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In Pu Ban City, in an extremely luxurious palace, Emperor Xun was holding a three feet long golden spear, pointing at the giant cauldron while letting loose a torrent of shouts. He was wearing a colorful pheasant feather skirt, with his upper body bared.

"What the hell is this? Do we need you to tell us about those old human beings?" Blood veins bulged from Emperor Xun's forehead as he wielded his arm and growled angrily, "I am the human emperor. I am the human emperor! I do whatever I want! I do whatever I..."

The cauldron quietly stood in Pu Ban City. The inscriptions and images on the cauldron aroused the enthusiasm of ordinary human beings, boiled their blood, and made them shout loudly for the great achievements of their ancestors.

But to Emperor Xun, the characters and images shown by the cauldron were like a series of slaps landing violently on his face and soul, making his face blush, and heart and spirit shake. Therefore, Emperor Xun leaped around in his palace like a monkey with its butt on fire, breaking countless exquisite decorations.

The cauldron stood quietly in the city like a never-changing divine god, showing no reaction to Emperor Xun's wrath.

Another deep buzz was let out of the cauldron, which sounded like a raging roar from the world, and also like thousands of thunder bursting together. Countless eagle-headed creatures who were flying in the air around Pu Ban City were crushed, falling from the sky. As their souls flew to the cauldron uncontrollably, the eagle-headed figure on the cauldron turned clearer and clearer.

At first, only the eagle-headed creatures within the area ten-million-miles in radius around Pu Ban City died suddenly. But, as the more and more of their souls were dragged into the cauldron, and the eagle-headed figure on the cauldron turned clearer and clearer, its range of influence expanded further and further.

In a short span of time, all eagle-headed creatures in the area ten-billion-miles in radius around the city raised their heads and cast a slow glance at the cauldron. Because of this mere glance, they blasted into clouds of blood mist. Their sticky blood dropped to the ground, being absorbed by the soil on Pan Gu Motherland and turning into the nourishment of the grasses which would sprout in the coming spring.

Their souls cried shrilly and struggled while flying to the cauldron.


After the cauldron absorbed the souls of uncountable eagle-headed creatures, the eagle-headed figure on its surface finally turned lifelike, just like a real living one.

Following the rumbling noise coming from the cauldron, the eagle-headed figure on the cauldron surface rushed desperately between the hazy mountains and rivers. Gradually, strange marks emerged on the eagle-headed figure, and at last, the marks formed countless tiny spell symbols of suppression, imprinted deeply in it.

Following an earth-quaking boom, the hearts of all Pan Gu world creatures were shaken.

In a moment, the eagle-headed creatures within the area ten-billion-radius round Pu Ban City all died, without leaving even a feather. In the sky, all eagle-headed creatures which had been flying above Pan Gu Motherland wailed simultaneously, as they were suddenly weakened by ninety percent. No matter how powerful they were, as long as they stayed on Pan Gu Motherland, they only had ten-percent of their powers remaining.

It was like countless invisible ropes had suddenly penetrated their acupoints and gone through their meridians and blood veins, forcibly tying their physical strength and magic power together. Because of these invisible ropes, they could now exert only ten percent of their powers.

Above the thousands of clans that were under attack, the luckily surviving eagle-headed creatures under Yu Yao's command realized that their powers had been suppressed by ninety percent. If they let Pan Gu Motherland and go up to the starry void, they would find out that because of the stronger natural suppression given off by the star power gathered by the cauldron, only about three percent of their powers could remain usable.

Si Wen Ming threw out this giant cauldron and let it stand in Pu Ban City. By taking this simple action, he already managed to waste the strongest and bravest non-humankind force under Yu Yao's command. As ninety percent of their powers had been suppressed, these fearless and brave eagle-headed warriors, who were vast in number, immediately turned useless. By now, any human warriors could easily kill hundreds of them.

Not to mention the fact that once they stepped into the ten-billion-miles area around Pu Ban City, they would uncontrollably look at the giant cauldron. And, the moment they did so, they would die and their souls would be absorbed by the cauldron. The more of their souls the cauldron absorbed, the further would this range of 'instant death' influence expand.

"Damn it!" Yu Yao stood on a flying fort while cursing, "Where the hell is this bloody cauldron from? Damn it! Damn it! My lion eagle beasts! I spent so many years in training them...Wasted, they're all wasted!"

But then, Yu Yao laughed out loud with a high-pitched voice and continued, "Sadly, apart from lion eagle beasts, I have countless types of rare creatures under my command, and numberless barbaric warriors, Jia Clan warriors, and other powerful ones. What am I afraid of? What should I be afraid of? What can this weird cauldron possibly do to me?"

Following Yu Yao's shrill laughter, giant groups of centipede-like, three-meters long creatures warmed out of the flying forts. Each of these creatures had twelve pairs of transparent wings. The number of these centipede-like creatures was many times larger than the number of lion eagle beasts. When flying, their wings caused a strong air friction and caused thunderous buzzing noises, which immediately echoed throughout the entire Pu Ban City and surrounding areas.

The giant cauldron buzzed again and released a vast power towards all directions. Tens of billions of centipede-like creatures exploded, and their souls were dragged to the cauldron.

A glowing cloud spun on the cauldron, devouring the souls of all dead centipede-like creatures. Soon, a dim and hazy centipede-like figure emerged on the cauldron.

What had happened to the lion eagle beasts now happened to these centipede-like creatures again. Within the area with a radius of ten-billion miles around Pu Ban City, not a single centipede-like creature could be found, because any that stepped into this area would immediately be killed by the cauldron.

Above the entire Pan Gu Motherland, the powers of these centipede-like creatures had been largely suppressed. As same as the lion eagle beasts, they could now exert less than ten percent of their powers. As the cauldron absorbed more and more of their souls, a stronger and stronger suppression was falling upon them.

Gradually, some relatively weaker centipede-like creatures couldn't even breath under the invisible yet tremendous pressure. Their wings broke, and they could no longer fly.

"This..." Yu Yao stared at the cauldron, unable to believe his eyes. Pausing for a moment, he burst into a scream, "Try suppress Jia Clan warriors if you dare!"

Before his voice faded, the cauldron buzzed once again. Following the buzzing noise, all Jia Clan warriors in the city vomited blood. At least ten-million Jia Clan warrior were directly torn apart by this resounding buzz, and fell from the sky.

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