formed a Jia Clan warrior figure on the cauldron's surface. Yu Yao didn't want his own soul to become a part of a Yu Clan man's figure on the cauldron.

"Go? Did I allow you?" Ji Hao's clone sneered coldly. Looking at the group of Yu Clan nobles who were on the run, he pointed his finger at them. Immediately, Pu Ban City and the ten-billion million miles area around it were covered by a thick layer of thunderclouds.

The cauldron quaked slightly, with layers of thundercloud patterns flashing across its surface. Next, enormous, dragon-like thunderbolts emerged from the clouds, along with deafening thunders that shook the whole world. The thunderbolts descended from the clouds and struck on the group of running Yu Clan nobles.

Those large family nobles were all protected by secret treasures. The first wave of thunderbolt made their fine hairs stand straight up, yet failed to cause them actual harms. However, among the Yu Clan nobles who followed Yu Yao to Pan Gu world, many were from small families. Their defensive treasures were only so powerful. Consequently, one bolt of thunder directly crushed their treasures and burned their bodies.

The airy souls of these dead Yu Clan nobles drifted involuntarily to the cauldron while shrieking shrilly.

After absorbing the first Yu Clan soul, a naked Yu Clan man figure emerged on the cauldron's surface. The figure was awfully blurry and light in color, that people could barely see it. However, the cauldron had already earned the might to suppress Yu Clan people.

Yu Yao and some high-level nobles had just turned around and started running. But suddenly, they felt their bodies turn heavy. Their defensive treasures failed to relieve them from this strange feeling. They sensed their blood flows pause briefly inside their bodies, then their powers were weakened a little, and their blood flows were slowed down a little.

The cauldron had just absorbed the first Yu Clan soul, yet Yu Yao and his people already sensed its suppression.

"No, no, no! Dear master, I am willing to trade for my safety with all my possessions!" Yu Yao screamed with a dry voice. He turned around and looked at Ji Hao in fright. He could see the cauldron under Ji Hao's feet swallow more and more Yu Clan souls.

Within a blink, tens of thousands of Yu Clan souls were devoured by the cauldron. The pressure on all nearby Yu Clan beings was instantly boosted up.

Within a couple of breaths, Yu Yao found that he was already weakened by twenty percent. Added with the natural suppression given by Pan Gu world, by now, less than fifty percent of his power remained.

As he was slowed down by over fifty percent, he burst into despairing screams.

"I'll give you all my possessions, everything I have! Please! Don't kill me!"

A beam of sword light flashed across the air. Following it, waves of sword lights erupted from the cauldron like a fountain of light as Ji Hao expressionlessly controlled the cauldron and launched a fatal attack on all Yu Clan nobles within his line of sight.

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