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The voice of Yu Huo's clone echoed through the entire Liang Zhu City, but failed to deliver any effect. Countless Pan Yu world nobles scornfully glanced at him, but none of them was willing to follow his order.

"Who is this guy?"

"The lucky one who found Pan Gu world. The successor of a lowly family, which doesn't even have a family emblem?"

"I remember his name. It's Yemo...Yemo what? But, his elder sister Yemo Luoye is a true beauty. I heard that he also has a younger sister called Yemo Shanye, and she is kidnapped by the barbarians in this world, right?"

"If it were his elder sister who gave the order, for the sake of beauty, I may be willing to follow that order...But him..."

In the surroundings, the nobles whispered with each other. Yu Dun, Yu Mi, and the other high-grade true power-holders were killed by Ji Hao, and the high-grade nobles in Liang Zhu City were nearly wiped out. By now, no one was leading this great non-humankind army. Who would follow an order from Yu Huo's clone who was inside Yemo Tian's body?

Some non-humankind troops continued fighting against the centaur army. They had to keep fighting. The centaurs were like mad wild dogs who never stopped attacking, and these troops were swirled in the battle without being able to pull away.

Some troops surrounded Ji Hao, keeping themselves a long distance away from him while shouting and yelling. They found that those centaurs weren't easy to defeat, and Ji Hao had slowed down in killing. Therefore, some Yu Clan nobles who were used to bullying the weak and fearing the strong ordered their warriors to come back to Ji Hao's battleground to pretend to fight.

Some cunning Yu Clan nobles immediately gave their orders after witnessing the death of the high-grade leaders of their families. They ordered all troops under their direct command to retreat and return to the camp as quickly as possible. As all high-grade family leaders in Pan Gu world had died, now was a great opportunity to buy popularity and recruit subordinates. They needed to seize the opportunity to strive for greater powers and higher positions.

With different purposes, some non-humankind troops stayed in the city to fight, some stood aside to watch, and some hurriedly retreated, leaving the city. People bumped into each other, along with the poor ones who were infected by the virus. Soon, the entire city became like a boiling pot of gruel, filled with people who did not know what they were doing or what they should be doing.

More centaurs came through the portal. The black centaurs rushed at the front while the white centaurs shot waves of arrows to crazily kill any non-humankind being they saw. Before long, smaller sized centaurs with glowing-golden skins marched out of the portal, holding oddly shaped wands.

The number of the black and white centaurs was greater than the number of the golden centaurs by ten-thousand-folds, but these golden centaurs were as smart as human beings, and had mastered a mysterious, incredibly powerful magic. As they cast the spell and wielded their wands, the thick layer of blood accumulated on the ground began squirming like living creatures, and soon condensed into blood-red blades and swords, swishing all over the sky.

These blood-red swords and blades were highly poisonous. Quite a number of non-humankind warriors were put to the ground by slight wounds that these blood-red blades and swords caused. Glistening, vividly red blood flew out of these wounds without an end. Within a couple of breaths, these non-humankind warriors were drained of blood.

The giant hands which gripped the edge of the portal and tried to squeeze into Pan Gu world were gone, leaving a steady flow of centaurs rushing in. The Yu Clan nobles behind the portal never showed their faces.

More and more centaurs fell from the portal. Looking at the portal, Ji Hao abruptly laughed.

It seemed that some people irresponsibly sent these violent and rampaging centaurs to Pan Gu world on purpose. They didn't show up to control these centaurs — Were they trying to consume the armies led by the high-grade nobles from Pan Yu world?

Ji Hao restrained the power of the sword formation. Countless sword power strands and sword light beams hovered slowly around him while he locked his spirit power on Yu Meng. "Master Yu Meng, isn't this the best chance?" He sent a slight voice into Yu Meng's ears, "All nobles who can control the situation were killed by me. Aren't you going to seize the opportunity and do what you want? What are you waiting for?"

Yu Meng's mouth corners twitched. As he glanced around at the disarrayed non-humankind army, a striking intent of killing suddenly flashed across his eyes. He slightly opened his mouths. Through the secret silent voice magic, he immediately gave his suggestions to his allies.

Ji Hao nodded slowly while reading Yu Meng's lips. He then looked around at the city. Those brave, strong, and fearless centaurs had already marched to the main streets of Liang Zhu City. They roared while tearing into the elite non-humankind troops.

The Jia Clan troops were elites indeed, but as people said, 'the fierce ones may be afraid of the fearless ones, the fearless ones may be afraid of the desperate ones, the desperate ones may be afraid of the muddleheaded ones, and the muddleheaded ones may be afraid of the crazy ones...' These Jia Clan warriors were the fierce ones, while these centaurs, who had their bloodthirsty nature aroused, were all crazy. They would rather expose all their weaknesses and allow the weapons of tens of Jia Clan warriors to land on their bodies, in order to give a poor Jia Clan warrior a full strength, life-ending strike.

They had no fear. They would rather trade the enemies' lives with their own. These crazy centaurs were trading lives!

Quite a few Jia Clan troops were crushed by these crazy centaurs. Within a quarter of an hour, seventy percent warriors in these troops died, and the rest had lost their morale. Quite some elite warriors desperately fled all over the city while screaming.

Liang Zhu City fell into chaos. The rumbles of collapsing buildings could be heard from every corner of the city while raging fires puffed up. No one knew who started the fires.

Less than ten minutes after the conversation happened between Ji Hao and Yu Meng, in the boundless military camp area outside Liang Zhu City, the camps colony world troops were set on fire. Dense clouds of smoke rose into the sky while numberless weird-looking colony worlds warriors marched out of the camps with raging roars and launched fierce offensives to the surrounding non-humankind troops.

"Neigh! Our people are killed! Revenge! Revenge!"

Waves of sand rose into the air. Through his spirit power, Ji Hao saw the army from Pan Sha world rushing out formidably. Led by tens of thousands of wolf-headed warriors, billions of dark-skinned, dog-headed warriors carried heavy long swords as they marched into the camp of a Yu Clan world troop with giant steps and raised a sandstorm.

The Yu Clan world troops were caught unprepared. They never even dreamed that these 'bumpkins' would actually dare to attack them!

The military camp area outside the city was immediately thrown into chaos. Everything was covered by the fire and blood.

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