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The light screen glistened, showing different images.

Yu Meng showed Ji Hao what he and his family had been through, and the changes happening to the hundred worlds they conquered. With an extremely honest voice, he offered to ally with Ji Hao. He promised Ji Hao that he had already gathered a large group of reliable allies who shared the same pain with him. They prepared to join hands and destroy those power-holders in Pan Yu world.

Ji Hao remained silent for long, without saying 'yes'.

Towards the end, Yu Meng even burst into growls, "Emperor Ji Hao, what are you hesitating for? This is such a great chance, but are you letting it go? If you reject my offer, together, we will crush Pan Gu world along with those greedy Pan Yu world scums!"

Yu Meng shouted angrily, "We want to ensure the success, but that doesn't mean that you and the world you represent are necessary!"

Ji Hao was stroking the horns of a fire dragon with his fingers, making the fire dragon gasp loudly for air. The dragon breathed out thin streaks of flame from its nostrils while baring its teeth towards those ferocious-looking creatures in the light screen.

Another while later, Ji Hao responded coldly, "It's a very attractive offer. Joining you to destroy those top-grade nobles who are threatening Pa Gu world… very attractive. But, how can I trust you? And, the same question, how much can I and Pan Gu world get from this?"

This time, Yu Meng was silent for quite a while.

Trust, what a big issue! Could Ji Hao trust Yu Meng? Did he dare to trust Yu Meng? Yu Meng believed that if he were Ji Hao, he wouldn't trust a stranger who suddenly showed up and offered to ally either.

Not to mention the fact that Ji Hao and Yu Meng should be archenemies. In Pan Gu world, Yu Dynasty, which had the Liang Zhu City as a hub, and the alliance of human clans based in Pu Ban City, were sworn enemies. The blood hatred between the Yu Clan and the humankind could never be erased.

In this essential point of time when Pan Yu world leaders gathered armies and prepared to launch a full invasion to Pan Gu world, as a human being, how could Ji Hao trust Yu Meng, who was a member of Yu Clan? At this moment of life or death, which could cause a world-changing effect, who dared to, could, or would trust an enemy?

Suddenly, the light screen trembled, then Yu Meng's deep voice could be heard, "I don't know how to make you trust me. I can only let you make your own decision. Perhaps, you will reconsider my offer after you see what I am going to show you. I hope that you can remember this, you are facing a rotten world, rotten people...But, at the same time, this is an unimaginably powerful world, and these people can make you despair."

The light screen shook suddenly. The desert was gone, replaced by a small hall which appeared to be shabby, based on the exaggeratedly luxurious lifestyle of Yu Clan nobles.

The floor of this hall was paved with ordinary white jade, and the walls were actually cast from bronze. The candlesticks, lamp holders in the hall were also made from regular bronze. In the alliance of human clan, such a building could be counted as a luxurious one, but to Yu Clan nobles, this could only serve as a temporary servants' room.

Yu Meng was wearing a strangely styled golden armor and a blood-red cloak, standing in the hall with bared feet. He was picking up a golden bead from the ground, which looked just like the one placed in front of Ji Hao. The golden bead became a blooming flower, and he calmly put the golden flower on a shelf by a candlestick, then lit up a few white candles.

A sizzling noise started as an invisible magic seal in the hall was triggered. Following a dazzling light, fire sparks flashed into this hall from the door's directions. After a couple of breaths, a ground-shaking bang could be heard, and next, a defensive screen which was composed from thirty-six layers of formations was broken, then a shrill voice echoed through the hall.

"Vulgar...lowly, low-grade noble...Why are you hiding here?"

Following this voice, a Yu Clan young girl walked in with small steps. Her head was held strangely high, such that her chin was almost pointing at the sky. She was wearing a exaggerate blood-red billowing dress that was decorated with extremely complicated black rose patterns, having her arms and shoulders bared.

A few Yu Clan young men and about ten muscular Jia Clan warriors followed the girl into the hall, surrounding her for protection.

The girl was holding an exquisite hand fan, which was made from an unknown type of crystal. Swinging the hand fan in extremely small oscillations but at an extremely high frequency, the girl narrowed her pair of slim, upturning eyes, seeming to be quite mean. Slightly curving a mouth corner down, she threw a sideways glance at Yu Meng and said, "Vulgar, what are you doing? What are you hiding? Are you doing an unpresentable thing here? Or, do you have woman hidden in here?"

The few Yu Clan young men rushed to the central area of the hall while laughing as they kicked a folding screen which was placed behind Yu Meng, made from colorful marbles, making it fall to the ground. While giggling and chatting, they searched through the entire hall, then shrugged and shook their heads to the girl.

The girl's sour face was eased quite a lot after that. She then proudly looked at Yu Meng and continued yelling coldly, "I am asking you questions. Are you mute now?"

Ji Hao was watching what was happening in the light screen with interest. Yu Meng was the ruler of a hundred worlds after all. Even though the hundred worlds ruled by him and his family were all desert worlds, poor and infertile, and most of them were weak, but no matter how, he was the ruler of a whole hundred worlds!

Through the light screen, through the measureless distance, Ji Hao actually felt the terrifying scorching power from Yu Meng. That was the power of deserts. Based on Ji Hao's experiences, Yu Meng was much stronger than Blood Crown. Blood Crown was like a tender beautiful flower blooming in a greenhouse; it looked gorgeous, but a cold airstream could make it wither immediately. Unlike him, Yu Meng was like a wild dog's tail grass, with a thriving life-force. If one put the dog's tail grass and the flower together, the grass would drain the flower's life-force within a short span of time, then take its life away.

Yu Meng was seriously powerful, while the girl who broke into his hall was at the level of Magus Kings at most. The Yu Clan young men and Jia Clan warriors surrounding her were slightly stronger than her, but not so much!

"Shouldn't you just slap her to death?" Ji Hao knitted his brows. He thought of Zhu Rong Tianming, who used to put him in difficult situations a long time ago...With Yu Meng's power and strength, he should slap the girl to death, shouldn't he?

"Eh!" Seeing what happened next, Ji Hao and the group of Gold Crow elders in the hall widened their eyes and stood up from their seats in shock.

In the light screen, Yu Meng politely kneeled before the girl with a twisted smile, put his forehead heavily against the ground and said, "Dear Miss Lanyu...What can I help?"

Lanyu snorted coldly as she raised her head high.

In the East Emperor Palace, Su gave a deep growl and kneeled towards Yu Meng in the light screen, knees thudding loudly against the ground.

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