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Su kneeled on the ground while twitching slightly, with blood veins bulging under his dark skin one after another. A scorching death power began spreading from his body. From the backside of his neck, black, metal-lustred eagle feathers slowly grew out, standing on his skin like sharp arrows.

Ji Hao covered Su's body with spirit power, sensing the wrath in his heart and the desire to destroy everything. As his master, his god, Divine King Yu Meng actually kneeled under the weak woman's feet.

Ji Hao felt the sense of humiliation in Su's heart.

In the light screen, Lanyu walked to Yu Meng and squatted, lifting Yu Meng's chin with her hand fan. Slightly tilting her head, she looked at Yu Meng's dark-skinned face and said, "Bumpkin, dark bumpkin who looks so dirty and stingy...Poor Lanxi, she's marrying to such a... bloody bumpkin!"

Lanyu smiled, raised her head, and asked the few Yu Clan men, "Have you ever seen a noble with dark skin? We have one here!"

The few Yu Clan young men laughed almost hysterically, that they couldn't help but bend their bodies forward and backward, even shedding tears from their erect eyes. They pointed at Yu Meng, expiring with laughter.

Yu Meng kneeled on the ground, remaining polite and silent, letting Lanyu make frivolous remarks about his brows, eyes, nose, and mouth.

"Teeth are neat and clean...I thought you may have some shredded meat between your teeth...Just like the few three-headed dogs I am keeping. They just can't get their teeth clean after eating." Lanyu gently stroked Yu Meng's face with her tender little hand. Her palm went down through his neck, slowly through his muscular chest and abdomen.

"Dear Miss Lanyu!" Yu Meng's face blushed a deep pink. Ji Hao raised his eyebrows and widened his eyes with great interest. That pinkness on Yu Meng's face was the power of death condensed from the hatred which belonged to millions of lives he slaughtered. An intent of killing intent rose from Yu Meng's heart!

However, Lanyu didn't understand what that pinkness meant. She giggled while squeezing his muscles, then covered half of her face and pretended to be shy. "Ahyaya, you're not bad as a man...Lucky Lanxi, she always has a good appetite. Perhaps, you can satisfy her?"

Yu Meng clenched his fists tightly. As he took a deep breath, the pinkness on his face faded. That death power attained by slaughtering millions of creatures was restrained and well-controlled. Therefore, Lanyu didn't feel the great danger hiding in it.

Lanyu stood up and laughed with a hissing voice while looking at Yu Meng in a weird, indescribable way, "Bumpkin, you're stupid and dirty indeed, but I heard that you bumpkins are like animals, that you always have a... 'brute force'!" She giggled.

"If you were not Lanxi's fiancé, I'd certainly try your 'brute force'!" Said Lanyu slowly, "Shame, those bloody elders...Alright, after Lanxi has tasted you, I'll talk to her about this. Perhaps, I'll...have a chance after you two get married…"

Lanyu giggled flirtatiously while the few Yu Clan young men stared viciously at Yu Meng, as if he had murdered their fathers. One Yu Clan young men even put his hand on the hilt of his sword, seeming ready to challenge Yu Ming at any moment.

Yu Meng kneeled on the ground without saying a word, like a statue.

Finally, Lanyu was satisfied by Yu Meng's attitude. She stood up and continued, "Tonight, there will be a banquet to welcome you... bumpkins who returned with your armies! I'm delivering a message from Lanxi, that tonight, you must pretend to not know her...She doesn't want to talk to a bumpkin right in front of that many true nobles!"

Quivering slightly, Lanyu continued as if she were surprised by her own words, "I understand her. Her mother is a concubine indeed, but after all, she's a member of my family, and many beautiful young noble boys are obsessed with her, right? She's not as good as I am, but she will be one of the most beautiful flowers in the banquet. If she has anything to do with a shameful would that be?"

"Therefore, even though those old people have decided to let Lanxi marry you, you are not allowed to get close to her before the wedding. You can't talk to her, or destroy her perfect image in the eyes of true nobles. Otherwise, you and your family will be expecting a punishment!"

Lanyu threatened Yu Meng in a rude tone, then reached out her right hand and gently crooked her little finger.

Yu Meng smiled as he raised his head and clapped his hands. Following his move, a two-feet-squared golden box quietly appeared in his hands. He opened the box, releasing a blinding glow of treasures. A glowing mist flew out of the box like water, spreading on the ground while glistening.

Merely ten objects were contained in the box, all rare and precious pieces of jewelry, exquisite as naturally crafted artworks. Lanyu threw a glimpse at the pieces of jewelry in the box, curved up her lips to give a faint smile, and said, "Alright, it's not bad for you bumpkins to have these."

Turning around, Lanyu chuckled and walked out while swinging her little hand fan.

The few Yu Clan men immediately followed behind her like flies behind a piece of rotten meat. They tried their best to fawn on her.

A Jia Clan warrior walked to Yu Meng, bent his waist, and grabbed over the golden box in Yu Meng's hands while giving him an unfriendly threatening glance. Yu Meng responded with a dry laugh. He took out a bag and picked up a few pieces dark-yellow crystals from it, showing them to this Jia Clan warrior and handing over the bag.

The group of Jia Clan warriors glanced at each other and nodded in satisfaction. Carrying the golden box and the bag, they rushed out of the hall in large steps, following behind Lanyu.

Yu Meng let out a deep, deep breath, then a red light flashed across his face.

He stood up and turned around, casting a magic to seal off the entire hall. Afterward, he began talking with a frosty voice, "Dear Emperor Ji Hao, are you still doubting our honesty? Look, in front of those great nobles, we, 'bumpkins', what are we?"

"Power is not the only thing that we're striving for...We need dignity more!"

"Damned dignity!" Yu Meng wielded his arm and continued through clenched teeth.

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