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Sensing the fierceness and cruelty in Yu Meng's eyes, Ji Hao grinned. That was right. As the highest ruler of a hundred worlds, Yu Meng shouldn't be such a nice soft guy, even though he had been restrained by all kinds of rules from Pan Yu world all these years.

Sometimes, people could be like the lava inside a volcano, highly restrained. The lava might solidify into a rock, becoming a part of the cold volcano. Or, it could boil and erupt out of the volcano vent, even blowing up the volcano vent and making itself a higher, greater volcano.

Obviously, Yu Meng was the second kind of lava.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute." Ji Hao smilingly nodded, picked up the wine cup, then continued, "Secret Code of Law? So, you'll be innocent as long as nobody catches you? I like this kind of code of law a lot."

Lanxi had been 'flirting' with the few Yu Clan young men. More specifically, they were bargaining. Lanxi wanted to sell herself for a better price, and the few young men had been running an intense competition. They wanted to 'purchase' Lanxi and the territories and people of White Flower Skylark Family at an affordable price.

Abruptly, Lanxi raised her head and saw Yu Meng, who had been staring at her.

The lady knitted her brows and slightly opened her erect eye. A beam of cold light flashed across her erect eye, filled with disgust. Soon, she filled her face up with a sweet smile, turned around, and affectionately grabbed a Yu Clan young man's sleeve.

Watching Lanxi pull another man's sleeve intentionally with such a flirtatious manner and right in front of her fiancé, Ji Hao was shocked by the family education of Ado River Family young people, and the living style of the entire Yu Clan.

A few men in black suits noticed Yu Meng's gaze. They walked over and shielded Lanxi from Yu Meng's cold and brutal gaze. "Don't cause any trouble, bumpkin." A man warned Yu Meng with a frosty voice. This man was wearing a badge which was embroidered with a longsword, wrapped in coiling thorns. This badge should be representing a powerful department of discipline of Yu Clan.

Yu Meng spread his hands and responded calmly, "I won't. White Flower Skylark Family people are the best rule flowers."

The man in a black suit curved up a lip corner and sneered, "You better be. Don't cause troubles to your own family, neither to us. Our Great Censorate is responsible for the maintenance of order for this banquet. If anyone dares to bring us a trouble, we will be glad to send him to the dark prison in the Great Censorate."

Lanyu, who had extorted some precious pieces of jewelry from Yu Meng earlier this day, also walked into the hall. The pieces of jewelry were now worn on her body, making her shine resplendently. With those exotic pieces of jewelry, a long golden dress, and the golden beautiful patterns painted on the backs of her hands, she looked just like a god from another world, beautiful, charming, and noble.

Numberless Yu Clan young men sighed in amazement. Even the few who had been fawning on Lanxi immediately turned away from her and came to Lanyu's side. They told Lanyu their names and the names of their families, eagerly ingratiating themselves to Lanyu's favor.

With a charming smile, Lanyu chuckled from time to time with a sharp voice. Surrounded by countless Yu Clan young men, she was like a blooming flower that emitted a strong aroma, attracting all kinds of butterflies, bees, and flies.

The few men in black suits were also attracted by Lanyu. They turned back and slowly moved towards her.

A few maids walked pass the group of Yu Clan young men gathered around Lanyu. Their large dresses swept across the young men' bodies, and their hair even floated past a few young men' faces. The faint aroma left behind by these maids caught the attention of some young men who had been trying their best to fawn upon Lanyu. The few young men couldn't help but turn around to glance at the maids.

The maids left through the path between the silver table zone and the bronze table zone, passing by Yu Meng's table like a group of butterflies. Ji Hao reached out a hand and cast a spell with a low voice. As he clenched his fingers towards a maid, tens of invisible strands of smells were grasped in his hand. These smells belonged to the tens of Yu Clan young men who were touched by the maid's dress, including the few who attempted to make a 'deal' with Lanxi.

Ji Hao then picked up a large bronze wine cup and filled it with wine. After he sent the strands of smells into the wine cup, the wine began vibrating intensely. Tiny bubbles arose from the bottom of the cup, causing a series of popping noise. Along with the noise, the wine split up, exposing tens of tiny humanoid figures which were condensed from the wine.

These tiny figures were only as big as thumbs, but they were all lifelike. If one looked closer, one would find that they had the exact same faces as some of the group of Yu Clan young men around Lanyu.

"Magical!" Yu Meng, who sat close to Ji Hao, glanced at those tiny figures who had been rolling in Ji Hao's wine cup. With a low voice, he exclaimed, "What are you going to do? Can you kill them in this way? How amazing. My family has no such high-level magic."

"Not magic, this is a curse." Ji Hao smiled and looked at Yu Meng while explaining, "A secret inherited curse from Southern Wasteland clans in Pan Gu world. I have a shallow knowledge on curses. Many old Southern Wasteland Magi can do this a hundred times more secretly than me, but get a result ten-thousand times fiercer and scarier. I can only do this because I have a great power."

Smilingly nodding to Yu Meng, Ji Hao picked up a bronze table knife and planted it into the cup, conveniently cutting the tiny figures in the cup into pieces. Soon, what was held in his hand became a cup of wine again.

All of a sudden, tens of Yu Clan young men surrounding Lanyu burst into shrill howls as a giant amount of blood erupted from their bodies and enormous wounds appeared on them, as if an invisible giant was cutting them with a tremendous blade. Their limbs fell off their bodies as their bodies were cut into pieces. Some of them even had their heads directly chopped off in this invisible attack.

Blood splashed like fountains, covering Lanyu. Amidst with Lanyu's hysterical, deafening shrieks, tens of young nobles died right on spot. A minute ago, they were so alive and energetic, that even their blood seemed to be replaced by hormones. But now, they lied on the ground in pieces, soaked in their blood. People in the hall began screaming, and the situation immediately turned chaotic.

Ji Hao dropped the table knife, raised his wine cup, and grinned to Yu Meng, who was dumfounded already.

"To the Secret Code of Law!" He said.

"To the Secret Code of Law!" Stiffly, Yu Meng raised his cup as well.

Yu Meng's whole body was cold as ice, while his heart was twitching. He did not know how on earth should he defend himself against such a curse.

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