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Yu Yao immediately shut his mouth. Above the thousands of clans that were under attack, all Yu Clan nobles and Jia Clan commanders shut their mouths.

They were like quails who were stricken dumb with amazement, looking around with confusion with eyes popped out and not knowing what to do. The weapons and armors of the dead Jia Clan warriors fell from the sky and clanked against the ground. The clanking noises could be heard without an end.

The dense blood mist spread in the air. The souls of over ten-million crushed Ji Clan warriors drifted out of the devastated bodies, looking around dumbly. As a strong gale blew across, these souls flew uncontrollably to the cauldron, and were swallowed within a couple of breaths.

Another hazy figure emerged on the surface of the cauldron. That was a muscular Jia Clan man, naked while leaping and rushing through the forest on its surface like a gorilla. At first, he still had a glow of wisdom sparkling on its face, but in a few breaths, the glow was gone, and nothing but the brutish nature remained on his rough face.

His four large eyes were opened, dazzling fiercely. Somehow, the Jia Clan man on the cauldron discovered the figure of lion eagle beast. He opened his mouth and laughed silently while picking up a wooden club from the ground, as he began chasing the lion eagle beast excitedly.

The beast was startled. It spread its wings and flew up, desperately fleeing on the cauldron's surface.

The Jia Clan man grinned as he chased wildly after the beast. He wielded the club to hit the beast over and over again, messed the beast's feathers.

The beast suddenly raised its head and gave a silent, long scream.

Surrounding Pu Ban City, the eyes of all lion eagle beasts who had been carefully staying away from the ten-billion-miles wide area around Pu Ban City suddenly turned glowing-red. They stiffly turned their heads and fiercely fixed their eyes on the nearby Jia Clan warriors, who were so confused.

In the next moment, numberless lion eagle beasts burst into shrill screams. They ferociously pounced on the nearby Jia Clan warriors and hysterically launched life-risking offensives. In this very moment, the spirit blood of these lion eagle beasts burned in a strange way, and their highly suppressed power suddenly boosted up to twenty, even thirty to fifty percent, from the previously remaining ten percent.

Their powers exploded to thirty percent, fifty percent, and then even hundred percent. Uncountable Jia Clan warriors were caught unprepared and suffered heavy strikes. The lion eagle beasts tore open these Jia Clan warriors' chests with sharp claws and broke their heads with strong beaks. A giant number of Jia Clan warriors were killed by lion eagle beasts right on the spot. Their bodies were cut into pieces, and souls were absorbed by the cauldron.

Yu Yao and the other Yu Clan nobles were going crazy. This horrific giant cauldron could not only directly kill all lion eagle beasts in ten-billion miles, it could also affect or control the lion eagle beasts in farther areas through the lion eagle beast figure on its surface.

The cauldron could not directly kill all lion eagle beasts outside the ten-billion miles area, yet it was able to drive the beasts crazy through an unknown power. It burned the beasts' spirit blood, boosted up their powers by a hundred folds, and made them risk their own lives to kill Jia Clan warriors.

If there were one word to describe the cauldron's power, it would be 'horrible'.

On the thousands of battlefields, dragon warriors and flying bear cavalryman stopped fighting as they stared at the Jia Clan warriors and lion eagle beasts, who had been fighting against each other intensely.

When the giant cauldron killed and suppressed numberless lion eagle beasts and over ten-million Jia Clan warriors, these dragon warriors and flying bear cavalrymen didn't take it seriously. Too many powerful supreme treasures in this world could do the same thing. Even some evil dark magic could kill a whole clan within a moment through the bloodline connections. That wasn't too hard to understand.

However, the lion eagle beasts and Jia Clan warriors were on the same side, but the beasts began attacking the nearby Jia Clan warriors suddenly. This seemed to be caused by the battle which happened between the Jia Clan warrior figure and lion eagle beast figure on the surface of the cauldron...

By now, the dragon warriors and flying bear cavalrymen felt an indescribable coldness rising straight to their brains from their tailbones. Even the strongest dragon warriors and cavalryman on the scene quivered in shock. Holding in awe and veneration, they looked at the giant cauldron standing in Pu Ban City. What exactly was this cauldron? Why did it have such a mighty power?


Over ten million more Jia Clan warriors were killed by the crazy lion eagle beasts. Their souls were absorbed by the cauldron, and the Jia Clan warrior figure on it turned clearer and clearer. Gradually, the Jia Clan warrior figure became as clear and lively as the lion eagle beast figure. Once again, countless strange spell symbols emerged from the cauldron and quietly imprinted in the Jia Clan warrior figure.

"All brave Jia Clan warriors, retreat, retreat!"

Yao Ao sensed that there was something wrong. With a hoarse voice, he ordered all his Jia Clan warriors to leave the battlegrounds, no matter which family they were from.

He had roughly figured it out that this giant, scary, monstrous cauldron was able to devour souls. Through absorbing the souls of one species, it could gain a better and better control of this species. When it devoured a certain number of souls, it would cast some kind of bloodline curse to suppress and crack all individuals of this species in a horrible way!

Who on earth made this disastrous treasure?

Its power was so mighty, and it gave such a prehistorical feeling, yet its power was also so weird, evil, and terrifying.

This war started on thousands of differently scaled battlefields and covered a far greater area than the ten-billion miles radius around Pu Ban City. Yu Yao had already tried his best to give the order of retreat, but only tens of Jia Clan troops managed to pull out timely.

The giant cauldron buzzed again.

This time, the cauldron's influence on Jia Clan warriors had raised up by more than a hundred folds. The first buzz merely killed the weakest Jia Clan warriors, but this time, all Magus-King-level Jia Clan warriors were crushed.

The Divine-level Jia Clan warriors vomited blood. In panic, they realized that their powers had been suppressed by thirty percent. Maybe because of their natural gift, the suppression they suffered was far weaker than what was laid on the lion eagle beasts. However, being suddenly weakened by thirty percent was already bloodcurdling!

What was even worse, tens of millions of Jia Clan warriors were killed this time, and their souls had been flying to the cauldron. After absorbing all these souls, how much greater would the cauldron's influence over the Jia Clan warriors become?

"Retreat, retreat! Don't get close to this damned big cauldron!" Yu Yao almost cried out loud.

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