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"Quiet, Quiet!"

A stately Yu Clan old man walked out of the crowd and poked his golden staff heavily on the ground, causing an ear-piercing buzzing noise. The entire hall quaked slightly as a strong power swept across the soul and body of everyone on the scene, immediately stimulating the spirits of all panicked Yu Clan nobles and calming them down.

"This is just a small situation, not even worth mentioning!" The old man said while opening his erect eye. The pupil in his erect eye was dark-golden, with faintly visible silver threads of light flashing inside. "It seems that the local creatures in this world have given us a small welcoming gift...But, that's alright. Soon, they will learn what true horror is!" This old man continued with a bland smile.

Large groups of men in black suits from the Great Censorate surged into the hall, expertly cleaning the hall without leaving even a stain of blood on the floor. As they sprayed a little special perfume, the scent of blood was covered by a strong floral aroma. After that, everything seemed to go back normal.

Lanyu suffered a palm strike on the back of her neck, as she was covered in blood and frightened so much that she couldn't stop crying and screaming. As a result, she fainted and was then sent out. Ji Hao saw quite a few Great Censorate people surround her. Clearly, she was going to face a serious investigation.

More Great Censorate people came to the hall, that by now, one could see men in black suits everywhere, looking cold and serious. They stared fiercely at everyone in the hall like hunting dogs searching for prey. Anyone in the hall could become their prey.

About ten Yu Clan nobles with serious expressions gathered together, running a discussion with a low voice.

"Yu Dun, the current leader of Ado River Family, is only a 'seal'. But among all alive elderships of Ado River Family, three were 'crowns', nineteen were 'seals', and forty-three were 'staffs'. Therefore, Yu Dun is holding a great hidden power." Yu Meng glanced at the old man who walked out the first to maintain the order of this place, then lowered his voice and said to Ji Hao.

Ji Hao nodded. In Pan Yu world, 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs' didn't have lifelong tenures of their titles. Except for death, many situations would cause an alternation of power, making these high-level nobles who controlled the Holy Realm be replaced.

After being relieved from their titles, these former 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs' would have all kinds of privileges in Pan Yu world, which would become a part of their family powers, to strengthen the foundations of their families. This was an extremely complicated game of power, that only the top-grade large families had the qualification to take parts in.

Even though Yu Dun was merely a 'seal', Ji Hao clearly saw two 'crowns' standing by his sides. While talking to Yu Dun, these two 'crowns', who seemed to be much younger than him, had been showing considerable respect to him, as they listened to each word he said so carefully. As Yu Meng said, Yu Dun held a great hidden power in his family.

Yu Dun and the other few gathered and discussed for a while, then scattered quickly. They each calmly and quietly called their trusted subordinates and gave a series of orders.

Before long, the hall became noisy again, as if nothing had just happened. Countless Yu Clan young men gathered together, surrounding beautiful girls and making efforts. From a distance away, Ji Hao heard Lanxi's silver laughter once again.

What a strong-minded girl! The sudden death of the few young men who tried so hard to earn her favor didn't affect her at all. She masterly walked between those noble young men, whose eyes were glowing brightly, arousing their desires while skillfully making sure that no one could take any advantage of her.

"Your fiancée is an expert with men." Ji Hao gave Yu Meng an unkind sneer.

"Your power amazed me, even scared me." Ignoring what Ji Hao said, Yu Meng said slowly, "If you can show me an even greater power, I will be glad to introduce you to a few important allies of mine."

"Isn't what happened just now enough?" Ji Hao looked at Yu Meng, his eyes narrowed.

"What happened just now has shocked me strongly, but to my allies, that may not be good enough!" Said Yu Meng straightforwardly, "If you can show me a greater power, your power would be very important to our future decisions."

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes as well. Future decisions? Regarding their future attitude to Pan Gu world? These 'bumpkins' did have plans. Even though they were 'bumpkins' in the eyes of people from large Yu Clan families, deep inside, they were proud and arrogant Yu Clan nobles!

Smiling faintly, Ji Hao nodded.

People walked into the hall like streams of water. The bronze table zone was almost filled up. Seventy percent of the seats in the silver table zone were occupied, while the seats in the golden table zone were taken by forty to fifty percent. People talked loudly as they walked around. In the hall, Yu Clan nobles, Jia Clan nobles, and Xiu Clan nobles divided into countless groups, chatting and laughing while wearing all kinds of complicated expressions, intriguing against each other or exchanging interests...

This hall was like a giant dark whirlpool, containing all kinds of dirtiness.

Suddenly, the area that Yu Meng and Ji Hao stayed in quieted down. Numberless nobles in this area showed a trace of shock on their faces while watching Yu Dun walk slowly over with his golden staff.

Surrounded by ten guards, Yu Dun came to Yu Meng's table. Before Yu Meng could stand up, he had already amicably pressed a hand on Yu Meng's shoulder. "Yu Meng, we're family from now on. Hmm, Lanxi is over there. Why don't you go talk to her? Later on, I hope that you can ask her for a dance." He lowered his head and grinned while talking to Yu Meng.

Yu Dun shook Yu Meng's shoulder and continued with an unassailable tone, "The first dance tonight belongs to you and Lanxi. No one can take this privilege away from you, because I say so."

Hearing this, countless people stared straight at Yu Meng from all directions, eyes turning red from jealousy.

The current leader of Ado River Family personally invited Yu Meng to have the first dance tonight with a girl from his family. What an honor!

White Flower Skylark Family was going to rise...Merging with the bloodline of Ado River Family, White Flower Skylark Family people would soon climb up to the top. It was like a sparrow becoming a phoenix, a wild grass becoming a ganoderma!

Yu Meng, how could this b*stard be so lucky?

Yu Hao and Yu Meng's families politely stood up.

Ji Hao opened his erect eye and fixed it on Yu Dun.

In the heaven, on a simply styled white bone altar, the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book quaked slightly and released a suffocating power.

Taisi was dancing around the altar, making a strange step while fully activating the power of the book. Through an indecipherable connection, the book was connected with Ji Hao's eye of Dao.

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