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"Dignity, you can't see it, you can't touch it, you can't eat it, nor wear it...But sometimes, you can't leave without it. Without it, you'll feel like walking naked on the street, so twisted, so uncomfortable."

Yu Meng was wearing a luxurious black long robe which was vividly embroidered with scorpions, snakes, eagles, and wolves with purely golden silk threads. He was also holding a pure gold staff, with a giant emerald inlaid on top. Worn on his wrists and ankles were golden bangles, all inlaid with emeralds.

Ji Hao followed behind Yu Meng. He had changed his face, and was dressed in an exotic style. Through a broad path paved with golden bricks, they walked slowly to a magnificent palace which was ablaze with lights. Meanwhile, they had been smilingly looking at the beautiful Yu Clan girls on the road.

Perhaps, the tremendous armies brought high-level Yu Clan beings enough confidence and allowed them to feel that their lives were ensured, that no outside force could threaten their lives. Thus, the pride and extravagance buried deep in the bones of these young Yu Clan nobles now erupted fully.

Numberless young Yu Clan nobles came to Pan Gu world with their family armies for military exploits. They excitedly brought their girlfriends, lovers, female companions, besties...Right near Ji Hao, some gorgeously dressed Yu Clan young men had constantly been surrounded by beautiful young girls, and the air was suffused with perfumes and the strong scents of hormones.

"It's not spring yet, but I smell something like...rutting animals." A group of human maids carefully walked by the golden road as they carried purely golden trays. Ji Hao conveniently picked up a blood-red glass of wine and poured it into his mouth.

Yu Meng glanced at Ji Hao in amazement. "As the spokesman of the great Dao of a world, your way of talking is as impressive as the venom of rock snakes in Pan Sha world...Great ancestors, you actually came here alone!"

"This is Liang Zhu." Yu Meng put his mouth near Ji Hao's face and continued saying through his gritted teeth, even with a trembling voice, "Earlier today, the highest leaders from seven-thousand, eight-hundred and eighty colony worlds arrived in Pan Gu world with their armies...Their armies are stationed right around this city!"

Taking a deep breath, Yu Meng snorted in a weaker tone, "I allied with you because I want those scums to die, not because I want you to get yourself killed!"

Yu Meng truly wanted to cry now. Two hours ago, Ji Hao suddenly showed up right before his face, intending to attend the welcoming banquet tonight. Yu Meng was scared out of his wits!

Ji Hao had been looking around carelessly. A few non-humankind slaves carried a giant lantern and ran past him. Conveniently, Ji Hao put the empty glass on a non-humankind slave's head, letting it run away with the glass.

"Of course, I'm not here to die. I'm just curious about you. So, I wanted to come here to see exactly what kind of people you are." Ji Hao opened his erect eye and released wisps of scorching hot golden light, which contained hints of death power. "No matter how many colony world leaders are stationed in this city with their armies, I believe that once I want to leave, no one can stop me!"

Yu Meng didn't say another world, but narrowed his eyes and looked at Ji Hao from head to toe, showing an extremely complicated and unspeakable feeling. Ji Hao slapped on Yu Meng's shoulder and chuckled, then continued speaking in a low voice, "Don't even think about betraying me. Otherwise, I'll tell everyone about you colluding with me. If that happens, neither of us can be benefited."

Yu Meng helplessly sighed as he spread his hands and murmured, "Do I look like an idiot? All the way, how many people have seen me attending the banquet along with you? Dear Emperor Ji Hao, do not make a scene in here."

Ji Hao gave a bright grin. He elegantly nodded to a few Yu Clan young girls around him, slightly opening his mouth and exposing his snow-white teeth. His grin was brilliant, and the face he used was handsome, but his exotic dressing style and his slightly darkened skin, which shared a color with Yu Meng's skin, immediately told these girls about this background story.

"Bloody bumpkins!" said a Yu Clan young girl with high cheekbones and thin lips, who looked quite mean. The girl quickly swung her hand fan and even took out a small bottle of perfume, spraying towards Ji Hao.

A thick, violet mist spread out. The Yu Clan girl threw Ji Hao a sideways glance. "Sisters, be careful! I heard that these bumpkins from colonies...Sometimes, they only shower once a year. Oh, my great heaven, I will die if their hands touch me!"

The few Yu Clan girls giggled with shrill voices like hens which were laying eggs. Their high-pitched voices could be heard from a long distance away. Hearing them, quite some nobles from Pan Yu world laughed as well while looking down on Ji Hao so proudly.

Yu Meng unwittingly lowered his head, his face darkened as he remained silent.

Behind him, his group of subordinates lowered their heads too. Facing these high-level nobles from Pan Yu world, Yu Meng's people were clearly not confident enough, that they even slowed their breaths down.

It was not just Yu Meng and his people who acted like this. Among all people walking on the broad road, at least eighty-percent of Yu Clan nobles had their heads lowered embarrassedly and cautiously while they stayed absolutely silent. Same as Yu Meng, they were 'vulgars' from colony worlds. Back in the worlds they ruled, they stood high above the masses, but facing the high-level ancestors from Pan Yu world, they didn't even have the courage to raise their heads.

What a twisted society, twisted rules...! Ji Hao sneered in his head. 'Aren't these high-level nobles afraid that this might cause internal division?' Ji Hao wondered.

He glanced at the west. Over there, Priest Mu and Priest Hua had been fighting intensely against the ten saints from Pan Yu world, with the defensive formations based on the peaceful world. Priest Hua and Priest Mu were in home court advantage, while the ten saints were in absolute advantage of number. The ten saints were fighting with their true powers without using clones, but being suppressed by the great Dao of Pan Gu world, they weren't able to defeat Priest Hua and Priest Mu within a short span of time.

As long as the ten saints didn't return to Liang Zhu City, Ji Hao had nothing to fear. Thinking of the ten saints, Ji Hao sighed slightly, "Because of those saints,"

Yu Meng's face twitched. He lowered his voice, snorted in anger, then responded, "Please, do not pick up a dangerous topic like this in here...Right now, we are a group of bloody bumpkins. We need to act like lowly bumpkins."

While talking, they walked to the gate of the magnificent palace. The banquet would take place in here.

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